USC vs. Arizona State: Trojans’ Quest to Maintain Pac-12 Elite Status

In the world of college football, the USC Trojans have historically been a powerhouse, often considered among the elite teams in the Pac-12 conference. However, as they faced off against Arizona State in Tempe, the question on everyone’s mind was whether the Trojans still had what it takes to maintain their status as Pac-12 elite. Let’s dive into the key takeaways from this matchup and what it means for USC’s season.
Over the first three weeks of the season, USC’s performance was nothing short of dominant. They cruised through their games, with star quarterback Caleb Williams often enjoying early exits as the Trojans comfortably led their opponents. Their defense, which had been a concern in recent years, suddenly appeared stout, holding teams like San José State, Nevada, and Stanford to a combined 24 points.
As they bulldozed through these games, many questions loomed. Was USC’s defense genuinely improved? Was their offense truly unstoppable? Could they be contenders for the College Football Playoff? These questions, however, remained largely unanswered until they faced Arizona State.
While USC’s early-season victories seemed impressive, they were against teams that weren’t considered top-tier contenders. The real test came in the form of Arizona State, a team that hadn’t scored in six quarters before this clash and was playing with their third-string quarterback.
As other Pac-12 contenders like Oregon, Washington, and Utah made resounding statements of their strength, USC’s performance against Arizona State raised eyebrows. The Trojans managed to secure a 42-28 win, but it was far from a straightforward victory.
One of the primary concerns highlighted in this game was USC’s defense. It struggled at times to contain Arizona State, particularly when it mattered most. The Sun Devils, despite their recent scoring drought and a third-string quarterback, managed to exploit USC’s defense. This raised questions about whether USC’s defense would hold up against more potent Pac-12 offenses.

USC’s Fourth-Quarter Resurgence

USC vs. Arizona State takeaways: Trojans still Pac-12 elite? - Los Angeles Times

Despite defensive struggles, USC’s defense did show up when it counted most, during the fourth quarter. They conjured a pass rush that was sorely needed, with crucial plays from defensive tackle Bear Alexander and Solomon Byrd, who delivered a strip sack. USC secured four sacks on a single drive to ultimately seal the victory.
USC’s schedule doesn’t provide much room for error. Next up is a clash with Colorado, a team looking to redeem itself after a humiliating defeat by Oregon. The Trojans need to be prepared for an explosive opponent. The road ahead includes more challenges, and USC must address its defensive vulnerabilities.
While USC managed to escape with a win in their first real test, it became evident that they have much to learn and improve upon. Being a serious contender in the Pac-12 elite will require consistent performance, especially against stronger opponents.
In conclusion, USC vs. Arizona State takeaways raise questions about whether the Trojans can maintain their status as Pac-12 elite. While they have showcased strengths, their weaknesses also became apparent, highlighting the need for continuous improvement as they navigate a challenging schedule.
Stay tuned for USC’s journey through the season as they aim to solidify their place among the Pac-12 elite.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on the USC vs. Arizona State matchup and may not necessarily reflect the entire season’s performance. USC’s standing in the Pac-12 may evolve as the season progresses.

USC’s Journey to Conference Dominance

Are USC & Arizona State in the Pac-12?

Is USC Still in the Pac-12?
In a significant conference shake-up, this marks the 40th and final meeting between USC and Arizona State as Pac-12 rivals. However, changes are on the horizon. USC is charting a new course as they prepare to become a part of the Big Ten, while Arizona State is set to make its move to the Big 12. This season, USC is embarking on its first road game, having previously hosted San Jose State, Nevada, and Stanford.

How did USC beat Arizona State?

Revisiting the game’s score updates, USC secured a 42-28 victory over Arizona State in Tempe, thanks to a remarkable performance by star quarterback Caleb Williams, who contributed five touchdowns. This win propelled USC to a 4-0 season record. However, the Trojans faced a tough challenge, maintaining a narrow lead of 35-28 with just 8:05 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Is USC a favorite in Week 4 of Pac-12 Football?

Is USC the Week 4 Pac-12 Football Favorite?
In Week 4 of Pac-12 football action, USC emerges as a clear favorite, boasting a significant 33.5-point advantage, as indicated by the ESPN Matchup Predictor. According to FanDuel Sportsbook, USC holds a strong position at -4500 on the moneyline, while the Sun Devils are positioned at +1600. Additionally, the game’s over/under is set at 61.5 points.

Did USC beat the Sun Devils before the Pac-12 Tournament?

In the lead-up to the Pac-12 Tournament, the USC Trojans clashed with the Sun Devils. USC secured a hard-fought victory with a final score of 68-65 on a Saturday showdown. The Trojans faced challenges in the first half, shooting at a mere 25.9 percent from the field, and conceding eight offensive rebounds to the Sun Devils.

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