Scott Taylor: Carrying the Loyola Legacy to New Heights in Sports

Scott Taylor, with his curly blond hair and towering physique, is the latest sensation at Loyola High, where he continues a rich tradition of athletic excellence. In this article, we delve into the story of a young athlete destined to be part of the Loyola family and who’s making waves in the world of sports.

The Golden Boy

Scott Taylor is latest in a Loyola family to excel in sports - Los Angeles Times

Football teammates affectionately call him the "golden boy," not just for his hair but also for his extraordinary talent on the field. At 16 years old, standing tall at 6 feet 4 and weighing 226 pounds, Scott Taylor’s growth seems unstoppable. As he humorously puts it, "If you feed me, I keep growing."

A Legacy at Loyola

For Scott, Loyola High is not just a school; it’s in his blood. His connection to Loyola runs deep as his mother, Teri, is the daughter of the former Loyola basketball coach and principal, Bill Thomason. Of Bill and Mary Thomason’s 19 grandchildren, an astonishing 13 are boys, and Scott was destined to be a Cub from birth. He was even baptized in the Loyola chapel.

As if that’s not enough, three of Bill’s grandsons are already at Loyola, with six more to follow, ensuring that the legacy endures for generations.

Family of Athletes

Athleticism runs in the family genes. The Taylor family shares a connection with the Kleins, another family of athletes from Loyola, and the Keefes, notably, the NBA’s Adam Keefe. Scott’s mother met her husband, Brian Taylor, at Stanford, where he played football. It’s clear that sports are a family affair for the Taylors.

Choosing Football

Scott’s journey in sports began early. He excelled in youth soccer and was even offered a spot on the U17 LAFC academy team. However, his heart was set on another sport – football. He once said, "I would rather go two-a-days in 100-degree heat than play in a national soccer tournament. I know what I want to play."

Versatile Athlete

Scott’s dedication to football has paid off. He’s not just a typical football player; he’s a versatile athlete. He competes in hurdles and sprints in track and field, which enhances his speed and agility on the football field. His workouts are explosive-based, focusing on hip mobility and pass-rushing skills.

Defensive Dominance

This season, Scott made a move to defensive end, a position Loyola needed him to fill. However, he’s equally comfortable playing as a linebacker. His stats speak volumes – with eight sacks under his belt, he’s a force to be reckoned with on the field.

The Future Awaits

The question remains, in which position will Scott Taylor excel the most? As he continues to grow, it becomes a matter of size and agility. As he puts it, "The bigger and taller I get, the more I think defensive end makes sense. Being able to do both speaks to my athleticism."

Coach Drew Casani has nothing but praise for Scott, stating, "He’s not just productive, he’s dominating at his position." With his unwavering dedication, it’s clear that Scott Taylor is the latest in a Loyola family to excel in sports.


In the halls of Loyola High, the Taylor family’s legacy in sports continues to thrive, with Scott Taylor leading the charge. His remarkable journey from a "golden boy" with a love for football to a dominant force on the field is a testament to his dedication and the enduring tradition of excellence at Loyola.

The Unique Charms of Loyola’s Athletic Tradition

Who is Scott Taylor and what sports does he excel in at Loyola?

Scott Taylor: A Multi-Talented Athlete at Loyola

Scott Taylor is a versatile athlete at Loyola, specializing in football. He has excelled in this sport and is known for his exceptional speed, particularly remarkable considering his size. His agility and speed have been honed through participation in hurdles and sprints within the track and field arena. Scott’s training regimen is heavily focused on explosive workouts, which contribute to his impressive athletic abilities. His dedication to football and commitment to agility training set him apart as a remarkable athlete within the Loyola family.

What positions does Scott Taylor play in football at Loyola?

Scott Taylor’s Football Positions at Loyola

Scott Taylor’s football journey at Loyola showcases his adaptability and skill. In the current season, he has taken on the role of a defensive end, a position chosen to meet the team’s needs. However, he’s equally proficient as a linebacker, displaying remarkable versatility on the field. Impressively, Scott has achieved eight sacks, highlighting his impact on the game. As he describes it, he’s committed to achieving excellence in both the linebacker and defensive end positions.

What positions does Scott Taylor play on Loyola’s football team?

Scott Taylor’s Versatile Roles on Loyola’s Football Team

Scott Taylor, currently a junior at Loyola, is a multi-talented athlete. On the football field, he seamlessly transitions between multiple positions, including defensive end, linebacker, and tight end. His journey began as a ball boy and water boy in his earlier years, and he has since evolved into a dynamic player, contributing significantly to Loyola’s sports legacy.

How old is Scott Taylor?

Scott Taylor’s Age: A Young Talent at 16

Scott Taylor, affectionately known as the "golden boy" by his football teammates, is a 16-year-old athlete at Loyola. Standing at an impressive 6 feet 4 inches and weighing 226 pounds, he’s still growing rapidly. As he humorously puts it, "If you feed me, I keep growing." Scott’s age and remarkable physical development make him a standout talent at a youthful 16 years old.

Will Loyola run out of football players from the Taylor/Thomason family?

Loyola’s Endless Football Legacy from the Taylor/Thomason Family

Rest assured, Loyola High School is set to continue its legacy of football players from the Taylor/Thomason family tree for many years to come. The enduring tradition of athleticism within the family ensures that Loyola will remain a hub for future football talents. At Prep Rally, we are dedicated to celebrating the Southern California high school sports experience, sharing scores, stories, and offering an insider’s view of what makes prep sports so beloved.

What is Loyola’s athletic experience like?

Loyola’s Athletic Experience: Beyond the Scoreboard

At Loyola, the athletic experience goes far beyond the final score. It revolves around the values of sportsmanship, both on and off the field. This experience is made possible by the dedicated faculty, staff, and coaches who nurture boys through a diverse program encompassing seventeen interscholastic sports, spanning varsity, junior varsity, freshman, and middle school levels. It’s about fostering character, camaraderie, and excellence that extends well beyond the game.

Why is Scott Taylor called a ‘Golden Boy’?

Why Scott Taylor Earns the Nickname ‘Golden Boy’

Junior linebacker Scott Taylor is a prominent figure at Loyola High, standing in front of the institution’s main office building, which his grandfather once led as principal. His endearing nickname, "golden boy," comes from his distinct features, including his curly blond hair, as well as his deep-rooted connections to Loyola High. This affectionate moniker reflects not only his physical appearance but also his strong ties to the school.

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