What group performed at the white house

Are you curious about the captivating performances that have graced the halls of the White House over the years? In this article, we’ll delve into the musical talents that have taken the stage at the iconic White House, featuring renowned artists, country groups, and notable collaborations.

Artists Who Have Performed at the White House

The White House Goes Country

  1. Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, and More

The White House has hosted an impressive array of musical legends, including Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, Dave Grohl, Herbie Hancock, Emmylou Harris, Faith Hill, Jonas Brothers, Lang Lang, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Jack White. Their enchanting performances left a lasting mark on White House history.

  1. Country Music Stars at the White House

The ‘In Performance’ series at the White House has seen performances by Lauren Alaina, Dierks Bentley, Alison Krauss, Kris Kristofferson, Lyle Lovett, Darius Rucker, James Taylor, and the Band Perry. These country stars have serenaded the presidential residence with their incredible talents.

  1. The Ron Retzer Trio

Notably, the Ron Retzer Trio had the honor of performing at the White House during a holiday open house. Founder Ron Retzer, Jennifer Galownia, and Bob Wolfe showcased their musical prowess in this historic setting.

Collaborations and Special Performances

  • Kris Kristofferson and Darius Rucker

Kris Kristofferson and Darius Rucker’s duet at the White House remains a memorable moment in music history. Their performance was revisited by Rolling Stone, signifying its significance.

  • Bobby McGee and More

Dierks Bentley sang "Me and Bobby McGee" with Kris Kristofferson and joined other artists like Lauren Alaina, James Taylor, Alison Krauss, The Band Perry, and Lyle Lovett in musical collaborations.

  • Jill Scott’s Collaborations

Jill Scott, known for her soulful voice, has collaborated with artists like Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, 4hero, OutKast, Big Rube, CeeLo Green, and more in her illustrious career.

Country Groups Performing for the President

Country music’s finest, including Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood, 3 Doors Down, The Piano Guys, DJ RaviDrum, and The Frontmen of Country (Tim Rushlow, Larry Stewart, and Richie McDonald), have all had the privilege of performing for the President at the White House.

Notable Moments

  • The Band Perry’s Performance

The Band Perry delivered a moving rendition of "If I Die Young" at the White House, leaving a lasting impression.

  • Lady A’s Performance

At the White House, Lady A performed "I Will Always Love You," adding their unique touch to this classic song.

Unveiling Collaborations

Erykah Badu, the neo-soul queen, surprised fans with her mixtape featuring André 3000, marking their first collaboration in 15 years. The song "Ms. Jackson" was even inspired by Badu’s life.


The White House has seen a remarkable array of musical talent over the years, from legendary solo artists to country music stars and iconic collaborations. The question, "What Group Performed At The White House," unveils a rich tapestry of musical history that has graced this historic residence.

Intriguing Curiosities from Around the World

What group have performed at the White House?

  • Groups at the White House
  • Juilliard/Muir String Quartet

Experience enchanting chamber music at the White House, performed by the talented Juilliard and Muir String Quartets. Renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman also graced the stage alongside these accomplished groups.

  • Musical Theatre Extravaganza

The musical theater icons, Mary Martin and John Raitt, brought the magic of Broadway to the White House lawn. Their captivating performances featured songs from beloved Broadway musicals, creating a memorable evening of musical theater under the stars.

What group sang for the president?

  • The President’s Musical Tradition
  • Inaugural Debut

On March 4, 1801, the Marine Band made its illustrious debut at Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural ceremony. Since that historic day, they have been a part of every Presidential inaugural event. Thomas Jefferson is often hailed as the "godfather" of the Marine Band, and he bestowed upon them the distinguished title, "The President’s Own."

What were some of the previous names for the White House?

  • Previous Names for the White House
  • Historical Titles

Throughout its history, the White House has been referred to by several names, including the "President’s Palace," the "President’s House," and the "Executive Mansion."

Did Pentatonix perform at White House?

  • Pentatonix at the White House
  • Memorable Performance

Pentatonix graced the White House with their rendition of "Amazing Grace" during the special event "In Performance at the White House: Spirit of the Season."

What roles are there in the White House?

  • White House Roles in October 2023
  • Current Office Structure

As of October 2023, under the administration of Joseph Biden, the White House Office encompasses various key roles and offices:

  1. Office of the Chief of Staff.
  2. Senior Advisors and Counselor to the President.
  3. Domestic Policy Council.
  4. Office of Domestic Climate Policy.
  5. Office of Gun Violence Prevention.
  6. National Economic Council.
  7. Office of Cabinet Affairs.

What music plays for the president?

  • Presidential Anthem: "Hail to the Chief"
  • Symbolic Music

"Hail to the Chief" serves as the personal anthem of the President of the United States. Adapted by James Sanderson from a Scottish Gaelic melody, this iconic tune is played during the president’s appearance at various public events and holds special significance during inauguration ceremonies.

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