Natalia Bryant’s Tribute: First Pitch at Dodgers’ Kobe Bryant Night

The Los Angeles Dodgers are set to pay tribute to the late Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant, during their annual Lakers Night festivities at Dodger Stadium. In a poignant moment of remembrance, Kobe’s oldest daughter, Natalia Bryant, will have the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

A Special Legacy Continues

Natalia Bryant, Kobe

Natalia Bryant, a 20-year-old USC student and IMG model, will follow in her father’s footsteps, who himself threw the first pitch for the Dodgers back on June 27, 2000. This touching gesture highlights the enduring connection between Kobe and the Dodgers, as well as the profound influence he had on his daughter’s life.

> "Being his daughter is one of the greatest joys of my life, and I hope to continue to embody and cherish the many lessons he has taught me," Natalia Bryant shared during a heartfelt ceremony honoring her father at the TCL Chinese Theatre in May.

"Slim" – A Personal Touch

Kobe Bryant

In an Instagram post shared by the Dodgers, Natalia is seen wearing a necklace bearing the word "Slim." She explained the significance of this accessory in a 2022 video for Vogue, saying, "This is a necklace that says ‘Slim.’ That was my nickname growing up. I was just so eency-teency. All my jerseys said slim. I didn’t grow into the jerseys until I was, like, older, so my dad would always call me Slim."

This small but meaningful detail underscores the deep bond between father and daughter, adding a personal touch to the evening’s tribute.

A Special Night for Fans

In commemoration of what would have been Kobe Bryant’s 45th birthday on August 23, Natalia shared a touching photo on Instagram. The image shows her father holding her as a young child, with Kobe proudly donning a Dodgers cap. It’s a poignant reminder of the family’s connection to the team.

The Dodgers are going the extra mile to make this tribute special for fans. They will be giving away Kobe Bryant jerseys to those who purchase a special ticket package for the Friday night game against the Atlanta Braves.

Honoring Kobe’s Legacy

LA Dodgers to honor Kobe Bryant with exclusive jersey giveaway on Lakers Night

The special baseball jerseys being given away bear the name "Dodgers" on the front along with the iconic No. 8, representing the jersey number Kobe wore during his first 10 seasons. On the back, they display "Bryant" with the No. 24, symbolizing the jersey number he wore during his final 10 seasons.

It’s important to note that these jerseys are not available to all attendees but are exclusively for fans who have purchased a special event ticket package for the sold-out game. This limited edition jersey giveaway serves as a heartfelt tribute to a basketball icon whose legacy continues to inspire.

As the Dodgers come together to honor Kobe Bryant, Natalia’s role in throwing the first pitch stands as a powerful symbol of the enduring connection between sports, family, and the impact one individual can have on the world. This Friday night, Dodger Stadium will be filled with both baseball fans and Kobe admirers, celebrating a legacy that transcends the boundaries of the game.

Natalia Bryant: Carrying Forward Her Father’s Legacy

Did Natalia Bryant throw the first pitch?

Did Natalia Bryant throw the first pitch?

Yes, Natalia Bryant took center stage during the Dodgers’ tribute to the NBA franchise her father, Kobe Bryant, starred for. On a special "Lakers Night" at the venue, the 20-year-old USC student had the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. With poise and grace, she stepped in front of the mound, making it a memorable moment for fans and a touching tribute to her legendary father.

Who is Natalia Bryant?

Who is Natalia Bryant?

Natalia Bryant is the eldest daughter of the legendary NBA player Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa Bryant. She is set to participate in a special ceremony at Dodger Stadium, where she will throw the ceremonial first pitch as part of the Dodgers’ tribute to her father during Lakers Night. Natalia’s presence in this event underscores her connection to the late Kobe Bryant and adds a poignant touch to the evening’s celebration of the NBA icon’s legacy.

Who threw the first pitch at Dodger Stadium?

Who threw the first pitch at Dodger Stadium?

In 2000, it was Kobe Bryant who had the honor of throwing the first pitch at Dodger Stadium. Now, in a touching tribute to the late NBA legend, his eldest daughter, Natalia Bryant, will follow in his footsteps. She is set to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium on Friday as the Dodgers pay tribute to Kobe Bryant during Lakers Night.

What did Natalia Bryant do at a Dodgers game?

What did Natalia Bryant do at a Dodgers game?

During a Dodgers game, Natalia Bryant, alongside her family, participated in a heartfelt tribute to her late father, Kobe Bryant. Vanessa Bryant, her mother, blew a kiss to the crowd as they were introduced. Natalia, while carrying her youngest sister, played a significant role in the event. She later stood alone on the field, where a slideshow featuring her father’s visit to the Dodgers clubhouse was presented. Natalia’s involvement in this touching ceremony was a poignant way of following in her father’s footsteps, as Kobe Bryant had previously thrown the first pitch at a Dodgers game back in 2000.

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