Santa Margarita’s Triumph: Division 1 Girls’ Golf Championship Victory

In a stunning display of skill and determination, the Santa Margarita girls’ golf team clinched the Division 1 team championship in a remarkable tournament. Freshman standout Emily Song led the charge with a remarkable score of 68. This victory was not only a testament to their talent but also a historical moment for the team.

The Victory

Santa Margarita wins Division 1 girls

Santa Margarita’s victory was nothing short of impressive, as they finished with a total score of 359. Their fierce competitors, Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, secured the second position with a score of 376. Junior Alexis Faieta played a pivotal role for Notre Dame by shooting a remarkable 71 at Los Serranos Country Club’s North Course.

Advancement to CIF SCGA Qualifying Tournament

Tesoro boys golf team wins SoCal regional title and receives message from Michael Block – Orange County Register

The top eight finishers in Division 1 now have the honor of advancing to the CIF SCGA qualifying tournament. This tournament will be held at the Morongo Golf Course and will also serve as the individual championship. It’s a significant step for the winning team, Santa Margarita, and an exciting opportunity for these talented young golfers.

Division 2 and 3 Results

  • In Division 2 at River Ridge Golf Club’s Vineyard Course, Crean Lutheran and St. Margaret’s were neck and neck, both shooting 398. The tiebreaker ultimately came down to the sixth player’s scores, giving Crean Lutheran the edge. Elise Lee led the charge with an impressive score of 70, while Jessica Liu shone for St. Margaret’s with a score of 68.

  • Division 3 at Jurupa Hills Country Club saw North Torrance emerge as the team champions with a score of 412. Sophia Fujita played a significant role by shooting a remarkable 69. Great Oak secured the second position in this competitive division.

Division 4 Results

  • In Division 4 at El Prado Butterfield Stage, Fairmont Prep outperformed the competition with a score of 427. St. Monica finished second, with Lindsay Yao making a significant contribution by shooting 71 for Fairmont Prep.

The victory of Santa Margarita in the Division 1 girls’ golf team championship is a testament to the hard work and dedication of these young golfers. Their impressive performance not only secured the championship but also a spot in the prestigious CIF SCGA qualifying tournament. We can expect more incredible feats from these talented athletes in the future.

Remember, Santa Margarita wins Division 1 girls’ golf team championship, and this achievement will be remembered as a significant milestone in their journey.

Team Victory and Achievements

Did Emily Song Lead Santa Margarita to Division 1 Girls’ Golf Title?

Yes, indeed, Emily Song, a remarkable freshman talent, played a pivotal role in guiding Santa Margarita to victory in the Division 1 girls’ golf championship. Her exceptional performance was highlighted by her impressive score of 68. As a key member of the team, Emily’s contribution was instrumental in Santa Margarita’s triumph, with the Eagles finishing at a commendable score of 359. This victory underscored Emily Song’s role in securing the Division 1 girls’ golf title for Santa Margarita.

Who Won Southern California Girls’ Golf Regional?

Leigh Chien, representing Santa Margarita, emerged as the triumphant golfer in the Southern California girls’ golf regional competition. Her extraordinary performance saw her shooting an impressive five under par, securing her the individual title. Moreover, Santa Margarita displayed dominance throughout the event by clinching the team title. Leigh Chien’s outstanding achievement and Santa Margarita’s team victory were the highlights of the Southern California girls’ golf championships at Brookside Golf Course.

Who Won Division 3 Golf?

The team championship in Division 3 golf at Jurupa Hills Country Club was secured by North Torrance with an impressive score of 412. Their victory was underpinned by the exceptional performance of Sophia Fujita, who achieved a remarkable score of 69. In this competitive division, Great Oak took the second position. The Division 3 golf competition at Jurupa Hills Country Club showcased North Torrance’s triumph and Sophia Fujita’s stellar performance.

Who Shot 68 for Santa Margarita?

The impressive score of 68 that significantly contributed to Santa Margarita’s victory in the Southern Section Division 1 girls’ golf team championship was achieved by the talented freshman, Emily Song. Her outstanding performance on that day played a crucial role in the team’s success. The Eagles finished with a total score of 359, securing their championship win in this highly competitive tournament.

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How Did JSerra Beat Santa Margarita?

JSerra secured a victory against Santa Margarita with a dominant second half performance. In the first round of the CIF Southern Section Division 1 football playoffs at Saddleback College, the Lions held Santa Margarita scoreless during the second half. JSerra’s offensive prowess was evident, as they recorded 12 first downs, whereas the Eagles managed only four. This remarkable second-half display ultimately led to JSerra’s 27-20 win over Santa Margarita.

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