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What clubs does billy horschel play

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As a professional golfer, it’s crucial to have the right set of clubs for every course. Billy Horschel is known for his impressive collection of golf clubs, each one meticulously chosen to suit his playing style and the conditions he faces on the green. From drivers to wedges, Billy puts his trust in top brands like Titleist and Ping to help him drive, chip, and putt with accuracy and power. Whether he’s competing in major tournaments or simply practicing on the range, Billy knows that the right clubs can make all the difference in his game. So if you’re wondering, “what clubs does Billy Horschel play?” the answer is a combination of top-quality brands that have helped him achieve success on the pro circuit.

Which football team does Billy Horschel support?

West Ham

West Ham United fans Billy Horschel and Francesco Molinari set to swing Irons at The Open Championship | West Ham United F.C.
The onset of 2012 brought about a significant shift in the availability of Premier League matches for American fans, thanks to NBC’s acquisition of broadcast rights. Billy Horschel was no exception to this change, and suddenly it became possible for him to immerse himself in watching his favorite EPL games regularly. However, Billy’s support of a specific Premier League team was hitherto kept on the down-low, until he clinched the championship at the WGC-Dell Match Play in Austin, March 2021. Gracious under pressure, Horschel shared with the world his allegiance to West Ham, the club that had captured his heart.

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What golf clubs does Tiger Woods use?

A look at Tiger Woods
One of the most notable names in the world of golf, Tiger Woods, is currently utilizing a top-of-the-line set of clubs from the renowned brand TaylorMade. To maximize his performance on the green, he has selected specific clubs to cater to various shots and situations. For his drives off the tee, he relies on the power and precision of the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver, which can deliver explosive distances with exceptional accuracy. His go-to fairway woods are the TaylorMade M3 5-wood and TaylorMade M5 3-wood, both of which offer a versatile balance of distance and control. When it comes to iron shots, Tiger has opted for the TaylorMade P7MB irons, known for their exceptional feel and consistency. To excel at close-range pitches and bunker shots, he has selected the TaylorMade MG3 and MG2 TW Grind wedges, which feature specialized grooves and grinds for maximum spin and trajectory. Finally, Tiger’s putting prowess is further enhanced by his trusty Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter, which offers a refined balance and outstanding feel.

What clubs does Scottie Scheffler use?

Scottie Scheffler: What
Scottie Scheffler, the renowned golfer, relies heavily on his exceptional skills with the 60-degree Titleist Vokey SM9 WedgeWorks model. This exceptional club holds a special place in Scheffler’s heart, as he almost exclusively deploys it to execute delicate shots around the greens with precise accuracy. Thus, it comes as no shock that Scheffler’s extensive experience with the sport stems from his youth, where he would frequently inherit hand-me-down clubs from prominent tour pros like Justin Leonard. Interestingly, Scheffler’s home club in Texas, Royal Oaks, served as the perfect nurturing ground for him to hone his skills with this game-changing club. As a result, his ability to execute complicated shots with ease makes him an enviable force to reckon with on the golf course.

What golf clubs does Rory McIlroy use?

Following Nike’s decision to discontinue its hard goods operation in 2016, Rory McIlroy was left seeking a new golf equipment manufacturer to partner with. After careful consideration, he eventually signed with TaylorMade Golf in 2017, and began using their range of clubs and wedges. However, despite his initial success with TaylorMade, McIlroy remained open to the possibility of exploring alternative equipment options in the future.

Fast forward to late 2022, and McIlroy made a bold move – he switched out his trusty TaylorMade wedges in favor of the newer Vokey wedges. This surprising decision raised eyebrows throughout the golfing world, as McIlroy’s previous wedges had been instrumental in his success up until that point. Nevertheless, the Northern Irishman’s instincts proved to be spot on, as he went on to achieve great things with his new equipment.

With his new Vokey wedges in hand, McIlroy entered the highly prestigious Masters tournament ready to compete at the highest level. His trusty wedges helped him navigate the challenging Augusta course, leaving his competitors in awe with his precision and accuracy. As he crossed the finish line, it was clear that McIlroy had made the right choice in switching to Vokey wedges – a decision that would undoubtedly continue to pay dividends in tournaments to come.

