What happened to bill henley on nbc 10

Did Glenn Hurricane Schwartz retire?

After nearly three decades at NBC10, meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz will retire this spring. Come spring, NBC10′s newscasts will have a lot fewer bow ties. Meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz announced his retirement from the station on Friday. His last day on air will be May 27.

What is Bill Henley salary?

Bill Henley Salary Henley receives an annual salary of $ 73,220.

Where is Glenn Schwartz?

Glenn Hurricane Schwartz is a renowned American journalist who was born and brought up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Currently, he works as a meteorologist at NBC 10’s First Alert weather team in Philadelphia.

What happened to Krystal Klei?

Krystal lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Josh. The two got engaged right in Center City in 2019 and were married in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, in Spring of 2021.

How old is Glenn Hurricane Schwartz?

70 years (June 20, 1951)

Glenn Schwartz / Age

How old is Cecily Titan?

Newtown, Connecticut, U.S. Cecily Joan Tynan (born March 19, 1969) is an American television meteorologist who has been with WPVI-TV since 1995. As of 2020, she is the 5, 6, and 11 pm weathercaster and chief meteorologist at WPVI.

Where is Erin Coleman?

Erin: I’ve been with NBC10 for five years. I joined the station in October 2016, after spending seven years anchoring in Atlanta. I was born in Philadelphia and raised in Voorhees. I currently live in Penn Valley with my husband and two children.

Where is Sheena Parveen today?

Former NBC10 meteorologist Sheena Parveen is moving on from her position at the Washington, DC TV station she left Philly for back in late 2016 and heading to San Diego. There, Parveen will work as NBC7’s weekday morning and midday news meteorologist, according to a post from the station.

How much does Steve Sosna make?

Steve Sosna Net Worth and Salary Net Worth: $1 Million to $5 Million (Approx.). Salary: $38K to $196K. Source of Income: His career as a broadcast meteorologist.

Where is Tammie Souza now?

In August 2020, she began a brief stint filling in at WBBM-TV CBS2 in Chicago. She will still fill in at Philadelphia’s CBS3.

Who is the chief meteorologist at NBC10?

NBC10 Chief Meteorologist Tammie Souza has the details in your first alert neighborhood forecast.

Is Hurricane Schwartz still on NBC?

Philadelphia’s most popular meteorologist, Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz, is retiring from broadcast news after 42 years. He spent more than two decades at NBC in Philadelphia. Here’s some of the highlights.

What happened Sheila Watko?

Sheila completed her graduation from Loyola University Maryland, with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a specialization in digital media. In July 2019, Sheila joined NBC10 as a reporter in her home town and continued for three and a half years as a photo researcher with NBC’s Late Night.

Who is Lucy Bustamante?

Lucy Bustamante is a morning news anchor for NBC10 and breaking news anchor for Telemundo62. Fluent in Spanish, Lucy is the daughter of Cuban refugees who migrated to the U.S. in 1969. She was born and raised in New Orleans in a home that only spoke Spanish.

Did Denise Nakano leave Channel 10?

Nakano left NBC10 on June 1 after 17 years as a reporter and anchor there. She indicated via social media that perhaps her departure was not her doing, saying “I accept there is no playbook in 2020” before thanking her longtime viewers.

What nationality is Sheena Parveen?

Sheena Parveen is an American meteorologist born on 30th May 1987 in Florida, U.S. She is NBC7’s, San Diego weekday morning and midday news meteorologist.

How did Hurricane Schwartz get his nickname?

Glenn was the first “storm chaser” for the Weather Channel. He received his nickname, “Hurricane,” after a colleague saw footage of him being blown around in a storm. The nickname stuck and he has been known as “Hurricane” ever since.

When was Hurricane Schwartz born?

June 20, 1951 (age 70 years)

Glenn Schwartz / Date of birth

Who is Cecily Tynan married to?

  1. Michael Badger m. ?–2004
  2. Greg Watson

Cecily Tynan/Spouse

Where is Brittany Boyer from?

Brittany was born in the suburbs of Philly, Boyer attended Penn State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. She continued with another degree at the Mississippi State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences and Operational Meteorology.

What is Cecily Tynan annual income?

Cecily Tynan Wiki

NameCecily Tynan
ProfessionTelevision Anchor
Net WorthAbove $1million
Salary$55,000 per year

Who is Erin Coleman married to?

The former WSB-TV news anchor Erin Coleman is contentedly married to her longtime love Cord Campbell for almost a decade. Regardless of having wed for so long years and blessed with two kids, the two still shares an eternal love and fondness for each other, making the sweetest couple ever.

