What age did kobe get drafted

Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history, entered the league at an incredibly young age. In this article, we’ll explore the age at which Kobe Bryant was drafted, along with some interesting facts and related information.

Kobe’s Remarkable Draft Age

How Kobe Bryant Went to the Lakers, Not Nets, in the 1996 NBA Draft

Kobe Bryant’s journey to the NBA began when he was just 17 years old. He was selected as the 13th overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Hornets. Shortly after his selection, he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers on draft night. This early entry into the league marked the beginning of an extraordinary career.

Kobe’s Rookie Year

Kobe’s rookie year in the NBA came at the tender age of 18. He decided to forgo college and join the professional league directly. His rookie season was during the 1996-97 NBA season, and although he faced challenges, it was clear that a young star was on the rise.

A Young Legend in the Making

Before being drafted, Kobe had already made a significant impression on then-Lakers general manager Jerry West. West foresaw the immense potential in Bryant’s basketball skills during pre-draft workouts. This foresight led to Kobe’s eventual trade to the Lakers, where he would go on to become a true NBA legend.

Kobe’s Unique Path

Kobe Bryant’s decision to enter the NBA at 17 was unconventional at the time. He became only the sixth player in NBA history to make such a move. This choice set him on a path to greatness, and he continued to impress fans and basketball enthusiasts around the world.

A Brief Comparison

To put Kobe’s age at the time of his draft into perspective, let’s compare it to some other legendary NBA players. For instance, Michael Jordan, another basketball icon, was 22 when he was drafted. This contrast highlights the remarkable journey Kobe embarked on at such a young age.

Kobe Bryant’s entry into the NBA at the age of 17 remains a significant chapter in basketball history. His youth, talent, and determination laid the foundation for a legendary career that would inspire generations of basketball players. Now, you have a clear understanding of the answer to the question: What Age Did Kobe Get Drafted.

Remember, Kobe’s story is not just about his draft age; it’s about the passion, hard work, and dedication that defined his path to greatness.

The Unique Journey of Kobe Bryant’s Draft Age

Who drafted Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant was selected by the Charlotte Hornets in the 1st round (13th pick, 13th overall) of the 1996 NBA Draft. This moment marked the beginning of an illustrious career for the legendary basketball player. Kobe primarily played as a Shooting Guard and Small Forward throughout his career, and he retired in 2016. His impressive career stats include averaging 25.0 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game.

How many NBA championships did Kobe Bryant have?

The celebrated American basketball player, Kobe Bryant, etched his name in NBA history with a remarkable career that included five NBA championship wins with the Los Angeles Lakers. Additionally, he earned 18 All-Star selections and achieved the distinction of topping the league’s scoring charts for two consecutive seasons in 2005-06 and 2006-07.

Where did Kobe Bryant grow up?

Kobe Bryant, named after a Japanese city, had a unique upbringing. His father, former NBA player Joe "Jellybean" Bryant, took the family to Italy in 1984 after concluding his NBA career to play in the Italian League. It was in Italy where Kobe grew up alongside his two athletic older sisters, Shaya and Sharia. During this time, Kobe developed a deep passion for both basketball and soccer, setting the stage for his future basketball stardom.

Why did Kobe Bryant skip college?

Kobe Bryant’s decision to bypass college and jump directly into the NBA was a pivotal moment in his career. On April 29, 1996, he made the announcement, driven by a singular ambition: to become the best basketball player. This choice was a rarity at the time, making Kobe one of only a handful of players to transition from high school to the big league. His path led to the Charlotte Hornets selecting him as the 13th pick at the remarkably young age of 17.

Who went to the NBA at 17?

Andrew Bynum achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the youngest person to enter the NBA. His journey began when he was selected by the Lakers in the 2005 NBA Draft, marking his entry into the league at the tender age of 17. Bynum’s early debut was a testament to his talent and the opportunities that the NBA offers to young, promising players.

Has a 17-year-old played in the NBA?

While the NBA has seen many young talents, the youngest player ever to step onto the court in a regular season game was Andrew Bynum, who was just 18 years and six days old at the time. Born on October 27, 1987, Bynum’s unique journey began when he entered the NBA draft straight out of high school in 2005. While 17-year-olds have made significant impacts in the league, Bynum’s record as an 18-year-old player stands out as a remarkable achievement.

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