Which football club does Justin Bieber support?

billboard on Twitter: "Justin Bieber was spotted showing his support for struggling English soccer team Everton: http://t.co/wqPpA0G1W3 http://t.co/Zj0O765wmN" / Twitter
It is a well-known fact that football has a fanatic following worldwide, and Justin Bieber seems to have caught the bug. The young pop sensation has caused quite a stir in the football world by pledging his allegiance to Everton Football Club. The media frenzy was fuelled when Bieber was snapped wearing the team’s kit, which in the fiercely competitive European football culture is equivalent to making a life-long commitment. One cannot deny the intense passion that runs through the veins of football fans. It is this passion that drives Bieber, who has declared his unwavering loyalty to the Everton Football Club, to unprecedented heights of excitement and exhilaration. One can only imagine the euphoria that the club’s fans must feel, knowing that they have such a high-profile celebrity supporting their team.

What football club does Rory McIlroy support?

What Football Club Does Your Favorite Professional Golfer Support? | The18
Rory McIlroy, a Northern Irish professional golfer, has shown his passion for football on multiple occasions. Despite being a big Manchester United fan, McIlroy is known to support Aberdeen, a Scottish football club that used to be managed by Old Trafford legend Sir Alex Ferguson. The fans of Manchester United form a massive global community, and Rory has never hesitated to show his allegiance for the Red Devils on social media and in interviews. However, McIlroy’s affinity for the Scottish team is evident due to Aberdeen’s rich football history, particularly during their glorious days in the 1980s. Sir Alex Ferguson, who had immense success at Manchester United, started his career as a manager at Aberdeen and led the club to win numerous titles. McIlroy’s support for the Dons could be attributed to both his admiration for Sir Alex and the club’s history. The golfer’s love for football is apparent, and it is exciting to witness a renowned athlete like McIlroy share his passion for the beautiful game with the world.

What clubs does John Daly use?

Inside John Daly
John Daly, an experienced golfer known for his unique style, has made a few changes to his club setup. One of the main changes is that he has added an extra hybrid to his arsenal, bringing the total number of hybrids he uses to three. This new club will likely come in handy for those difficult shots that require a bit more precision and finesse. Also, in a bold move, Daly has decided to only carry four irons in his bag – specifically the 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-irons. This suggests that he’s looking to simplify his game and focus on mastering these critical clubs. Additionally, Daly has recently switched to a new driver and 3-wood, ensuring that he’s getting the most out of his shots off the tee. He’s also changed his iron models, possibly to find a more comfortable fit in his swing. Furthermore, the wedge setup that he’s using has been reconfigured, indicating that he’s thinking strategically about the types of shots he’ll be playing on the course. And last but not least, Daly has decided to use a new custom putter – a move that could potentially improve his putting game and reduce his overall stroke count. For a full list of Daly’s new club specifications, check out the details below.

What clubs does Justin Thomas use?

Justin’s Equipment

  1. Titleist Pro V1x. Shop Now.
  2. TSR3 Driver. Loft: 10 Shop Now.
  3. TS3. Loft: 15.
  5. 915Fd Fairway Metals. Loft: 18.
  6. 621.JT Prototype.
  7. T100 (2021) Shop Now.
  8. Vokey Design SM9 Wedges. Loft: 46-10F,52-12F.

What irons does Collin Morikawa use?

Inside Collin Morikawa
Collin Morikawa is well-known not just for his impeccable golfing skills but also for his trusty golf equipment. When it comes to his footwear, Morikawa prefers to sport a pair of premium adidas ZG21 golf shoes. The ZG21’s lightweight design and responsive cushioning provide Morikawa with the comfort and support he needs to navigate the course with ease. As for his choice of irons, Morikawa opts for the TaylorMade P7MC and P730 combo set, which allows him to take on various shots with precision and control. The P7MC irons feature a compact blade that delivers exceptional feedback and feel, while the P730 irons, with their thinner topline and narrow sole, offer ultimate precision and workability. With these top-quality golfing essentials in his arsenal, Morikawa is well-positioned to continue his reign on the fairway.

What golf clubs does Jordan Spieth use?

