what is a scramble in golf

Golf trips can be a lot of fun for both seasoned and inexperienced players.

The key is to plan the outing so that players of all levels can participate and have a good time. Exciting competitions, trophies, prizes, and food all contribute to a fun golf event.


Golf trips can be a lot of fun for both seasoned and inexperienced players.

The idea is to design the expedition such that participants of all skill levels may participate and enjoy themselves. Exciting events, trophies, prizes and food all play a role in producing a memorable golf tournament.


During golf events, players record their personal scores in addition to team scores. Individual prizes can be awarded for the lowest score, longest drive, closest to the pin and longest putt for men and for women.

At a golf competition, a hefty cash award for a hole-in-one is usually a big hit. Purchase golf hole-in-one insurance to provide a reward such as a $1 million dollar award or a luxury automobile. Because the chances of an amateur golfer achieving a hole-in-one on a par-3 hole is approximately 1 in 12,500, according to US Hole in One, the premium for this type of insurance is affordable. Some golf events impose a fee to participants in the hole-in-one contest to cover insurance costs.

Scramble Format

Because it fits high-handicap players, scrambles are a popular tournament format.

All members of the foursome tee off, and the best ball is selected by the team. Each team member then hits from the location of the best ball. Play continues in this manner for the rest of the hole. Following that, a team score is recorded.

In the Step Aside Scramble, the player who hits the best ball “steps aside” and allows the other members of the team to hit the next golf shot. An Ambrose Scramble is a scramble in which golfers’ handicaps are taken into account.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo

Each hole in Bingo, Bango, Bongo is worth three points. The first point, the Bingo, goes to the golfer who reaches the green first regardless of how many strokes it took to get there.

After everyone has reached the green, the Bango is awarded to the player whose ball is closest to the hole. The third point, the Bongo, is given to the player with the lowest score on the hole. Payouts may be made on a per-point basis or for a total at the conclusion of the round.

Pink Lady

Each foursome follows the scramble method for a pink lady scramble, and each team is given one pink ball. Players take turns striking the pink ball for the duration of the hole. The pink lady score is added to the scramble score at the conclusion of the hole, and the total is the hole score. Options are to eliminate a player from tournament competition if he loses the pink ball, or to award a prize to the team that keeps the pink ball for the greatest number of holes. The team with the lowest pink lady score throughout the full 18 holes may be awarded a reward.

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