Rams’ Derion Kendrick: Overcoming Adversity to Play Sunday Against Steelers

In this article, we’ll answer frequently asked questions regarding the situation of Rams’ Derion Kendrick, who is expected to play on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers despite facing misdemeanor gun charges.

1. What is the current situation with Derion Kendrick?


Derion Kendrick, a cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams, has been in the spotlight due to his recent arrest on suspicion of a felony gun charge. The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office has charged him with two misdemeanor gun-related counts.

2. What does Coach Sean McVay have to say about this?

Coach Sean McVay expressed his trust in Kendrick, stating that he believes in him and values forgiveness and understanding. He sees this situation as a learning opportunity and a chance for Kendrick to grow.

"I trust this kid’s heart. I believe in him, and I also believe in forgiveness and understanding. And there’s certain things that we can use to be able to learn from."

3. How has Derion Kendrick reacted to the situation?

McVay says Rams CB Derion Kendrick is back at practice, could play Sunday after arrest, gun charges | AP News

Kendrick, who was in custody until Wednesday, has been working to regain his focus and physical condition. He declined to provide details of the incident due to his ongoing legal situation.

“Can’t let this affect me mentally, for real. Just keep my head up, keep pushing and keep working. Just trying to stay focused on what me and this team got going on.”

4. Is Kendrick expected to play in the Sunday game against the Steelers?

Rams CB Derion Kendrick returns to practice. He could play Sunday despite arrest, gun charges - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Kendrick has been listed as limited and questionable on the injury report, but he himself expects to play. He has been supporting his teammates who have been preparing in his place.

"Had a couple meetings, got with the guys and guys and apologized for anything I may have distracted them on for this week."

5. How have Kendrick’s teammates reacted to the situation?

Kendrick’s teammates have shown their support for him, focusing on his well-being outside of football. They have encouraged him to stay mentally strong.

“Just encouraging me to keep my head up, and am I OK mentally,” he said.

6. How is Kendrick preparing for the game?


Kendrick has been fully engaged in practice and is focused on the game plan. He is also standing beside his teammates, showing his support and waiting for his turn.

“Staying engaged, getting into the game plan knowing what to do, and then just standing beside my guys, letting them go out there and finish the work they put in all week."

7. What is Kendrick’s takeaway from this experience?

Rams 2022 Newcomer Update: Defensive back Derion Kendrick

Kendrick views this situation as a learning experience in Los Angeles. He intends to make changes to ensure his safety in the future.

"Just teaching me how to move out here. I could go get my own security, or go get a driver to drive me around or stuff like that just so that I won’t be followed or whatever the case may be."

In conclusion, despite the legal situation, Derion Kendrick expects to play in the upcoming game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. His teammates and coach are supporting him as he works through this challenging time.

Kendrick’s Commitment to the Game

Will Derion Kendrick Play Sunday against Pittsburgh Steelers?

Derion Kendrick, Los Angeles Rams’ cornerback, remains determined to play in the Sunday game against the Pittsburgh Steelers despite a recent arrest and brief police custody.

Kendrick, who faced legal issues earlier in the week, expressed his confidence in taking the field on Sunday. His commitment to his team and the upcoming game is unwavering.

"Los Angeles Rams cornerback Derion Kendrick said he expects to play Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers after being arrested on Monday and remaining in police custody until Wednesday."

Who is Derion Kendrick?

Derion Kendrick is a cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams. Despite facing two misdemeanor gun charges and a recent arrest on suspicion of a felony gun charge in Hollywood, Kendrick remains committed to his team. Coach Sean McVay has expressed support for him, and he has been practicing for a potential appearance in the upcoming game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Will Kendrick Return to Rams Practice on Friday?

After his arrest, Derion Kendrick resumed participation in Rams practice on Thursday, initially for team walkthroughs. However, according to Coach McVay, Kendrick is set to fully participate in Friday’s practice. Throughout this season, Kendrick has been a consistent starter, delivering 25 tackles, three passes defended, and two tackles for loss.

Did Derion Kendrick Miss a Field Goal?

During a game in Cincinnati, Ohio, on September 25, 2023, Derion Kendrick of the Los Angeles Rams celebrated a missed field goal by the Cincinnati Bengals in the first quarter. The event was captured in a photograph at Paycor Stadium. There is no indication that Kendrick himself attempted or missed a field goal.

Why is Derion Kendrick Facing Misdemeanor Gun Charges?

Derion Kendrick is facing misdemeanor gun charges due to a traffic stop during which officers found a gun and marijuana in his car. These findings led to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office charging Kendrick with two misdemeanor gun offenses: carrying a concealed firearm and carrying a loaded firearm.

Could Derion Kendrick Play Sunday against Steelers?

Derion Kendrick, the Rams’ cornerback, actively participated in practice on Friday and, according to Coach Sean McVay, there is a possibility that he "could play" in the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Despite facing two misdemeanor gun charges, Kendrick remains in contention for the upcoming match.

Where did Derion Kendrick Get Drafted?

Derion Kendrick, the Georgia cornerback, was chosen by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2022 NFL draft. He was selected with the 212th pick, marking his entry into the NFL during the sixth round as Georgia’s thirteenth player to be drafted that year.

Who is Georgia’s Starting Cornerback Derion Kendrick?

Derion Kendrick, a key defensive back for the Georgia Bulldogs, is anticipated to take on the role of the No. 1 cornerback in Dan Lanning’s defensive strategy for the current season. Notably, Kendrick joined the Georgia team after transferring from Clemson during the offseason. His debut game of the season will involve facing his former team. It’s worth mentioning that Kendrick, once a highly-rated five-star recruit, initially started his college football journey as a wide receiver.

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