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What happened to ron trevino

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As a keen golf enthusiast, I recently found myself wondering, “What happened to Ron Trevino?” This talented golfer first caught my attention a few years back when he made an impressive showing at the masters tournament. However, since then, I haven’t heard much about him and I’m curious as to what he’s been up to. Perhaps he’s taken some time off to focus on his training and technique, or maybe he’s dealing with an injury that has forced him to take a step back from the sport. It’s also possible that he’s been busy with personal matters or pursuing other interests outside of golf. Either way, I’m eager to find out what the future holds for this talented player and how he plans to continue making his mark in the world of golf.

Who is Ron Treviño?

Ron Treviño | khou.com
Ron Treviño, a seasoned journalist, embarked on his illustrious career at KHOU 11 on July 19, 1982, armed with an insatiable passion for news reporting. He wasted no time in establishing himself as an indispensable asset by diversifying his roles, from producing riveting newscasts to supplying insightful information on global happenings. Ron’s unwavering commitment to the profession propelled him to even greater heights as he didn’t hesitate to take on the challenging role of anchoring daily broadcasts from dawn to dusk. His ability to maintain his poise and captivate audiences during prolonged transmission is a testament to his unrivaled expertise and proficiency. Through his years of service, Ron Treviño has garnered immense respect and admiration from his colleagues, viewers, and the journalism industry at large.

What happened to Juan Treviño?

The fall of Juan Treviño Chavez, the “Egg”: who are the possible successors of the Northeast Cartel leader - Infobae
As one of Mexico’s most wanted fugitives, Juan Treviño’s arrest was a significant milestone for the region. His capture came after the local authorities launched a massive manhunt, offering a sizable bounty of up to $100,000 for anyone who could provide information leading to his arrest. Although the state of Tamaulipas has a notorious reputation for being one of the most violent regions in Mexico, Treviño’s apprehension has helped to restore some semblance of order and stability. It is a testament to the tireless efforts of law enforcement officials working to combat organized crime in the region, and a reminder that no one is above the law. Despite his previous notoriety, Treviño will now likely face the full extent of the law and be held accountable for his actions. The arrest of people like him sends a clear message to others who may be involved in criminal activity that their days are numbered, and justice will always prevail.

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Where did John Trevino work before channel 11?

TEGNA Names John Treviño President and General Manager of KBMT-KJAC in Southeast Texas | TEGNA
John Trevino, who is a beloved news personality, had a successful career that spanned over 40 years in the broadcasting industry. His early career began at KRIS-TV and KEDT-TV, which are both local news stations in his hometown of Corpus Christi. As he gained more exposure, John’s contributions were appreciated, and he was recognized for his exceptional skills and ability to report stories. In recognition of his remarkable performances, John had the chance to cover news and current events from around the globe, from the war-torn streets of Sarajevo to the heart of the Vatican. His vast experience has made him one of the most sought-after journalists during his time and made a significant contribution in covering news that has been spreading globally. It is no surprise that John is regarded as an icon in the media world because of his passion and dedication in sharing valuable information. It is evident that his journey has been more than just being a news personality, but a role model and inspiration to the next generation of journalists. As for his earlier work experience, John’s experience in KRIS-TV and KEDT-TV was an essential foundation for his eventual rise to fame.

Is there a burger named after Ron Trevino?

Burger at Space Cowboy named after KHOU 11
After years of anchoring for KHOU 11 News, esteemed news personality Ron Trevino has been bestowed with a great honor. The renowned burger joint, Space Cowboy, located in the bustling neighborhood of the Heights, has named one of their delicious menu items after him. Space Cowboy’s executive chef, Adriana Maldonado, is highly regarded for her innovative creations. Each of her dishes is creatively named after local Houston icons, showcasing her culinary expertise and her love for the city. And in this instance, her latest masterpiece is the “Ron Trevino Burger,” which is a true testament of his impact in the community. Needless to say, it is a must-try for burger aficionados.

What happened to Ron Trevino?

20 things you don
The Houston CBS affiliate website has recently reported the unfortunate news of the arrest of KHOU anchor Ron Trevino on charges of DUI. The incident took place on Tuesday night, and the details of the case remain scanty at the moment. DUI is a serious offense in Houston, and it involves operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a drug, or a combination of both. This type of arrest can ultimately lead to changed personal and professional prospects, with severe legal consequences and hefty fines. It is yet to be seen how Ron Trevino’s arrest will affect his personal and professional life, but it is clear that it is likely to be a tough journey for him. With this development, one can only hope that the message regarding the repercussion of DUI charges hits home for everyone in Houston and beyond.