Jordan’s Equipment

  1. Titleist Pro V1x. Shop Now.
  2. TSR2 Driver. Loft: 10 Shop Now.
  3. TSR3 Fairway. Loft: 15 Shop Now.
  4. TSi2 Hybrid. Loft: 21 Shop Now.
  5. T100 (2021) Shop Now.
  6. Vokey Design SM9 Wedges. Loft: 46-10F,52-08F.
  7. Vokey Design SM9 Wedges. Loft: 56-10S.
  8. Vokey Prototype. Loft: 60.

What clubs does Tony Finau use?


  1. Ping G425 LST Driver, 7.5 Degrees.
  2. Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Fairway Wood, 14 Degrees.
  3. Nike Vapor Fly Pro 3 Iron.
  4. Ping Blueprint Irons, 4-PW.
  5. Ping Glide 4.0 Wedges, 50 and 56 Degrees.
  6. Titleist Vokey Design Wedgeworks T-Grind Wedge, 60 Degrees.
  7. Ping PLD Anser 2 Putter.
  8. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball (Left Dot)

What clubs do Brooks Koepka use?

Brooks Koepka on his gear deal, club development and his famous 3-iron
Brooks Koepka, one of the most successful golfers of our time, has been utilizing Srixon’s ZX7 Mk II irons for his game. The ZX7 Mk II is the subsequent model to the ZX7 irons which Koepka originally introduced during 2021’s The American Express. When asked about his preference for the ZX7 Mk II clubs during his win at the 2021 Waste Management Phoenix Open, Koepka elaborated on their performance. He explained that the irons provided him with higher ball trajectory, enhancing his overall play on the course. This has become Koepka’s go-to club of choice for its reliability and exceptional design. The Srixon brand consistently produces high quality and technologically advanced golf equipment, which has undoubtedly contributed to Koepka’s success on the green.

What irons does Jon Rahm play?

According to Callaway PGA TOUR representative Kellen Watson, who is intimately familiar with Jon Rahm’s equipment requirements, the Masters-winning golfer relies on Callaway Apex TCB (tour cavity back) irons to swing his way to success. While these irons are somewhat similar to the standard Apex TCB specifications, they do differ in that they are bent a half-degree weaker than what most golfers might use. This minor adjustment is a testament to Rahm’s precision and personalized approach in perfecting his game. Additionally, Rahm employs a specialized type of iron shaft known as Project X 6.5. These “soft-stepped” shafts provide him with unparalleled accuracy and power as he navigates each hole on the course. Together, Rahm’s chosen irons and shafts represent a robust and highly effective combination, which has helped him achieve his impressive track record as a competitive golfer.

What golf clubs does Justin Timberlake use?

The coolest golf equipment at the 2021 American Century Championship
When it comes to golf equipment, Justin Timberlake is no ordinary player, as he carefully selects his clubs to fit his game and style. While many golfers might choose a traditional set of irons, Timberlake’s bag stands out with the addition of Miura’s PI-401 irons. These irons are not only designed to offer game-improvement features, such as a larger sweet spot and increased forgiveness, but they also provide a soft feel that’s easy on the hands and produce a muted sound upon impact. Beyond these irons, Timberlake rounds out his setup with TaylorMade’s SIM and SIM2 fairway woods, which are known for delivering exceptional distance and accuracy, inspiring confidence with every shot. Supporting his short game, Titleist’s Vokey SM8 Blue Slate wedges are sure to keep his balls close to the hole. Finally, to cap off his impressive arsenal, a new Royalty putter is in tow, which combines state-of-the-art design and technology to help him sink crucial putts on the course. Overall, Timberlake’s selection of clubs epitomizes his approach to golf – detail-oriented, stylish, and always striving for greatness.

What clubs does Rickie Fowler use?

Rickie Fowler, the renowned American golfer, has made a name for himself on the greens with his exceptional style and remarkable precision. One of the cornerstone clubs of his golfing arsenal is his driver, a 9-degree Cobra AeroJet LS (low-spin version) with a Mitsubishi Diamana White Board 70X shaft. This specially crafted driver boasts of superior aerodynamic features that help deliver an impressive ball speed with minimal spin. In recent years, Fowler has preferred a shorter driver length, and his current model is 44.5 inches, allowing him to have more control and accuracy over his drives. With this club in hand, Fowler has effectively mastered the art of long-range driving and continues to awe his fans with his exceptional performance on the course.

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