Reliving Glory: UCLA vs. Oregon State – Top Five Rivalry Games

In its final season in the Pac-12, UCLA is leaving a legacy, and part of that legacy is its intense rivalry with Oregon State. Over the years, these two teams have battled it out on the field, and we’ve revisited the top five games that have defined this historic rivalry. Here, we delve into the memorable clashes that continue to resonate in the hearts of fans.

Game 1: Nov. 4, 1967

UCLA vs. Oregon State: Five greatest games in rivalry history - Los Angeles Times

Oregon State 16, No. 2 UCLA 16

They earned the moniker "Giant Killers" for a reason. Just two weeks after toppling No. 2 Purdue, the Beavers faced another second-ranked opponent, UCLA, and proved their mettle as 14-point underdogs. In a thrilling match at the Coliseum, unbeaten UCLA had its chances late in the game. With the clock winding down, quarterback Gary Beban’s pass into the end zone was intercepted, dashing UCLA’s hopes. As if that wasn’t enough, Zenon Andrusyshyn’s low-flying field goal was blocked in the final moments. Despite these setbacks, Beban went on to win the Heisman Trophy, showcasing his exceptional talent even in defeat. Oregon State continued its giant-killing spree with a 3-0 victory over No. 1 USC in the following week.

Game 2: Nov. 7, 1998

No. 3 UCLA 41, Oregon State 34

"Never make plans for overtime before you get there" – a lesson learned the hard way by Oregon State coach Mike Riley. He was discussing overtime strategies with offensive coordinator Paul Chryst when UCLA quarterback Cade McNown’s 61-yard touchdown pass to Brad Melsby sealed the game with just 21 seconds left. The Beavers’ hopes for an upset faded away, much to the disappointment of quarterback Jonathan Smith, a USC fan growing up in Glendora. This victory marked the Bruins’ 18th consecutive win, part of their record-breaking streak of 20 straight victories, culminating with a triumph over USC two weeks later.

Game 3: Oct. 23, 1954

No. 3 UCLA 61, Oregon State 0

The headline said it all: "Point-a-Minute Bruins." UCLA’s dominance was on full display as they trounced Oregon State 61-0. What’s even more astonishing was that their scoring pace was considered slower than the previous week when they defeated Stanford 72-0. UCLA ruled on both sides of the ball, maintaining an unbeaten and untied record, while also claiming a share of the national championship alongside Ohio State. Unfortunately, they couldn’t settle the debate on the field as UCLA had played in the Rose Bowl the previous year, falling victim to the no-repeat rule. The Associated Press crowned Ohio State national champions, while United Press International bestowed the honor on the Bruins.

Game 4: Sept. 16, 1949

UCLA 35, Oregon State 13

In this early clash of giants, UCLA secured a decisive victory against Oregon State, solidifying their legacy in this historic rivalry. A game that showcased the prowess of both teams, it remains etched in the annals of this rivalry’s history.

These remarkable games are just a glimpse into the rich history of the UCLA vs. Oregon State rivalry. They reflect the passion, intensity, and unpredictability that make this matchup one of the most exciting in college football. As UCLA bids farewell to the Pac-12, these iconic moments will continue to be cherished by fans, serving as a testament to the enduring legacy of this storied rivalry.

UCLA vs. Oregon State: Five greatest games in rivalry history is a reminder that college football rivalries are more than just games – they are a part of the cultural fabric of the sport, filled with stories of triumph, heartbreak, and unforgettable moments.

Historical Significance: UCLA’s Final Season in the Pac-12

Can Oregon State beat UCLA at home?

As we contemplate the big question: Can Oregon State beat UCLA at home? Several analytic models appear to tip the scales in Oregon State’s favor. One such tool, the College Football Power Index, utilizes complex algorithms and simulations, running a staggering 20,000 scenarios with an array of data points to determine outright winners. Astonishingly, the Beavers emerge as the victors in 69.8 percent of these simulations, equating to a remarkable 13,960 out of the 20,000 projections. These numbers certainly make a compelling case for Oregon State’s chances on their home turf.

Who catches a touchdown pass in the 2005 UCLA-Oregon State game?

In the pivotal 2005 UCLA-Oregon State game, it was UCLA wide receiver Mercedes Lewis who made a memorable impact. Lewis soared high to catch a touchdown pass, outmaneuvering Oregon State cornerback Brandon Hughes and strong safety Sabby Piscitelli. This game unfolded as part of UCLA’s journey in its final season in the Pac-12. As we revisit the most significant games in this historic series, the 51-28 victory serves as a testament to Lewis’ prowess on the field and the enduring rivalry between UCLA and Oregon State.

Did the Bruins beat Oregon State at the Coliseum?

Yes, the Bruins indeed managed to secure a resounding victory over Oregon State at the Coliseum. This achievement is particularly significant when considering that the Beavers had handed UCLA a crushing 28-0 defeat just the year before. Notably, this game marked the debut of one of the greatest football coaches in Bruins’ history, making it a memorable and transformative moment for the team.

Did the Bruins beat UCLA?

Did the Bruins beat UCLA? Absolutely. During that remarkable season, UCLA proved to be an indomitable force, remaining undefeated and untied. Their exceptional performance led to them claiming a share of the national championship, alongside Ohio State. It was a season of unprecedented success for the Bruins on both sides of the ball, leaving an indelible mark on their history.

What is the rivalry between Oregon and Oregon State called?

the Civil War

The rivalry between Oregon and Oregon State is known as the Oregon–Oregon State football rivalry. This intense college football rivalry game, formerly referred to as the Civil War, is a yearly showdown that takes place in Oregon. It features the Ducks from the University of Oregon, located in Eugene, and the Beavers from Oregon State University in Corvallis. A classic matchup, this game is a significant event in the state’s sports culture.

How many times has Oregon State beat Oregon?

The Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers have met on the football field a total of 123 times. In this long-standing rivalry, the Ducks currently hold the advantage with a record of 66 wins, 47 losses, and 10 ties. Notably, they have dominated recent matchups, securing victories in 11 of the last 12 games, with their most recent win being a 24-10 triumph in Eugene last season.

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