Rising Star: How Roberto Salazar Became Crenshaw’s Self-Made Punter and Kicker

In the world of high school sports, a remarkable tale of self-made prowess has emerged. Meet Crenshaw High’s very own Roberto Salazar, a 16-year-old junior who defies conventional training and expectations. This is the incredible story of how Salazar became a self-made punter and kicker, shaping his destiny on the field.

The Unlikely Beginnings


Roberto Salazar’s journey is awe-inspiring, primarily because he started with zero training. Coach Robert Garrett issued a straightforward directive, "Drop the ball and kick it." Despite having never played soccer, Salazar has been able to achieve remarkable feats on the football field. His impressive 3.8 grade-point average exemplifies his commitment to excellence, both academically and athletically.

The Game-Changing Moment

A defining moment in Salazar’s story unfolded during a crucial game against rival Dorsey. Crenshaw found themselves with fourth and goal at the three-yard line, trailing 34-32 with a mere 37 seconds left on the clock. Garrett was faced with a tough decision – go for a touchdown or rely on Salazar for a field goal, despite his absence of successful attempts that season.

Learning from Scratch

Roberto Salazar’s foray into kicking was as unconventional as his punting skills. He learned kicking under Coach Garrett’s guidance, who provided straightforward instructions – "Take three steps back, take two steps to the side, run to the ball, keep your head down and kick it through."

The pivotal moment weighed heavily on Salazar’s shoulders. Nervous but determined, the 6-foot-3, 186-pound athlete, who also plays receiver and safety, was acutely aware of the stakes. Amidst the deafening noise of the crowd, his teammates offered words of encouragement – "Take a deep breath and focus."

The Thrilling Triumph

In a make-or-break situation, Salazar delivered. He successfully kicked a 20-yard field goal, propelling Crenshaw to a 37-34 victory following a last-second safety. It was a sigh of relief for the young athlete, knowing the consequences of success and failure in the world of kicking.

Hero’s Welcome

The next day, Salazar walked into school as a hero. The community lauded his achievement, recognizing the magnitude of his contribution to the team. His sister, Citlali, who had made her mark as a basketball player for Crenshaw and was now attending Cal State San Bernardino, was present at the game to provide unwavering support.

A Multi-Talented Teen

Roberto Salazar’s story transcends football. He embodies the spirit of a teenager who thrives on being a team player and contributing in any way he can. His versatility extends beyond the football field; he’s a valuable asset on the basketball court, coming off the bench to make an impact with his hustle, rebounding, and three-pointers. He even ventured into baseball, nearly hitting a home run, and tried his hand at pitching despite no prior experience. If the golf team needed assistance, he’d likely give it a shot, even though he’d never swung a golf club.

The Mission to Succeed

Coach Garrett commends Salazar as a phenomenal student-athlete, excelling both in the classroom and on the field. It’s clear that Salazar’s mission is to be a great kicker, and he’s worked tirelessly to accomplish that goal.

Earning Trust

Coach Garrett’s trust in Salazar’s abilities didn’t come easily. The Salazar of the previous season lacked the consistency required for field goals, making Coach Garrett reluctant to let him attempt a 20-yarder. But Salazar’s improvement and unwavering determination paid off, earning the trust that allowed him to attempt the crucial field goal.

Crenshaw’s Rise

Thanks to Salazar’s remarkable journey and contributions, Crenshaw High now finds itself in a three-way tie for first place in the Coliseum League, with just one week remaining in the regular season.

Crenshaw’s Roberto Salazar is a self-made punter and kicker, defying the odds and contributing significantly to his team’s success. His dedication and determination serve as an inspiration to all aspiring athletes, proving that with hard work and the right guidance, one can rise to great heights even without formal training.

The Impact of Self-Determination on Roberto Salazar’s Kicking Success

Who is the football coach at Crenshaw?

  • Name: Robert GARRETT
  • Position: Head Football Coach
  • School: Crenshaw High School
  • Profile: [LinkedIn](LinkedIn URL)

Robert GARRETT is the Head Football Coach at Crenshaw High School. You can find more details about him and his professional profile on [LinkedIn](LinkedIn URL).

Who is the coach to Spencer?

  • Name: Taye Diggs
  • Character: Billy Baker
  • Seasons: 1–5
  • Role: Coach for Beverly Hills High American football team

Taye Diggs portrays the character of Billy Baker in seasons 1 to 5 of the series. He is the coach for the Beverly Hills High American football team and is also known as Laura’s husband and the father of Olivia and Jordan.

Why does Coach Baker go to Crenshaw?

  • Original Dream: NFL Player
  • Transition: Coaching

Coach Billy Baker’s original dream was to play in the NFL, and he successfully achieved that dream. However, he couldn’t let go of the glory days and transitioned into coaching. He moved to South Crenshaw High from Beverly High to save its football program, marking a significant shift in his career and a step away from his own glory days as a player.

Who is Dillon’s dad?

  • Name: Corey James
  • Relation: Biological father of Spencer and Dillon James
  • Ex-Husband of: Grace James

Corey James is a recurring character in the first and second seasons of All American. He serves as the biological father of both Spencer and Dillon James and was previously married to Grace James. It is now confirmed that he is Dillon James’ biological father.

Who is the real Coach Baker?

  • Inspiration: Carter Paysinger
  • Relation: Spencer’s uncle and football coach

The character of Billy Baker in All American draws inspiration from Carter Paysinger. Carter Paysinger is Spencer’s uncle and a notable football coach, loosely serving as the real-life counterpart to the character of Billy Baker.

Who is Crenshaw’s assistant coach on All American?

  • Name: Spencer Paysinger
  • Role: Assistant Coach

In the TV series All American, Spencer Paysinger assumes the role of Assistant Coach Davis, contributing to the Crenshaw High School football program as an essential figure.

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