Strategic Insights: Dave Roberts’ Decision to Keep Lance Lynn After Home Runs

In a pivotal Game 3 of the National League Division Series at Chase Field, Dave Roberts, the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, faced a challenging decision. The night took an unexpected turn in the bottom of the third inning when Dodgers’ starting pitcher Lance Lynn gave up four solo homers. This left fans and analysts puzzled as to why Roberts chose to leave Lynn in the game after these home runs.

Roberts’ Tactical Decision

Dave Roberts explains why he left in Lance Lynn after homers - Los Angeles Times

Roberts’ decision to stick with Lynn in the face of adversity raised eyebrows. Lance Lynn, known for giving up a major league-high 44 home runs that season, seemed to be struggling. After Geraldo Perdomo, Ketel Marte, Christian Walker, and Gabriel Moreno all hit solo homers in rapid succession, the Dodgers found themselves in a 4-0 deficit.

Despite Lynn’s troubles, Roberts defended his choice, saying, "You’ve got two outs, nobody on base, and a low pitch-count, and you figure that this run of right-handed hitters, you’ve got to be able to navigate it somewhat." Unfortunately, this proved to be a costly gamble as the game quickly slipped away from the Dodgers.

Hindsight and Consequences

It was only after Walker’s 113-mph missile into the left-field seats for a 3-0 lead that Roberts finally called for left-hander Caleb Ferguson to start warming up. By the time Moreno crushed a 420-foot drive into the left-center-field seats, it was evident that Lynn’s struggles were insurmountable. However, the damage had already been done.

The Dodgers’ bullpen, consisting of Ferguson, Michael Grove, Alex Vesia, Brusdar Graterol, and Evan Phillips, managed to put up a valiant effort by combining for 5 ⅓ scoreless, two-hit innings. But the early-game deficit proved to be too much for the Dodgers to overcome.

Contrasting Styles of Management

CRSToday | The Contrasts Between Managing and Leading

While Roberts’ decision seemed to lack urgency early in the game, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ manager, Torey Lovullo, managed with a sense of urgency as if his team was on the brink of elimination. Lovullo’s decision to pull his starter, Brandon Pfaadt, who had retired 12 of the first 13 hitters, demonstrated his proactive approach.

In contrast, Roberts’ decision to stick with Lynn, even as the damage mounted, left fans and analysts questioning his tactical choices. The Diamondbacks went on to win the game 4-2, sending them to the NL Championship Series and putting the Dodgers in a precarious position.

Roberts’ Explanation

In hindsight, Roberts reflected on his choice, stating, "I try not to be reactionary and get ahead of things. I just can’t predict the future. The way [Lynn] was throwing the baseball, I didn’t expect that."

The decision to leave Lynn in after the homers, even with a low pitch-count and two outs, ultimately became a turning point in the game. It highlights the fine line that managers like Dave Roberts must walk between trust in their starting pitchers and the need to adapt to in-game situations.

Dave Roberts explains why he left in Lance Lynn after homers remains a topic of debate among baseball enthusiasts. While some may see it as a testament to Roberts’ faith in his players, others view it as a missed opportunity to change the course of a pivotal postseason game.

The outcome of the NLDS Game 3, and the consequences of Roberts’ decision, added a new chapter to the ever-evolving story of playoff baseball.

Analyzing the Impact of Lance Lynn’s Struggles

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In the 2023 NLDS, Dave Roberts faced a crucial decision that raised eyebrows. Despite his initial intent to approach the game with a Game 7 mindset and heightened urgency, he made a surprising call by keeping Lance Lynn on the pitcher’s mound. Lynn had thrown two scoreless innings, showing promise, but then, he gave up a homer to Perdomo. Roberts’ decision prompted questions about his strategy and the consequences it had for the Dodgers. What was the reasoning behind this move? Explore the intricacies of this pivotal moment in postseason baseball.

What happened to Lance Lynn in NLDS Game 3?

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In a pivotal moment during NLDS Game 3, the spotlight was on Lance Lynn, the starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Manager Dave Roberts found himself in a challenging situation, and the decision to remove Lynn in the third inning became a topic of discussion. This move was made in the midst of the Dodgers’ 4-2 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and it raised questions about Lynn’s performance and the impact on the game’s outcome. What transpired during those critical moments, and what led to Lynn’s early exit? Explore the unraveling events in a postseason clash that left fans and analysts analyzing every detail.

Who is Dave Roberts?

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Did Lance Lynn give up solo homers?

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In a rapid and tumultuous turn of events during the game, Lance Lynn, the starting pitcher for the Dodgers, found himself facing a challenging situation. Known for allowing a major league-high 44 home runs during the season, Lynn gave up a series of solo homers in the bottom of the third inning. The sequence featured Geraldo Perdomo, Ketel Marte, Christian Walker, and Gabriel Moreno each hitting solo home runs, quickly putting the Dodgers at a 4-0 disadvantage. Did Lynn indeed surrender these solo homers, and how did this impact the course of the game?

Who is Lance Lynn?

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Are the Dodgers done for the season?

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