Revolutionizing Women’s World Cup: FIFA’s Game-Changing Base Camps

In a groundbreaking move for women’s soccer, FIFA has introduced game-changing base camps for the 2023 Women’s World Cup. These base camps are set to revolutionize the tournament experience for female footballers, providing them with much-needed stability and elite facilities.

Farewell to Frequent Packing

FIFA adds game-changing base camps for women

Traditionally, women’s World Cup teams faced a logistical challenge of constantly packing and unpacking as they moved from one venue to another. For instance, during previous World Cups, the U.S. Women’s National Team had to switch locations every four days, making it a tiring endeavor.

But this year’s tournament, the largest women’s World Cup in history, has seen a significant transformation. FIFA has allocated base camps to each of the 32 participating teams. This means that players can now settle into their accommodations upon arrival and rest assured they won’t need to pack their bags until the knockout stages.

Elevating the Standards

Sarai Bareman, FIFA’s chief women’s football officer, emphasized FIFA’s commitment to improving conditions for women’s football. "To do that, we must provide elite environments for the 32 teams to train, rest, and recover," Bareman stated. The introduction of dedicated team base camps is a testament to FIFA’s dedication to growing and developing women’s football.

These base camps bring about a host of benefits, including private rooms, charter flights, and tailored training facilities. It’s a step towards more equitable treatment for women’s teams, addressing concerns that players have advocated for, such as New Zealand captain Ali Riley.

A Step Forward

Revealed — the clubs to host team bases for next year

Ali Riley highlighted the significance of these changes, saying, "Having single rooms, that’s not something that we could ever imagine." The provision of base camps, along with private rooms, charter flights, and other amenities, marks a crucial step forward in leveling the playing field for female footballers.

The American Advantage

Notably, the U.S. Women’s National Team and New Zealand are among the teams based in Auckland, where they enjoy exclusive access to a 130-room designer hotel along the city’s harbor. This dedicated space allows the American players and coaching staff to create a focused and comfortable environment.

Neil Buethe, U.S. Soccer spokesman, praised the benefits of having a base camp, saying, "By having a base camp, we’re able to create an environment during an extended amount of time that provides the team with everything they need." This structured environment lets players and coaches concentrate on their primary goal: preparing for and playing each match.

The Perks

FIFA Women

Among the perks enjoyed by the U.S. team is a dedicated coffee bar with a barista and a communal lounge for players to relax together, further enhancing their World Cup experience.

In summary, FIFA’s introduction of base camps for the Women’s World Cup is a game-changer, providing female footballers with stability, top-notch facilities, and a more level playing field. It’s a step forward in the evolution of women’s football, making the sport more accessible and equitable for all.

FIFA adds game-changing base camps for women’s World Cup, ushering in a new era for women’s soccer.

Additional Points of Interest

What is a team base camp in FIFA Women’s World CupTM?

For the first time in FIFA Women’s World Cup™ history, participating nations will have access to exclusive Team Base Camps (TBCs) during the upcoming tournament. A Team Base Camp serves as the essential "home away from home" for teams, providing them with both training facilities and accommodation options. This innovation ensures that teams can focus on their preparation and performance by centralizing their resources and creating a comfortable and efficient environment for the duration of the competition.

How many team base camps are there in Australia & New Zealand?

A total of twenty-nine dedicated Team Base Camps (TBCs) have been officially confirmed for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™. This marks a historic milestone in the tournament’s history, as it’s the first time that participating countries will have access to these exclusive Team Base Camps. These strategically located TBCs across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand will provide teams with the ideal facilities for their preparations during this prestigious event.

Where will FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 be held?

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will make history as the first co-hosted tournament, spanning across Australia and New Zealand. Sydney/Gadigal will host a Referees Base Camp at Sydney Olympic Park. This edition also marks several significant firsts, being the first Women’s World Cup held in the Southern Hemisphere and the first to feature 32 teams, an increase from the previous 24 in 2019.

Will there be a referees’ base camp in Australia & New Zealand 2023?

Certainly, a Referees’ Base Camp will be established at Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney/Gadigal for Australia & New Zealand 2023. This historic Women’s World Cup marks several significant firsts, including being the first co-hosted tournament, the first in the Southern Hemisphere, and featuring 32 teams, an increase from the previous 24 in 2019.

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