Is Ron Trevino from Channel 11 married?

mikemcguff.com: KHOU 11
Congratulations and heartfelt wishes go out to the esteemed KHOU anchorman, Ron Trevino and his wonderful bride, Cheryl Martin, on the joyous occasion of their recent nuptials. The couple exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony that took place at the iconic St. Luke’s Methodist on the bustling Westheimer Road in Houston. The ceremony was beautifully officiated by Reverend Eric Huffman, whose words of wisdom and grace added a touch of solemnity and reverence to the proceedings. The guests who attended the ceremony were treated to a splendid display of love and commitment, and the newlyweds radiated with happiness and contentment as they took their vows and exchanged their rings. We wish the happy couple a lifetime of love, joy and togetherness, as they embark on this exciting new journey together.

What happened to Victor Trevino?

Mayor: Dr. Victor D. Trevino Q&A
Victor Trevino, once a respected and upstanding member of the law enforcement community, unfortunately fell from grace and found himself embroiled in a public corruption scandal. Despite pleading guilty for his involvement, he managed to avoid imprisonment and instead was handed a 10-year probation sentence, which no doubt came as a relief to him and his loved ones. However, it is worth noting that this outcome has marked the end of a long and storied career in law enforcement, as Trevino is now officially considered a felon. It’s a sad turn of events for someone who likely spent a significant portion of their life working to uphold the law and protect their community. One can only hope that this serves as a cautionary tale for others in positions of power, to always stay true to their values and resist the temptation of corruption.

Who is leaving KHOU?

reporter Tifffany Craig

Sherry Williams leaving KHOU this week
It has been disclosed that popular television broadcaster, Tiffany Craig who has been bringing audiences noteworthy news updates over the span of 13 years on KHOU, will be leaving the station for new endeavors. The news of her departure came out recently when she herself shared the news with her followers and viewers on social media. She expressed her gratitude to the network and co-workers that helped sharpen her skills over the years and thanked the loyal viewers who followed and supported her every move. Although her departure may be a shocker to her fans and colleagues, it is clear that she has made a significant impact on the station and the news industry, and undoubtedly, she will make a great contribution wherever her next steps lead her.

How old is Mia Gradney?

Meet Mia Gradney from KHOU 11: Biography, Net Worth & more
Mia Gradney holds a significant spot in the world of broadcasting, but before she graced the screens with her stunning presence, she lived a beautiful life in the enchanting lands of Houston, Texas, USA. She entered this world on the 17th of June 1976 and was blessed with the charming personality of a Gemini. As the years progressed, Mia evolved into a woman of exemplary skills, and today, her age stands at 46 years old, an accomplishment that adds to her excellence. March 29, 2023, marks yet another milestone in her journey, and with every passing day, Mia Gradney continues to inspire others with her unwavering passion for her craft.

Is David Paul Khou married?

David Paul | khou.com
David Paul Khou, a renowned personality in the world of broadcast journalism, has a beautifully complete family. He is not just a celebrated journalist but also a loving family man who is married to Miranda, the love of his life. Paul and Miranda’s love story began a decade ago when they met at a conference. After dating for three years, they finally tied the knot in a grand ceremony that was attended by their family and friends from all over the world. Today, their love is even stronger, and they are blessed with two sons who are the light of their lives. Apart from their children, they also have three furry members in their family, three dogs, and three cats who share their love and warmth, making their home complete. The Khou family is an epitome of togetherness and love, and Paul’s success in his career is just an addition to their happiness.

Is jummy olabanji married?

Happy Birthday Darren! On this special day, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Speaking of love, I also want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you and Jummy on your recent marriage! As you embark on this new journey together, may you continue to grow in your love and devotion to each other. Your beautiful union is a testament to how true love knows no bounds, and I am so happy to witness the joy that you both share. In the years to come, may you always find solace, comfort and support in each other. Cheers to a beautiful beginning!

Who won the world’s greatest Elvis impersonator?

Shawn Klush

Meet the World
Shawn Klush, hailing from Pennsylvania, was crowned the victor of the coveted title of Elvis Presley Enterprises’ greatest impersonator in a riveting competition held in Memphis, Tennessee. With his unrivaled ability to embody the King’s soulful vocals and charismatic stage presence, Klush had the judges and audience captivated from the moment he stepped onto the stage. As a seasoned and accomplished performer, Klush has dedicated himself to perfecting every nuance of Presley’s iconic style, from his signature jumpsuits adorned with glittering rhinestones to his signature hip-shaking moves that elicit screams of adoration from fans worldwide. After countless hours of rehearsals and meticulous preparation, it was little surprise that Klush emerged victorious, earning not only the admiration of his peers but also the respect of Elvis’ loyal fanbase. Klush continues to tour and perform to this day, paying tribute to the legacy of the one and only King of Rock and Roll.

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