Unveiling the Secret to Success: The Brainy Stars Behind the World Series Champion Rangers

In an extraordinary celebration of baseball and intellect, the Texas Rangers, the World Series champions, parade their accomplishments, raising the trophy high above their heads. This championship team is unlike any other, as it boasts not only big bats and big arms but also big brains. This article delves into the unique aspect of the Rangers, exploring why they have the "smart kids" on their roster.

The First of Their Kind

Why the World Series champion Rangers have the smart kids - Los Angeles Times

One outstanding feature that sets the Rangers apart is their distinction in baseball history. They could very well be the first major league champion with not just one but two high school valedictorians on their roster. Texas general manager Chris Young expresses his pride in this achievement, labeling it as "pretty cool." It’s a milestone that’s never been documented before, and even the Hall of Fame researchers couldn’t find records of two valedictorians on any major league roster, let alone a championship-winning one.

Meet the Rangers’ Valedictorians

Let’s get acquainted with the young talents that make this championship team exceptional:

  1. Evan Carter – A rookie outfielder who played a pivotal role by batting cleanup in the World Series at the tender age of 21.

  2. Cody Bradford – Another rookie, Bradford, contributed significantly with a remarkable 1.17 earned-run average in five postseason appearances.

Beyond the Diamond

Cody Bradford, now 25 years old, hails from Aledo, Texas, and it’s not just baseball that defines him. He describes himself on LinkedIn as a "Supply Chain Graduate and Professional Athlete." He holds a degree in business with an emphasis on logistics, materials, and supply chain management. This extraordinary athlete graduated from Baylor with a perfect 4.0 grade point average, and his SAT score was an impressive 1990.

Evan Carter, on the other hand, had his life charted differently. Hailing from Elizabethton, Tenn., his path was clear: baseball at Duke and a future in dental school to become an endodontist.

Pursuing Dreams

Evan Carter’s journey is one that demonstrates the determination of a young athlete. He was not listed among Baseball America’s top 500 prospects in 2020, the year he graduated from high school. However, the Rangers saw potential in him and selected him as the 50th pick in the draft, offering him a contract worth $1.25 million.

Carter’s decision reflects his commitment to his dreams. He says, "School is always going to be there, but the opportunity to play pro ball is not, so this was the route I wanted to take."

A Future Beyond Baseball

While these smart kids shine on the baseball field, it’s worth pondering what’s next for them. Does Evan Carter still intend to pursue a career in dentistry after his baseball career comes to an end?

The World Series champion Rangers not only inspire on the field but also through their unique combination of sports and intellect. Their "smart kids" prove that hard work and dedication transcend the boundaries of academics and can lead to success in any walk of life.

The Texas Rangers’ achievement in the 2023 World Series goes beyond the ballpark. They’ve demonstrated that intellect and talent can coexist, and their "smart kids" have certainly left a mark on baseball history.

Unraveling the Minds of the Smart Kids on the World Series Champion Rangers

How did the Rangers win the World Series?

In a historic moment for the Texas Rangers, they secured their first-ever World Series championship with a resounding 5-0 victory in Game 5 against the Diamondbacks. The game’s turning point came in the ninth inning when the Rangers broke open the safety net, scoring four crucial runs. This triumph marked the end of the longest title drought in the franchise’s history. As expected, Kyle Seager was named the World Series MVP, solidifying his pivotal role in the Rangers’ championship journey.

Can you take the Rangers higher?

In a word: No. The Texas Rangers have already reached the pinnacle of success by becoming World Series champions. They put an end to over 50 years of championship drought with a decisive 5-0 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks in Game 5, securing their first-ever World Series title. The Rangers dominated the best-of-seven series, winning it with a 4-1 scoreline.

Could the Rangers be the first major league champion with two valedictorians?

In a historical twist, the Texas Rangers, the first title-winning team in their 63-year franchise history, might be setting a unique precedent. They could potentially become the first major league champion to feature not just one but two high school valedictorians on their roster. The idea has been described as "pretty cool" by Texas general manager Chris Young.

How did Corey Seager win the World Series?

Corey Seager played a pivotal role in securing the World Series victory for the Texas Rangers. In the seventh inning, he ended the no-hitter by leading off with a crucial single. Seager’s run was driven home by Mitch Garver’s single, which ultimately became the game-winning run. The Rangers further solidified their victory with a remarkable four-run ninth inning in a 5-0 triumph in Game 5, clinching the World Series against the Diamondbacks.

Has the Rangers ever won a World Series?

Indeed, the Texas Rangers have made history by clinching their first-ever World Series title in the remarkable 63-year history of their franchise. This includes their early years in Washington, where they went without a team for 32 years, yet they managed to win a World Series with the Nationals before their own historic achievement.

Who wins the World Series?

The Texas Rangers secured their historic first World Series title with a decisive 5-0 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks in Game 5. The game-changing moment came in the seventh inning when Corey Seager delivered a critical hit, marking his team’s first hit of the game and propelling them toward victory.

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