What degree is a mizuno gap wedge


Gap Wedge – 49°

Does Mizuno make a gap wedge?

Designed for full swing and short game precision, the JPX921 Wedges utilize X30 Stainless Steel for softer feel, and better control around the green.

What degree should my gap wedge be?


Fitting your gap wedge loft with the proper distance gaps will allow you to hit more full shots. The ideal loft separation between wedges is 4°-6°, resulting in 10-15 yard gaps, so your gap wedge degree should typically be 48°-52°, especially if your pitching wedge loft is 44° to 46°.

What degree is a Mizuno JPX 900 gap wedge?

Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal: Hot Stuff Coming Through! The 5-degree gaps are close to optimal (ideally, you should be aiming for 4-degree gaps between your wedges to have the best coverage).

What bounce is on Mizuno hot metal wedges?

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Lob Wedge 59 Degree/10 Bounce, Right Hand, Steel, Wedge Flex , Chrome.

Is a 52 or 56 degree wedge better?

The main difference between the 52 and 56-degree wedge is the 4-degree loft. Both provide a lot of flexibility in short-distance shots along with the approach shots as well. When compared to the 56-degree wedge, the 52-degrees will be much helpful if you need to lower the loft chip shot.

Does Mizuno make a 60 degree wedge?

By using the precisely cut funneling grooves the Mizuno 60 degree wedge gives consistent spin regardless of the weather conditions. And apart from the 60 degree loft, 6 degree bounce, Mizuno T20 avails the wedge in 9 other loft/bounce options.

What is Mizuno wedge flex?

One of the most commonly used phrases but rather unknown to a large majority of less experienced golfers is the term “wedge flex”. All wedge flex means is the type of shaft on the wedge will be generally heavier and slightly stiffer than a regular flex club such as an iron. Therefore it has a “wedge flex shaft”.

Can you chip with a 60-degree wedge?

How far does a 56 degree wedge go?

If you’re a beginner golfer, you can expect your 56° wedge to send the golf ball flying some 60 – 80 yards. Intermediate golfers can achieve a distance of 80 – 100/110 yards with their 56° wedge. Finally, professional golfers can cover the distance of 115 – 120 yards with their 56 wedge.

Who makes 62 degree wedge?

62* Will Change Your Life – Vokey Design Wedges – Team Titleist.

How far should a 48 degree wedge go?

48 Degree Wedge Distance (Pitching Wedge) A 48 degree wedge distance is 120 yards for most amateur golfers and around 140 yards for professionals when using their pitching wedge.

How do you hit a gap wedge in golf?

How far does a 46 degree wedge go?

46 wedge degree distance It is a wedge degree commonly used by people when hitting shots from an approximate distance of 110-125 yards. Experienced people can use this wedge degree distance to cover twenty-five more yards, thus reaching a distance of 140 yards.

Is a 56 wedge the same as a sand wedge?

What is a 56 Degree Wedge? A 56-degree wedge is often referred to by most golfers as the sand wedge. It provides a high amount of bounce and allows golfers to get out of many sticky situations on the golf course. Every golfer should have a sand wedge in their golf bag for this very purpose.

What is a good 60 degree wedge?

The best 60 degree wedge on the market right now is the Callaway Mack Daddy 5. If you want something that allows you to feel as though you have a custom club in your hand, with incredible feel and consistent performance, then the Mack Daddy is for you.

What is the most forgiving 60 degree wedge?

1. Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge

  1. Extremely versatile yet forgiving.
  2. Big upgrade from the CBX wedge from 2018.
  3. The cavity back design provides exceptional forgiveness.
  4. Available in lofts from 46 to 60 degrees in two-degree increments.
  5. Two different V shapes on the sole of the CBX maximize forgiveness and maintain versatility.

What is the difference between a 60 degree wedge and a sand wedge?

In fact, wedges are often identified by their loft rather than their name. A lob wedge might instead be called a “60-degree wedge,” for example. Sand wedges were invented (generally credited to Gene Sarazen) to make shots out of sand bunkers easier. Typically, sand wedges have lots from 52 to 56 degrees.

What is the difference between S200 and S300 shafts?

With S300 acting as the “standard” stiff flex, anything that comes in over or below 130 grams is deemed to be a lighter (S200) or heavier (S400) version.

