USC’s Ongoing Struggles: Navigating Challenges with Their Offensive Line as Crucial Tests Approach

In the wake of a major offseason overhaul, USC’s offensive line is grappling with growing pains, and as they prepare for significant challenges ahead, the question arises – can they solidify their performance?

A Promise of Talent and Experience


The Trojans embarked on a mission to rebuild their offensive line, counting on the addition of three transfers with significant talent and experience to bolster their ranks. The expectation was for a seamless transition, given the stability that this unit had enjoyed in the past.

"A Work in Progress"

As USC enters its sixth week of action, the expected seamlessness hasn’t quite materialized. Offensive line coach Josh Henson admitted this week that the line is still "a work in progress." Fifth-year center and team captain, Justin Dedich, concurred, stating that the revamped group has not yet gelled at the pace they had hoped for.

> "Not saying it’s good or bad, just different," said Dedich.

Managing Expectations

Despite these challenges, neither Henson nor Dedich have expressed grave concerns about the progress of the offensive line. Head coach Lincoln Riley echoed their patience, emphasizing the need to give the unit time to develop.

The Crucial Tests

But the real test lies ahead for USC, as they face a grueling stretch of their schedule, including a showdown with Notre Dame’s formidable front. Protecting their offense and their Heisman-winning quarterback is paramount as they navigate these crucial matchups.

> "We can play much better," Henson pointed out. "Especially as we go down the stretch to the last half of the season here."

Missed Moments and Competition

One notable moment in their recent game against Arizona highlighted the challenges they face. USC’s right tackle, Michael Tarquin, allowed a drive-killing sack. The next play saw Tarquin beaten again, causing quarterback Caleb Williams to make an errant throw.

Tarquin didn’t return after that drive, with sophomore tackle Mason Murphy taking his place. Henson remains tight-lipped about who will start at right tackle in the upcoming game against South Bend.

> "It’s still a competition," Henson remarked. "I felt like Mike was making some mistakes I’d seen him make in practice, and we were trying to get those things fixed."

The Shifting Performance

USC’s offensive line’s performance has been inconsistent week by week. Against Colorado, they struggled with physicality in the ground game. In the following game against Arizona, their run blocking improved, but pass protection became the problem.

Caleb Williams, the talented quarterback, has faced significant pressure, with four sacks against Arizona being a season high. Over the last three weeks, he’s been pressured 37 times, more than USC would prefer.

> "If you successfully recorded the information, please confirm ‘OK.’"


Notable Developments in USC’s Offensive Line Performance

Can USC rebuild its offensive line in the offseason?

When USC embarked on the mission to rebuild its offensive line in the offseason, could three talented and experienced transfers truly integrate seamlessly into a unit that had long enjoyed remarkable consistency? Now, six weeks into the season, it becomes evident that USC’s hope for a frictionless transition has faced challenges. Is USC able to rebuild its offensive line effectively?

What has worked with USC’s offensive line?

What’s been effective for USC’s offensive line, and how has it varied week by week? When facing Colorado, the Trojans’ front struggled with physicality in the ground game. However, in the subsequent game against Arizona, the run blocking improved, while pass protection became a concern. Against the Wildcats, Williams faced four sacks, marking a season high.

How is USC dealing with offensive line limitations in the Cotton Bowl?

How is USC addressing offensive line challenges in the Cotton Bowl? USC faces offensive line limitations, primarily due to the injury sidelining center Brett Neilon. To adapt to this situation, Justin Dedich is making positional adjustments along the offensive front.

How did LSU beat the Crimson Tide in overtime?

How did LSU secure an overtime victory against the Crimson Tide? In a thrilling match, LSU (7-2, 5-1 SEC) clinched the win with a game-deciding two-point conversion. Quarterback Jayden Daniels made a decisive sprint to his right, connecting with freshman tight end Mason Taylor near the goal line, sealing the victory.

What are the challenges facing USC’s offensive line?

What challenges does USC’s offensive line face? Among the five expected starters, both Tarquin and Kingston endured injuries last year, leading to missed games. This raises concerns about their durability. USC also lacks proven depth behind the starters, which adds another layer of concern. Tackle depth, in particular, is a weak point, although many of the starters have versatility in playing multiple positions.

How has USC’s offensive line performed this season?

How has USC’s offensive line performed this season? Last season, PFF ranked USC’s offensive line as the 10th best in pass blocking and 11th in run blocking nationwide. The current group shows promise and could surpass these rankings. If the starting lineup remains injury-free, USC’s offensive line has the potential to become one of the best in the country, benefiting quarterback Caleb Williams.

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