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Born in Surrey, England in 1963, Andrew Ridgeley is widely recognized as the ‘silent musician’ of Wham!, the iconic ’80s rock group that delivered chart-topping hits like "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" and "Careless Whisper." This article delves into Andrew Ridgeley’s role in the band and his post-Wham! endeavors.

Andrew Ridgeley’s Role in Wham!

What did Andrew Ridgeley Do After Wham? Is Andrew Ridgely Gay? Why Did Wham Break Up? - News

Andrew Ridgeley was an essential part of Wham! despite his ‘silent’ image. While George Michael often took the lead, Ridgeley occasionally contributed to music composition, sang, and played instruments. Their collaborative efforts resulted in memorable hits, but it was George Michael who primarily handled songwriting and vocals.

Songs Co-Written by Andrew Ridgeley

  • "Careless Whisper" – Co-written by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley
  • "Club Tropicana" – Another collaboration between George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley

Life After Wham!

After the dissolution of Wham!, Andrew Ridgeley embarked on a journey to discover his passions beyond music.

A Taste of Racing

He ventured into Formula Three racing, although his racing career didn’t achieve significant success.

A Stint in Hollywood

Seeking a new path, Ridgeley relocated to Los Angeles, where he explored acting.

Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael’s Friendship

Despite occasional envy of George Michael’s musical talents, Ridgeley’s friendship with his bandmate remained intact throughout their six years in Wham! Ridgeley did not harbor jealousy when George Michael pursued a solo career in 1986.

Andrew Ridgeley’s Age

As of January 26, 2023, Andrew Ridgeley is 59 years old.

Andrew Ridgeley’s Involvement in "Last Christmas"

Paul Feig says a new George Michael song will feature in

Interestingly, Andrew Ridgeley made an uncredited cameo appearance in the film "Last Christmas," featuring the iconic Wham! song instrumental to the plot.

Andrew Ridgeley may have been the ‘silent’ half of Wham!, but his contributions to the band and his post-music journey reflect a unique and interesting career path. His friendship with George Michael endured, and he continued to explore new avenues even after the band’s breakup.

For those curious about "What Did Andrew Ridgeley Do," this article sheds light on his significant contributions and his life beyond the music scene.

Andrew Ridgeley’s Post-Wham! Ventures

What’s happened to Andrew Ridgeley?

After a brief stint in acting, Andrew Ridgeley decided to return to his native England. Around the same period, he, along with his girlfriend Keren Woodward (of Bananarama), made their home in a charming medieval cottage situated in Wadebridge, Cornwall, where they continue to reside.

What happened between George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley?

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley maintained a strong friendship throughout their lives. Despite their professional distinctions, their bond, forged during their school years, remained unbroken. Their connection was akin to that of brothers, even as their individual paths led them in diverse directions.

What did Andrew Ridgeley say about George Michael’s death?

Reflecting on George Michael’s passing, Andrew expressed profound shock upon receiving the news of his best friend and bandmate’s demise. "When I found out, it was a moment of disbelief. I think that’s a very apt way of describing it," he shared.

Did Andrew Ridgeley go to George Michael’s funeral?

Andrew Ridgeley, alongside Helen ‘Pepsi’ DeMacque-Crockett, was observed among the mourners who arrived at Highgate Cemetery in north London for the 2 pm service.

What did Andrew do after Wham!?

Following the split of Wham!, Andrew Ridgeley embarked on a new chapter. He initially relocated to Monaco and ventured into Formula Three motor racing, with limited success. Subsequently, he made a move to Los Angeles, pursuing a career in acting.

What caused George Michael’s death?

George Michael’s final concert was held at London’s Earls Court in 2012. Tragically, he passed away on Christmas Day in 2016 due to heart disease, at his residence in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

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