What does jaclyn smith look like now

In this article, we’ll delve into the question on everyone’s mind: "What Does Jaclyn Smith Look Like Now?" Jaclyn Smith, the iconic actress known for her role as Kelly Garrett on "Charlie’s Angels," continues to captivate her fans. Here’s a comprehensive look at her current life, appearance, family, and more.

Jaclyn Smith’s Timeless Beauty

Jaclyn Smith Transformation: Photos Then and Now

Jaclyn Smith, born on October 26, 1945, is now 76 years old. Despite the passing years, she seems to have discovered the secret to ageless beauty. A recent photo with her 39-year-old son, Gaston Richmond, shows her looking as stunning as ever. It’s as if she’s barely aged a day since her ’70s TV stardom. Her height stands at 5 feet 7 inches.

Family and Children

Jaclyn Smith is the mother of two children, Gaston Richmond and Spencer Margaret Richmond, both from her marriage to ex-husband Anthony Richmond. While Gaston Richmond isn’t an actor, he is involved in the entertainment industry. Spencer Margaret Richmond is her daughter.

Jaclyn Smith’s Career

Not only does Jaclyn Smith maintain her youthful looks, but she also continues her acting career. At 76 years old, she’s still actively working in the industry. She had a recurring role in the CBS series "The District" and hosted Bravo’s hair-styling reality competition, "Shear Genius."

Business Ventures and Net Worth

Entrepreneurs getting younger, richer and more ambitious: report - Private Banker International

Aside from her acting career, Jaclyn Smith is also a successful entrepreneur. Her net worth is an impressive $150 million, a testament to her ventures as a businessperson, actor, and model. Despite parting ways with Kmart, her fashion collection is set for a fall/holiday 2022 relaunch through a licensing agreement with RDG Global LLC.

Jaclyn Smith expressed her excitement about the relaunch, stating, "I can’t wait for women to see the clothes. They’re very modern yet timely and timeless."

Personal Life

Jaclyn Smith’s romantic history includes marriages to Brad Allen, Anthony B. Richmond, Dennis Cole, and Roger Davis. Her current spouse is Brad Allen, whom she married in 1997.

Connections and Friendships

Fans of "Charlie’s Angels" might be interested to know that Cheryl Ladd, who joined the cast, and Jaclyn Smith are still close friends. The two actresses share a decades-long friendship, and they see each other regularly.

Revisiting Her Work

For those curious about Jaclyn Smith’s work beyond "Charlie’s Angels," she continued to act primarily in TV movies after the series ended in 1981. Her credits include "The Night They Saved Christmas" (1984), "Kaleidoscope" (1990), "In the Arms of a Killer" (1992), "Family Album" (1994), and "Married to a Stranger" (1997).

Jaclyn Smith’s Grandchildren

In addition to her career and family, Jaclyn Smith is a doting grandmother to her two grandchildren, Olivia Rose and Bea. Olivia Rose is the daughter of Gaston, while Bea’s mother is Spencer Margaret Richmond.

A Closer Look at Kate Jackson

The article also touches on Kate Jackson, another "Charlie’s Angels" star. It mentions her age, husband history, and her connection with Farrah Fawcett.

A Farewell to Farrah Fawcett

As a side note, the article provides insight into the relationship between Kate Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. Kate was a close friend of Farrah, and she was prevented from saying goodbye during Farrah’s final days.

Final Thoughts

Jaclyn Smith, at 76 years old, continues to defy time and remain an active figure in the entertainment industry. Her beauty, successful career, and enduring friendships make her an enduring icon. The question, "What Does Jaclyn Smith Look Like Now," is met with a resounding affirmation of her timeless appeal.

To stay updated on Jaclyn Smith’s latest ventures and appearances, keep an eye on her remarkable journey as she continues to inspire her fans worldwide.

Remember, age may be just a number for Jaclyn Smith, but her legacy is timeless.

Jaclyn Smith’s Career and Ventures

How old is Jaclyn Smith from Charlie’s Angels?

Jaclyn Smith, the iconic star of "Charlie’s Angels," is currently 84 years old. She played a pivotal role in the legendary first season cast alongside Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson, and her enduring legacy continues to captivate fans worldwide.

Who is Jaclyn Smith?

Jaclyn Smith, widely recognized for her iconic role in "Charlie’s Angels," is a timeless beauty in the world of entertainment. Hailing from Texas, she first gained fame in the 1976 ABC crime drama and has remained a formidable presence both on and off the screen. Her enduring career spans more than four decades, marked by an incredible transformation that continues to captivate audiences.

What did Jaclyn from Angels Wear?

Jaclyn Smith’s iconic style continues to impress. She recently donned a striking black-and-white-striped long sleeve top paired with skinny jeans. Her timeless fashion sense leaves no doubt that she retains the same ageless charm she displayed during her original Angel days in the ’70s.

Did Jaclyn Smith run errands in Beverly Hills without makeup?

Yes, actress Jaclyn Smith confidently ran errands in Beverly Hills without a trace of makeup. This act further emphasizes the natural beauty of the 76-year-old icon. Her recent public appearance while shopping in Beverly Hills, just days before Christmas, showcased her timeless charm in its most genuine form.

What does Jaclyn Smith do now?

Jaclyn Smith’s current endeavors showcase her versatility. Not only is she a well-established actress, but she has also ventured into the world of business. Her long-standing fashion line, initially available at Kmart for 36 years, underwent a revival with new collections in collaboration with Nordstrom Rack in 2022 and HSN in 2023. Beyond fashion, she has extended her creative talents into the realm of home decor and fabric design for Trend since 2007.

Are Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith friends?

Absolutely, the bond between former co-stars Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson remains unbreakable. Nearly 50 years after their time fighting crime together on "Charlie’s Angels," the two actresses recently reunited at the wedding of Smith’s son. Their enduring friendship stands as a testament to the deep connection formed during their iconic collaboration.

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