Is Erin McLaughlin still married?

Is Erin McLaughlin married? McLaughlin is a married woman to her husband Ken Peckham, a physician since 2009.

How old is Tracy Davidson?

58 years (June 10, 1963)

Tracy Davidson / Age

Is Dagmar Midcap a real meteorologist?

Dagmar Midcap Net Worth Midcap sits at an approximate net worth of $1 million as of 2019. She has earned this lucrative income through her successful career as a journalist and meteorologist.

Who is the NBC weather girl?

Dylan Marie Dreyer (born August 2, 1981) is an American television meteorologist working for NBC News. …

Dylan Dreyer
EducationRutgers University
OccupationMeteorologist, News Correspondent
Years active2003–present
EmployerNBCUniversal (Comcast)

What is Melissa Magee doing now?

Melissa Magee is a meteorologist at NBC4 and can be seen on weekday newscasts at 5 p.m., 7 p.m., and 11 p.m. Magee brings up-to-the minute weather forecasts to the greater Southern California community.

How old is Miguel Martinez Valle?

Miguel Martinez-Valle Age Birthday Martinez-Valle is 28 years old from 2021. He it was born in 1993, in Guaymas, Mexico, United States of America.

Where is Vai Sikahema now?

He resides in Mount Laurel, New Jersey and is a local leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Cherry Hill. Vai is dedicated to serving the community and played an active role in helping to secure the property for his church to build the first Mormon Temple in Pennsylvania in Center City.

Who is Steven Sosna?

Steve Sosna is a meteorologist for NBC10 First Alert Weather team. You can watch Steve’s forecasts weekend evenings on NBC10 and listen to his forecasts on KYW Newsradio.

Where is Laura Bannon going?

CBS 2 hires Naperville native Laura Bannon as new meteorologist – Chicago Tribune.

When did Tammie Souza come back to Chicago?

Souza began appearing on NBC10’s weekday evening newscasts in March 2017 following a stint at Fox 32 in Chicago. She arrived as a replacement for former NBC10 meteorologist Sheena Parveen, who left the station in October 2016.

Who did Laura Bannon replace?

Glaros was laid off with other CBS employees due to corporate restructuring on May 27, 2020. Glaros was replaced by new CBS 2 weekday morning meteorologist Laura Bannon on April 5, 2021.

Did Brittney Shipp leave NBC?

Brittney Shipp NBC10 Brittney went back to NBC10 after spending two years as a Chief Meteorologist at KRON-TV in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is excited to be back working in the Greater Philadelphia area and make an impact on the community.

Is Lucy Bustamante married?

10 Facts of Lucy Bustamante She was born and raised up in New Orleans, United State. She is a married woman but she has shared the information related to her husband.

What happened Frances Wang?

Frances Wang will join NBC10 as weekend anchor/reporter; Karen Hua will join as a multimedia journalist.

Where is AJ Clemente now?

While Clemente was eventually fired following the blunder, Tieu remained at KFYR for another four months before moving to San Francisco to spend time with her dying father. After spending a number of years working at KRNV in Reno, she’s now freelancing at News12 Wetchester, according to TVSpy.

Is Denise Nakano married?

Nakano is happily married to her husband Dr. Ernesto Hermosisima. The couple tied the knot in 2018 at a ceremony on the beach Ernesto is a psychologist.

Where is Denise Nakano going?

I’m honored to join KYW Newsradio as a full-time anchor! I’m so thankful to the great news team at KYW Newsradio for welcoming me into their newsroom family this past summer, after 17 years at NBC10.…

How old is Dagmar the weather lady?

53 years (March 12, 1969)

Dagmar Midcap / Age

How tall is Sheena?

5′ 1″

Sheena Easton / Height

Where is Dagmar Midcap now?

San Diego

Now settled in San Diego with her brood of three dogs, Dagmar’s passion since moving to San Diego has centered on learning about the desert ecosystem, plants, animals and everything in-between.

Is Cecily Tynan and Adam Joseph related?

Cecily Tynan Family Tynan’s mother is of English background whereas her father is an Irish, who is a former Korean army soldier. She has one sibling, a brother, Adam Joseph who is eight years younger than her.

Where does Cecily Tynan shop?

Cecily Tynan on Twitter: “Thanks, @pitsteelgirl I buy a lot of clothes online. Locally, I really like @Bedazzledboutiq in Newtown Square” / Twitter.

Is Karen Rogers still married?

They dated for eight years and finally got married in 2001 at Chapel of Rugrets University. The couple is blessed is blessed with three children two daughter and one son.

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