MLB’s 2028 Olympic Dilemma: Potential Blunder or Game-Changing Move?

Major League Baseball (MLB) is standing at a crossroads, faced with a unique opportunity to showcase its players and promote the game globally. The occasion? The 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, a golden ticket that could potentially elevate the sport to new heights. However, recent developments suggest that MLB might be on the brink of a significant blunder.

A Missed Opportunity for Global Exposure

MLB might make an Olympic-sized blunder with 2028 Games - Los Angeles Times

The Olympic Games in 2028 present a remarkable chance for MLB to market its players and expand the game’s international reach. However, there’s a catch. If MLB players do not participate in the baseball competition, it could signify a major setback for a league that claims to prioritize promoting the sport.

The Clash of Priorities

MLB’s reluctance stems from concerns about disrupting the regular season schedule, a sentiment echoed by Commissioner Rob Manfred. He emphasized the importance of the league’s integrity and the challenges associated with major leaguers participating in a mid-season tournament. Despite this, there’s a glaring inconsistency. MLB has previously allowed its players to participate in international events like the World Baseball Classic, raising questions about the league’s true priorities.

Feasible Solutions Ignored

Interestingly, there are feasible solutions to this dilemma. The 2028 Olympics could be accommodated within a week, with a streamlined format featuring eight nations split into two pools. This concise schedule would not significantly impact the regular season, especially if the event coincided with the All-Star Game week. This strategic move could allow MLB to balance its commitment to the sport’s integrity and capitalize on the global Olympic stage.

Players’ Eagerness to Represent


Many players, including rising stars like Corbin Carroll and established superstars like Bryce Harper, express eagerness to represent Team USA in the Olympics. They highlight the unique pride and honor associated with wearing the USA jersey on an international platform like the Olympics, a sentiment that the World Baseball Classic, for all its merits, simply cannot replicate.

As MLB grapples with the decision to participate in the 2028 Olympic Games, the league stands at a crucial juncture. Will it seize this opportunity to truly grow the game and enhance its global presence, or will it prioritize short-term concerns over long-term benefits? The world watches as MLB contemplates a potential Olympic-sized blunder with the 2028 Games, a decision that could shape the future of baseball on the international stage.

MLB might make an Olympic-sized blunder with 2028 Games, but the final chapter of this story is yet to be written.

Impact and Implications: MLB’s Potential Blunder in 2028 Games

Why is Baseball No Longer an Olympic Sport?

Professional baseball players were once permitted to participate in the Olympics, but this collaboration was hindered by a significant hurdle: the overlap between the Olympics and the Major League Baseball (MLB) season. Often, these players chose not to compete due to this scheduling conflict. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) pinpointed the MLB’s steadfast refusal to adjust its season as a pivotal reason for the exclusion of both baseball and softball from the Olympic roster.

What Games Were Removed from the Olympics?

Since the inception of the modern Olympic Games in 1896, up to ten sports have vanished entirely from the schedule. These include croquet, cricket, jeu de paume, pelota, polo, roque, rackets, tug-of-war, and motor boating. Over the years, these sports have been phased out, making way for the evolving landscape of Olympic competition.

Is Baseball an Olympic Sport?

The history of baseball in the Olympics is a tale of inclusion and exclusion. Initially, it was featured as a demonstration sport, gaining full sport status only in 1992 and subsequently being removed after 2008. After a hiatus, baseball reemerged as an Olympic sport in 2021. However, it faces uncertainty as it’s absent from the 2024 Olympic sports program, but slated for a return in 2028. The sport’s Olympic journey showcases a mix of recognition and temporary absence on the world’s grandest sporting stage.

Will Baseball Return to the Olympics?

In a decisive move during the IOC Session in Mumbai, India, it was confirmed that baseball and softball are set to make a comeback to the Olympic Games sports program. Following a vote by IOC Members, the inclusion of these sports for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics was officially sanctioned. This decision marks a significant milestone, indicating the reinstatement of baseball to the coveted Olympic arena.

Is Baseball the Hardest Sport to Play?

In the realm of professional sports, where physicality and toughness are often celebrated, a unique challenge emerges in the form of baseball management. Despite the physical demands of sports like NBA, NFL, and NHL, baseball stands out as the most intricate to navigate. The complexities of strategy, decision-making, and the mental acumen required make baseball management a distinct and formidable task in the world of sports.

Which Sport Removed from 2028 Olympics?

In the lineup considerations for the 2028 Olympics, several sports faced scrutiny, including boxing, modern pentathlon (involving fencing, swimming, equestrian show jumping, pistol shooting, and cross-country running), and weightlifting. Despite their established presence, these sports did not secure a spot in the roster for the 2028 games, marking a significant decision in the Olympic sports selection process.

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