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In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Joyce DeWitt, the actress best known for her role as Janet Wood in the iconic sitcom "Three’s Company." We will explore what happened to Joyce DeWitt, her personal life, relationships, and her journey after the show ended.

The Early Days

Who is actress Joyce DeWitt and where is she now? | The US Sun

Joyce Anne DeWitt, a Taurus by zodiac sign, was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA, on April 23, 1949. With American nationality, Joyce is best known for her portrayal of Janet Wood in "Three’s Company." She is alive and well, currently residing in Los Angeles and New Mexico, continuing her work as an actress.

Her Career After "Three’s Company"

After "Three’s Company" concluded in 1984, Joyce DeWitt’s screen appearances were relatively limited. She took a break from acting for over a decade but made a return with appearances in TV shows like "Cybill" and "Hope Island." She also ventured into the world of movies and performed on stage in various productions across the country.

Personal Life and Relationships

Joyce DeWitt’s personal life includes a noteworthy relationship with actor Ray Buktenica. Their love story began during their student years and quickly turned into a lasting partnership, living together for seven years from 1979 to 1986.

Friendship with John Ritter

Joyce DeWitt shared a special connection with her co-star John Ritter, who played Jack Tripper in "Three’s Company." Although they lost touch for some time, they had a chance meeting in New York a month before Ritter’s tragic passing in 2003. Ritter took her to several parties, reflecting their enduring friendship.

Suzanne Somers and the Friendship

The camaraderie between the characters on "Three’s Company" was fueled by the real-life friendship of John Ritter, Suzanne Somers, and Joyce DeWitt. Their on-set chemistry translated into a beloved show that became one of ABC’s most-watched programs.

"Three’s Company" Spin-Offs

"Three’s Company" gave rise to spin-offs, including "Three’s a Crowd" and "The Ropers," extending the legacy of the original show.

The End of Chrissy Snow

Suzanne Somers, who portrayed Chrissy Snow in the series, faced a bitter salary dispute with the producers during the fifth season, leading to her exit from "Three’s Company." This marked the end of her time on the sitcom, and her character was written out.

John Ritter’s Net Worth

John Ritter, known for his role as Jack Tripper, had an impressive net worth estimated at $20 million during his lifetime.

Remembering John Ritter

John Ritter’s untimely death due to a heart problem in 2003 left a void in the lives of those who knew him. Joyce DeWitt fondly remembers him as a great friend and an exceptionally talented actor.

In summary, Joyce DeWitt continues to be an active actress, having made a return to the entertainment industry after her break post-"Three’s Company." Her personal and professional life has been intertwined with the unforgettable moments of the iconic show, making her a cherished figure in the world of television. "What happened to Joyce DeWitt" reveals the interesting and often heartwarming details of her life, friendships, and career.

The Impact of Relationships on Three’s Company Stars

Are Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt Friends?

It’s been a rollercoaster friendship for Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt. Due to contract disputes, their friendship hit a rough patch, leading to decades of estrangement. As reported by People, their bond faced challenges, but time and shared memories from their days on "Three’s Company" have the potential to mend old wounds.

Did Priscilla Barnes and Joyce DeWitt Get Along?

Priscilla Barnes and Joyce DeWitt formed a strong and enduring friendship during their time on the show. Their connection went beyond the end of the series, standing the test of time and proving that their bond extended well beyond the world of "Three’s Company."

Why Did Jenilee Leave "Three’s Company"?

Jenilee Harrison’s departure from "Three’s Company" came after approximately two and a half years on the show. Producers believed that her lack of experience and seasoning in the role warranted her exit. Her character’s departure was handled without any on-screen explanation. This period of her career was later depicted in the TV movie "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of ‘Three’s Company’ (2003)," where Liz Crawford portrayed Harrison’s character.

Does Suzanne Somers Have a Child?

Suzanne Somers, before her passing, had a son named Bruce Somers Jr. Tragically, she passed away at the age of 76, just one day before her birthday, after a long battle with cancer. During her final moments, she was with her son, Bruce Somers Jr.

Does Suzanne Somers Have a Son?

Suzanne Somers indeed has a son named Bruce Somers Jr. Bruce Somers Jr. recently honored his beloved mother on what would have been her 77th birthday, which sadly fell just one day after her passing. He paid tribute to the "Three’s Company" actress on Instagram, celebrating her life and memory.

Who Has Passed Away from "Three’s Company?"

Suzanne Somers, known for her role as a ditsy blonde on the popular sitcom "Three’s Company," has passed away. She gained fame on the show and later faced controversy when she demanded equal pay with the series’ male star. Despite the challenges, she went on to build a successful health and diet business empire, notably with the ThighMaster. Suzanne Somers passed away at her home in Palm Springs, California.

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