Unveiling the Controversy: Chaminade Girls’ Basketball Coach Steps Away Amid Bullying Allegations

In a surprising turn of events, Megan Kelso, the head coach of Chaminade High School’s girls’ basketball team, has decided to step away from her leadership role amidst troubling allegations of bullying. This article provides a comprehensive insight into the situation.

The Allegations Unveiled

Chaminade girls basketball coach Megan Kelso out amid bullying allegations – Daily News

Megan Kelso’s departure from the team follows allegations that she had bullied players under her leadership. The Chaminade principal, Luis Guerra, confirmed this in an email addressed to players and their families, stating that Kelso "will be taking a leave from her leadership role on the team."

The Confirmation

The Los Angeles Times has reviewed the email sent by Principal Guerra and confirmed its accuracy. The email also conveyed a message of privacy and respect: "We respect the privacy and dignity of our employees and our students, and for that reason, we are unable to provide any additional information," wrote Guerra. "We ask that you respect the privacy of Ms. Kelso also."

A Pattern of Complaints

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that Megan Kelso was compelled to resign after enduring over a year of complaints from both players and parents. These allegations encompassed routine bullying of players, as well as other inappropriate behaviors like body-shaming and making lewd and homophobic comments. The article cited multiple sources, including "seven current and former players, 11 parents, a former assistant coach, and an attorney representing the families," all of whom contributed information during interviews with the Southern California News Group. Moreover, emails, letters, and confidential Chaminade documents obtained by SCNG supported these claims.

No Immediate Response

Despite attempts to seek clarification, neither Megan Kelso nor school officials, including Chaminade president Rob Webb, vice principal for student support Lisa Magorien, and Principal Guerra, offered an immediate response to questions from The Los Angeles Times regarding the allegations.

Coach Kelso’s History

Before her promotion in 2019 as head coach, Megan Kelso had served as a longtime assistant coach at Chaminade. Her predecessor, Kelli DiMuro, left the position to join Cal Lutheran after a highly successful 22-year tenure, which included two state titles and four Southern Section championships. During her time as head coach, Chaminade achieved a record of 74-37, reaching the Southern Section Division 1 semifinals twice and the CIF state tournament once.

Interim Leadership

In light of Kelso’s departure, Jason Ancrum, formerly the head girls’ basketball coach at Agoura and currently an assistant at Chaminade, will step in as the interim head coach. He will be assisted by Jasmine Parker, a Chaminade teacher.

Chaminade girls’ basketball coach steps away amid bullying allegations, raising questions about the culture within the team and the school itself. While the investigation into these allegations is ongoing, the change in leadership brings hope for a more positive environment for the players.

Relevant Developments in Sports and Education

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Who went to Chaminade High School?

Chaminade High School, established almost nine decades ago, boasts an impressive list of alumni, including influential figures from the world of media, business, and politics. Notable graduates consist of conservative news anchor Bill O’Reilly, two former Republican senators, as well as former CEOs of prominent companies like IBM and NBCUniversal. Explore the legacy of Chaminade High School and get to know the accomplished individuals who received their education there.

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What happened to the woman who chained herself to a basketball goal?

What transpired with the woman who chose to chain herself to a basketball goal? As per police reports, Rosenberg fastened a yellow chain around her neck and body, securing herself to the goal. An affidavit suggests that her actions caused a disturbance, rendering the area around the basketball goal unsafe for both players and fans. Notably, Rosenberg mentioned that she had purchased a general admission ticket for the game, rather than a courtside ticket.

Why did Chaminade girls’ basketball coach step away?

What led to the decision of Chaminade girls’ basketball coach to step away from her role? The move comes in response to allegations of bullying towards players under her leadership. Chaminade principal Luis Guerra conveyed this development in an email addressed to the players and their families, indicating that Kelso would be taking a leave from her leadership role within the team.

What are the allegations against the coach?

What specific allegations surround the coach in question? The accusations include making sexual comments and engaging in unwanted phone sex with Tracy on April 28, 2022. According to the Title IX report, the coach claimed that the phone sex was consensual. It’s noteworthy that their acquaintance stemmed from Tracy’s involvement with young athletes, including football players at MSU.

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