What college did ed helms go to

When it comes to famous actors, fans often wonder about their educational background. For Ed Helms, the question many have is, "What College Did Ed Helms Go To?" Let’s dive into his educational journey and find out.

Ed Helms’ Alma Mater

Ed Helms

Ed Helms, best known for his roles in "The Office" and "The Hangover" movies, was born on January 24, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia. He pursued his passion for theatrical arts and even played the guitar in high school. Afterward, he set out on his college journey.

In his pursuit of higher education, Ed Helms attended Oberlin College in Ohio. He initially majored in geology but later switched his focus to cinema. In 1996, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in film theory and technology. It was at Oberlin College that he laid the foundation for his future career.

Ed Helms’ Impactful Commencement Speech

While many may wonder if Ed Helms really went to Cornell, it’s essential to clarify that he delivered the 2013 Commencement speech at Knox College, where he received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts. This achievement marks his significant connection to the world of academia.

Moreover, in May 2014, Ed Helms gave the convocation speech at Cornell University, the alma mater of Andy Bernard, the character he portrayed for seven seasons on "The Office." This appearance at Cornell added a unique layer to his college journey.

Ed Helms’ Versatility: A Musician and a Banjo Player

Ed Helms isn’t just an actor; he’s also a talented musician. He displayed his musical prowess as Andy Bernard in "The Office." He played the banjo in the series, and it turns out, he can really play the banjo in real life. He’s quite skilled at it, too.

Beyond the screen, Ed Helms is actively involved in music. He plays the guitar and banjo and even writes and sings songs. Together with his friends, Ian Riggs and Jacob Tilove, he has been making music since his college days at Oberlin.

Ed Helms’ Achievements and Net Worth

Aside from his educational journey, Ed Helms has achieved considerable success in the entertainment industry. His net worth stands at a remarkable $25 million, making him one of the wealthiest cast members of "The Office."

In Conclusion

So, to answer the question, "What College Did Ed Helms Go To?" – Ed Helms attended Oberlin College in Ohio, where he studied film theory and technology, setting the stage for his successful career in acting and music. His honorary degree from Knox College and his memorable appearance at Cornell University are additional highlights of his educational journey. Ed Helms’ versatile talents as an actor and musician have made him a well-rounded and highly regarded figure in the entertainment world.

Ed Helms’ Versatility and Impact in the Entertainment Industry

Where did Ed Helms go to college?

Ed Helms, much like his character Andy Bernard, was part of an acapella group during his college years. However, contrary to Andy’s fictional alma mater, Cornell University, Ed Helms attended Ohio’s Oberlin College. While he may not possess a degree from an Ivy League institution, in 2014, he was invited by the University to deliver the commencement speech, an honor reflecting his achievements.

Who is Edward Helms?

Edward P. Helms, born on January 24, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia, is a multi-talented individual. During high school, he delved into theatrical arts and showcased his musical skills by playing the guitar. His academic journey led him to Oberlin College in Ohio, where he made a pivotal shift from geology to cinema. In 1996, Ed Helms graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in film theory and technology, marking the foundation of his successful career.

Where did Ed Helms & Brian Baumgartner go to school?

Ed Helms and Brian Baumgartner, known for their roles as Andy Bernard and Kevin Malone in "The Office," were not just coworkers at Dunder Mifflin. In a fascinating twist of fate, they were high school classmates at Westminster High School in Atlanta, Georgia. This shared background laid the foundation for their on-screen chemistry, which fans of the show can still appreciate.

How many siblings does Edward Helms have?

Edward Parker "Ed" Helms, born on January 24, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia, is the youngest child of his parents, John A. Helms and Pamela Ann. He has two siblings: an older sister, Susan Carol Helms, and a brother, John Paxton Helms.

What did Ed Helms study in college?

Ed Helms began his college journey at Oberlin College, initially majoring in geology. However, he made a pivotal shift during his academic years, ultimately graduating in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in film theory and technology.

Is Ed Helms really from Cornell?

Ed Helms, despite playing a character who attended Cornell on "The Office," is not an alumnus of Cornell University. He graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio and then further honed his writing and performing talents in New York City while working with sketch comedy companies. Nevertheless, his portrayal of a Cornell alumnus on the show has earned him a special place in the hearts of Cornellians.

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