What is difference between R300 and S300?

The only difference between the two is the weight, and with the retail tolerances,. some R300 and S300 will be almost identical. The shafts are not frequency tested for flex.

Is Wedge flex the same as regular?

Wedge flex generally means something stiffer than regular but not quite as stiff as a stiff shaft. The wedge flex shaft is put in a wedge because it is usually a little heavier than a standard iron flex shot. The heavier shafts help players get the feel and spin they need to hit the proper wedge shots.

Is 12 degree bounce too much?

Clubs with a bounce of more than 10 degrees are considered “high bounce” wedges, according to Publinks Golfer. Sand wedges and some specialty gap wedges usually have high bounce, making them a good choice for light sand, deep rough or a shaggy fairway.

Can you use a 58 degree wedge as a sand wedge?

The 58 degree wedge acts as a sand wedge from the sand and I can open the face to get the same action as on a 60 degree lob wedge.

What is the difference between a gap wedge and an approach wedge?

Gap wedges are for flying the ball high on relatively short distances (100-130 yards), while approach wedges are meant to put the ball easily onto the green, if not super close to the hole.

What is a gap wedge golf club?

In golf, a gap wedge, also known as an approach wedge, is a wedge used to hit a shot with higher and shorter trajectory than a pitching wedge and lower and longer trajectory than a sand wedge.

How far does a 64 degree wedge go?

And analysis of the 64’s distance performance shows it’s being hit farther than a 58-degree wedge on average (83.2 yards versus 80.5 yards). How are these stats possible? It’s quality of contact, says respected short-game coach James Sieckmann.

What is a 62 degree wedge called?

Lob Wedge. Lob wedges are the most lofted wedge, with a measurement generally between 58 and 62 degrees. The lob wedge is meant for short approach shots and is best utilized when a player needs to stop the ball quickly on the green or approach a tough-to-reach pin placement.

What is the highest degree wedge in golf?

64-degree wedge

Phil Mickelson uses a 64-degree wedge, the highest loft in play on the PGA Tour. Feel Golf previously had introduced a 73-degree wedge, but as part of its wedge offerings with non-conforming grooves. This new one, in a satin finish, has been deemed conforming by the USGA.

Does Titleist make a 64 degree wedge?

For players who want to maximize loft while not digging in too deeply in soft bunkers, Titleist is offering a limited-edition wedge, the 64T. With 64 degrees of loft and 6 degrees of effective bounce, it is designed to help players handle conditions such as those at the season’s first major.

How do you hit a low gap wedge?

Do I need a 52 degree wedge?

Do You Really Need a 52 Degree Wedge? Yes, all golfers should eventually add a 52-degree gap wedge to their bags. While beginner-level golfers can get away with not having a gap wedge for a while, eventually they will need to add one when they get their distances dialed in.

What degree is Callaway mavrik a wedge?

The Mavrik approach wedge holds 48 degrees of loft, and the sand wedge caps off the set with 54 degrees. When we look at offset, the 9-iron and PW clock in with 5.3 mm and 4.4 mm. We then move down to higher lofted wedges and find that the AW has 3.7 mm of offset, while the SW has 2.7 mm.

What do you use a gap wedge for?

What is a gap wedge used for? As set pitching wedges get stronger in loft, the gap wedge helps close the loft “gap” between your pitching wedge and sand wedge. A gap wedge can be used on full shots, pitch shots, bump and run shots, as well as long bunker shots.

What club is a 60 degree wedge?

A 60-degree wedge is considered a lob wedge and is mostly used to launch the ball high up in the air and land softly on the green. Examples could be hitting the ball over water or sand and quickly stopping it on the green. I used to have a 60 degree in my bag and it did come in handy in certain situations.

What angle is a 9 iron?


Length (in)40.036.0
Length (cm)10191.4

How far should I hit my 56 degree wedge?

80 yards

If you’re a beginner golfer, you can expect your 56° wedge to send the golf ball flying some 60 – 80 yards. Intermediate golfers can achieve a distance of 80 – 100/110 yards with their 56° wedge. Finally, professional golfers can cover the distance of 115 – 120 yards with their 56 wedge.

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