Perry Minasian’s Patient Approach: Angels’ Managerial Search Unveiled

In an effort to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the current developments surrounding the Angels’ managerial search, we’ve compiled a FAQ-style article that delves into the details, using the information provided. Perry Minasian, the general manager of the Angels, has taken a deliberate approach to this crucial decision.

1. Why is Perry Minasian Emphasizing Patience?

Perry Minasian says Angels won

Perry Minasian is entering his first offseason as the general manager of the Angels, and he’s determined not to rush the managerial search process. His primary focus is on getting it right rather than making a hasty decision. Minasian has been actively engaging with potential candidates but is committed to finding the right fit for the team, no matter how long it takes.

"We’ve been very active with discussions with different candidates, and we’re not going to rush it. When we find the right person, we find the right person." – Perry Minasian

2. What Qualities Is Minasian Seeking in the New Manager?

Minasian has been explicit about the characteristics he values in the new Angels manager. He emphasizes that the "right person" should command respect within the organization. Importantly, this doesn’t necessarily require prior major league managerial experience. Minasian is open to considering candidates with diverse backgrounds, as long as they fit the team’s needs.

3. Is There a Set Timeline for Hiring the New Manager?

Perry Minasian says Angels won

Perry Minasian has refrained from setting a specific timeline for filling the managerial position. He is committed to taking the time required to identify the ideal leader for the Angels. This patient approach reflects his dedication to making a well-informed decision that will benefit the organization in the long run.

4. What About Minasian’s Contract Situation?

While Minasian is in the final year of his contract with the Angels, he has downplayed any concerns candidates may have about his own situation. He emphasizes that the managerial search is primarily about the organization’s future and finding the right individual to lead the team.

"It’s not about me. It’s about them. For me, it’s all about the organization and finding the right person." – Perry Minasian

Perry Minasian says Angels won

The Angels made the decision not to retain Phil Nevin as the manager for the 2024 season. This marked the beginning of the search for the 23rd manager in the team’s history and the fourth since the end of the Mike Scioscia era (2000-2018).

6. Who Are the Potential Candidates?

Possible candidates for Angels managerial opening

The Angels have shown interest in several candidates for the managerial position:

  • Buck Showalter: The former New York Mets manager has held discussions with the team at least twice.

  • Benji Gil and Ray Montgomery: Angels coaches have been approached regarding their interest in the vacancy, though they haven’t had formal interviews.

  • Ron Washington: The former Texas Rangers manager and current Atlanta Braves third base coach had an interview scheduled with the Angels.

  • Benji Gil: Gil has also interviewed for another vacant managerial position with the Padres.

7. Conclusion

Perry Minasian’s commitment to a thorough and patient managerial search underscores his dedication to finding the right leader for the Los Angeles Angels. While the process may not have a set timeline, the emphasis remains on making the best decision for the organization’s future.

Remember, the Angels and Perry Minasian won’t rush the managerial search, and their goal is to secure the right person to lead the club.

Insight into Perry Minasian’s Managerial Search Strategy

Who are the potential candidates for the Angels’ managerial position?

In a manner reminiscent of the 2019 managerial search that brought Joe Maddon to the Angels, several promising candidates are emerging as potential fits for the role. These individuals include:

  1. Buck Showalter: A seasoned manager with a wealth of experience, having previously managed the Mets.
  2. Ron Roenicke: An accomplished figure in the world of baseball, offering valuable insights and leadership.
  3. Benji Gil: An internal option from the Angels’ coaching staff, showing potential for a leadership role.
  4. Walt Weiss: Bringing his knowledge and expertise to the table as a potential managerial candidate.
  5. Ron Washington: With a background managing the Texas Rangers and current coaching experience with the Atlanta Braves.
  6. John Farrell: A candidate with a strong track record in Major League Baseball.

These candidates represent a diverse pool of talent, each bringing unique strengths and perspectives to the Angels’ managerial search.

How do I ask my hiring manager for a timeline?

When it comes to inquiring about the hiring timeline, the approach varies depending on where you are in the interview process. For your initial interview, you can ask, "What does your timeline look like for hiring?" This shows your interest and helps you gauge the employer’s timeframe. If you’ve reached what you believe to be the final interview, consider asking, "When might I expect to hear a decision?" This not only provides valuable insight into the employer’s thought process but also guides you on when to follow up with the hiring team.

How long to follow up with the hiring manager?

When it comes to following up with a hiring manager, a general guideline is to wait about a week after your initial contact. If you still haven’t received a response after that week, it’s reasonable to send a follow-up. However, if you find yourself in silence after two weeks from your initial follow-up, it’s often best to hold off on further communication for the time being.

Why is the hiring manager taking so long?

The delay in the hiring process can often be attributed to factors such as the company’s size and its organizational culture. In larger organizations or those with a highly structured management hierarchy, hiring may take longer due to additional steps and approvals required. Furthermore, some companies prioritize a meticulous and thorough decision-making approach over rapid decision-making, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration in the hiring process.

What are the 5 stages of the hiring process?

The hiring process comprises five essential stages, and recruiters often work closely with hiring managers to navigate through them effectively:

  1. Opening the Requisition: This marks the beginning, where the need for a new hire is identified and documented.

  2. Screening the Applicants: In this phase, applications and resumes are reviewed to shortlist potential candidates.

  3. Interviewing the Candidates: Selected candidates are invited for interviews to assess their suitability for the role.

  4. Selecting the Best: After evaluations, the hiring team decides on the most qualified candidate.

  5. Making the Offer: The final stage involves extending a job offer to the chosen candidate.

These five stages collectively form the hiring process, guiding the recruitment journey.

Is it okay to ask for a hiring timeline?

Inquiring about a hiring timeline is not only common but also advisable during the interview process. It provides you with valuable insights, even if the proposed dates may change. Feel free to ask this question, indicating your desire for a smooth process without timing complications as you move forward.

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