What does wd mean in golf

A player notifies the CSGA staff and/or officials that, during a round, they are withdrawing due to medical reasons or family emergency will be listed as a WD with an injury and/or illness notation.

What does WD stand for on a golf club?

WD – Withdrawn: Many times a player will have to voluntarily withdraw from a round. When you WD a player, his/her scores will still show on the leaderboard and those scores will be used in other tournaments (if applicable) in that round.

What does WD mean in PGA?

WD designates that a players Handicap has been withdrawn by the Handicap Committee. The committee must withdraw the Handicap Index of a player who repeatedly fails to meet the player responsibilities under the USGA Handicap System.

What does NC in golf mean?

No Card – Submitted for Rankings (NC): If a player begins the tournament, and for any reason other than a justified withdrawal, fails to turn in a signed scorecard for a completed round, it will be recorded as a No Card (NC) and all official round scores for the event will be submitted for the rankings.

Can I clean my golf clubs with WD40?

Remove the golf clubs from the bag; if you spray WD40 on your bag, it will smell for a long time. Spray the WD40 on your irons and wedges and let it sit for a few minutes. Take a dry cloth and wipe the WD40 off the clubs. Once it is off, you can wash and rinse the clubs.

What does M mean on a golf club?


“A” originally stood for “amateur.” The “M” stands for “mature” or “medium.” Also, of course, “S” is taken by “stiff.”

What does the R mean after my handicap index?


The “R” next to your Handicap Index stands for reduction. It is not a restriction, and it is not permanent.

What does no card mean golf?

No Card (NC) – When a player doesn’t turn in a scorecard for the round, they receive an “NC”, and are disqualified from the field.

How many golf courses are in North Carolina?

Top 100 NC Golf Courses – Home of Golf. In 2021, out of nearly 600 golf courses throughout North Carolina, courses in the Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen area earned 15 spots in the list of Top 100 Golf Courses in the state, as determined annually by the North Carolina Golf Panel.

What does P mean on golf club?

Drivers are available in a variety of lofts. Wedges typically don’t have numbers. Instead that have letters such as P or PW for pitching wedge and S for sand wedge. The sand wedge, gap wedge and lob wedge might also be identified by the degrees of loft.

What is r4 and thru in golf?

THRU = How many holes are they through on the course. RND = What Round are they on, in golf tournaments, normally played over 4 rounds. F= Finished, as in Finished the round.

What does E mean in handicap?

If you look in your scoring record you will likely see a score denoted with the letter E. This means that the score differential for that round was at least 7.0 strokes better than the Handicap Index in effect at the time the round was played.

Is the Grint free?

I’d be remiss not to mention that TheGrint does offer a free version of its app. This lite is pretty much what you’d expect given the relatively low cost for the paid-for options. It produces an approximate player handicap (NOT USGA legal) and provides access to basic leaderboard functionalities.

What is the S next to my handicap index?

Soft Cap (S) The Soft Cap is a mechanism that has been introduced to prevent a player’s Handicap Index from increasing too rapidly.

What is DQ Rule 3.3 B in golf?

Stroke Play. 3.3b. Scoring in Stroke Play. 3.3b(1)/1. Marker Should Be Disqualified if He or She Knowingly Certifies a Wrong Score For Another Player.

How does a PGA player lost his card?

Theoretically, if you finish outside the top 125 in a given season, you lose your PGA Tour card for the following season. However, there are alternative ways to keep a card, and most of the stars have already done so. For example, Rickie Fowler is currently ranked No. 130 in the FedEx Cup standings.

What is the name of the famous golf course in North Carolina?

the Pinehurst Resort

Perhaps one of the most famous locations for golf in North Carolina is the Pinehurst Resort. Offering nine different courses, Pinehurst has a history that goes all the way back to 1898 when the first course was built.

What town is Pinehurst Golf Course in?

Pinehurst Resort is a golf resort in the United States, located in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

How much is golf at Pinehurst?

Pinehurst No. Peak Rate: $460 (caddie not required).

What does SC stand for in states?


Two-Letter State Abbreviations


How do you polish a golf driver?

What does SR mean on Ping shafts?

Stiff / Regular

SR stands for Stiff / Regular, which is a very common flex for Japanese clubs. Great for players that are currently playing a Stiff flex and finding it slightly hard but have experienced difficulty with the Regular.

How do I know if I need senior shafts?

If your swing speed is between 75 and 85 miles per hour, then you will need a senior shaft. If you are between 85 and 95 miles per hour, then the regular shaft will be the best choice. You can get your swing speed measured at a local golf fitting center.

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