Strategizing Success: How Platooning Can Save the Dodgers from Playoff Heartbreak

The Dodgers’ quest for postseason success has been a rollercoaster ride, marked by both triumph and heartbreak. However, recent developments suggest that a strategic shift towards platooning could be their ticket to avoiding another playoff collapse.

Scoring Against the Best

Why platooning may help Dodgers avoid another playoff collapse - Los Angeles Times

In a recent game against the formidable Atlanta Braves, the Dodgers showcased their offensive prowess by scoring seven runs. This was no ordinary feat, considering they faced Spencer Strider, touted by manager Dave Roberts as the National League’s best pitcher. During Strider’s six innings on the mound, the Dodgers managed to score four runs. In the remaining three innings of the game, they added three more.

> "Gave ourselves a chance," remarked Mookie Betts, who played a pivotal role in this offensive surge with two homers and four RBIs.

The Playoff Predicament

Shaikin: Many reasons explain Dodgers

The Dodgers have come to a sobering realization: relying solely on their pitching won’t secure an extended postseason run. To reach the World Series, they must emphasize their offensive prowess.

Their lineup, however, seems top-heavy. Losing Trea Turner and dealing with inconsistency from players like Will Smith and J.D. Martinez has left some gaps to fill.

The Return of Platooning

But there’s a silver lining. The Dodgers have re-embraced the concept of platooning. This strategy involves deploying right-handed hitters like Kiké Hernández and Amed Rosario against left-handed pitchers, while left-handed hitters like Jason Heyward and David Peralta take center stage against right-handers.

> "It’s the variety of offensive options on the roster that will allow the team to create favorable matchups," Roberts believes, "and ultimately advance to the later stages of the postseason."

Enhanced Depth for Critical Moments

One of the pitfalls in previous playoff runs was a lack of reliable options late in games. In crucial situations, Manager Roberts was often forced to turn to unlikely candidates. Two years ago, it was Steven Souza Jr., and last year, Austin Barnes, with batting averages that didn’t inspire confidence.

However, this time, the Dodgers boast improved depth, giving Roberts better late-game alternatives.

> "It’s easy to just expect Mookie and Freddie [to carry the team]," Roberts said. "But the truth is that those other seven guys are gonna have to do their part."

Conclusion: A New Hope

Dodgers will let fans watch playoff workout at Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles Times

As the Dodgers set their sights on the playoffs, the reintroduction of platooning could be their secret weapon. By creating favorable matchups and harnessing the full potential of their diverse roster, they aim to avoid another painful playoff collapse. With the Dodgers’ ability to adapt and strategize, "Why platooning may help Dodgers avoid another playoff collapse" may soon become a resounding success story.

Manager Roberts’ Strategy: Keeping the Dodgers Offense Strong

How many platoons do the Dodgers have?

The Dodgers’ platooning strategy is versatile, typically consisting of four to five platoons, contingent on player health. For instance, during a recent showdown against Strider in the opening game of a series at Dodger Stadium, Manager Roberts strategically arranged four left-handed-hitting platoon players to support the left-handed-hitting cleanup hitter, Max Muncy. This adaptability underscores the team’s commitment to optimizing favorable matchups, a key component of their playoff strategy.

Are the Dodgers on a rigged playoff system?

The Dodgers’ inability to advance to a fifth game and the anticipation of the next Dodger Stadium matchup being five months away cannot be attributed to a rigged playoff system. The responsibility for their performance lies squarely with the Dodgers themselves. While there may be challenges, it’s essential to recognize that the team openly embraces the pressure and expectations that come with playing in October.

Do Dodgers need to ‘overthink’?

Is it necessary for the Dodgers to ‘overthink’? Not quite. Thanks to their platoon players, the Dodgers possess a proven formula for playoff success. In a recent game at Dodger Stadium, Mookie Betts demonstrated their offensive prowess with a three-run home run, though the Braves ultimately secured the victory by fending off a Dodgers rally.

Will the Dodgers’ offense suddenly falter?

Is the Dodgers’ offense at risk of a sudden slump? While J.D. Martinez’s recovery from a groin injury presents a challenge, it’s important to note that not all top-heavy teams face the same circumstances. These distinctions are precisely why Manager Roberts maintains optimism that the Dodgers’ offense won’t experience a sudden decline, as witnessed in the past two seasons.

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