What church does jesse james attend


Jesse James, a historical figure known for his outlaw activities, has sparked curiosity about his religious beliefs and church attendance. Despite his notorious past, Jesse James maintained strong ties to his faith. In this article, we delve into the details to answer the question, "What church does Jesse James attend?"

Jesse James’ Religious Background


  • Jesse James was raised in western Missouri, an area known for its strong Southern sympathies. His religious beliefs remained orthodox throughout his life.

Jesse James and Universal Life Church

  • James went through the Universal Life Church to become officially ordained. He pursued this ordination to legally officiate marriages, displaying dedication to the craft of marrying people.

The Connection to Sunday Worship

  • Jesse James and his family regularly attended church on Sundays and actively participated in worship. This practice reflected his commitment to religious traditions.

The Ongoing Residency

  • As of 2020, Jesse James resided in Austin, Texas, where he managed his firearms business and intellectual properties. This suggests that he may have attended a local church in Austin.

Austin Speed Shop Ties

  • While no longer involved in the daily operations of the Austin Speed Shop, Jesse James still maintains financial ties to the business.


While Jesse James is primarily remembered for his outlaw activities, his strong Southern sympathies and commitment to religious beliefs are worth noting. He even pursued ordination through the Universal Life Church to legally officiate marriages. His attendance at church, particularly during his time in Austin, Texas, remains a topic of intrigue for those interested in his life beyond the outlaw image.

For more insights into the life of Jesse James and his religious connections, continue to explore the question, "What church does Jesse James attend?"

Exploring Jesse James’ Church Attendance

Where did Jesse James die?

After Jesse James was killed by Robert Ford on April 3, 1882, a funeral service was held for the outlaw at the First Baptist Church in Kearney, Missouri on April 6, 1882.

Jesse James met his demise on April 3, 1882, when he was killed by Robert Ford. Following his death, a funeral service took place at the First Baptist Church in Kearney, Missouri, on April 6, 1882. James’ body was transported from the Sidenfaden Funeral Parlor in St. Joseph to Kearney, Missouri for the final ceremonies.

Who were Jesse James’ parents?

  1. Jesse James was a preacher’s son.

Jesse Woodson James, born in Clay County, Missouri, on September 5, 1847, was the son of Kentucky native Zerelda Cole James and her husband, Robert James. Robert James was a Baptist minister and a hemp farmer who owned slaves. He also played a role in the founding of William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. Jesse’s mother, Zerelda, was an essential figure in the James family.

Who were Jesse James and Frank James?

Jesse and his brother Frank James came from an educated and prominent farming family.

The James brothers, Jesse and Frank, were born into a family with a strong educational background and a history of farming. Their father, the Reverend Robert James, was a Baptist minister who married Zerelda Cole James. The family relocated from Kentucky to Missouri in 1842. However, their peaceful life took a dark turn in the summer of 1863 when the James farm faced a brutal attack by Union soldiers.

What did Jesse James do before he became a bodyguard?

Before gaining recognition as a motorcycle builder, Jesse James worked as a bodyguard for several bands.

Prior to his fame in the world of motorcycle building, Jesse James spent a few years as a bodyguard for notable bands, including Danzig, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Soundgarden. During this time, he accompanied these bands on tour for approximately a year, after which he assumed additional managerial duties, which eventually became burdensome.

Did Jesse James believe in God?

Jesse James held steadfast to his religious faith throughout his life.

Both Jesse and his brother Frank were deeply immersed in traditional religious beliefs. Their family’s routine included attending church every Sunday and actively participating in worship. Jesse James, in particular, remained unwavering in his orthodox religious beliefs for the entirety of his life.

Did Jesse James marry his cousin?

Yes, Jesse James married his first cousin after a nine-year courtship.

Jesse James married his first cousin, who was named after his own mother, Zerelda. He affectionately referred to her as "Zee." Together, they had two children, named Jesse Edwards and Mary.

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