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In this FAQ, we will explore various aspects related to Taya Kyle, the widow of the renowned Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, also known as the "American Sniper." Taya Kyle has been a subject of curiosity since the tragic passing of her husband. Here, we answer your questions about Taya’s life today and provide insights into her activities and family life.

1. Taya Kyle’s Current Life

Taya Kyle, the widow of Chris Kyle, has chosen a relatively private life after the loss of her husband. She currently resides in Texas, embracing a tranquil lifestyle away from the city in rural Midlothian. Despite the challenges she faced after her husband’s death, Taya Kyle has found solace in her quiet life, away from the media spotlight.

2. Taya Kyle’s Family

Taya and Chris Kyle shared a deep bond and were blessed with two children: Colton and McKenna. Colton, their elder child, is affectionately nicknamed "Bubba," while McKenna is lovingly referred to as "Angel." Taya Kyle, now a devoted mother, has focused on nurturing her children and providing them with a stable and loving environment.

3. Taya Kyle’s Public Appearances

Taya Kyle, widow of

While Taya Kyle has chosen a private life, she has made occasional public appearances, including at her husband’s funeral. At the funeral, which saw around 7,000 attendees, Taya delivered a heartfelt speech, expressing gratitude to Chad Littlefield, the other victim of the tragic incident, for being an "anchor" in Chris Kyle’s life after his military service.

4. Taya Kyle’s Contributions

Taya Kyle has also contributed to public discourse as a Fox News contributor. Although she has faced challenges, she continues to share her insights and experiences, offering a unique perspective on military life, loss, and resilience.


In conclusion, Taya Kyle, the widow of the legendary Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, has chosen a quiet life in rural Texas, away from the media frenzy. Focused on her role as a mother and occasional public engagements, she continues to honor the legacy of her late husband. For more detailed information about Taya Kyle’s life today, refer to the answers provided above.

For further details or specific inquiries, explore the FAQs above to gain a comprehensive understanding of What Is Taya Kyle Doing Today.

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Impact of Taya Kyle’s Public Engagements

Why Did Taya Kyle Move from Texas?

Taya Kyle, the widow of American Sniper hero Chris Kyle, made the difficult decision to move from her Texas home due to legal issues. This relocation was emotionally devastating for her, especially considering the memories associated with the house she shared with her late husband. Despite the challenges, Taya finds comfort in believing that Chris’s presence remains with them in their new home. Speaking to PEOPLE, she shared her feelings, stating, "I feel Chris is here in the new house with us."

Who Was Taya Kyle’s Husband Chris Kyle?

Taya Kyle was devastated when she learned about the tragic passing of her husband, Chris Kyle, the renowned author of the New York Times Bestseller American Sniper. Chris Kyle’s life came to a tragic end when he was fatally shot six times in the back by former Marine Eddie Ray Routh at Rough Creek Lodge in Texas. His death marked a sorrowful chapter, leaving Taya and countless others mourning the loss of the American Sniper hero.

Who is ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle’s Daughter Taya Kyle?

Taya Kyle, the daughter of the mayor of Lake Oswego, gained public attention due to her marriage to ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle. She openly shared her fears and concerns about her husband’s safety in various publications, including OregonLive.com. Taya’s unique perspective offered insights into the challenges faced by military families, making her a notable figure beyond her association with the renowned sniper.

Who is Taya Kyle on American Elements?

Taya Kyle made an appearance in season 1, episode 5 of American Elements on CarbonTV in 2016. Known as a Fox News contributor, she ventured into the political arena as a Republican candidate. In 2020, Taya ran for Midlothian ISD Trustees, although her campaign was not successful. Additionally, she endorsed Rick Perry during the 2016 presidential election, showcasing her active engagement in both media and politics.

Did Chris and Taya Kyle Have Kids?

Chris Kyle and his wife, Taya Kyle, welcomed two children into their family. They met in 2001, got married in 2002, and later became parents to a son named Colton and a daughter named McKenna. Despite Chris Kyle’s demanding role as a Navy SEAL, he and Taya shared the joys of parenthood, creating a family while Chris was recognized as the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.

What Do Chris Kyle’s Kids Do Now?

Information about Chris Kyle’s children’s current activities or occupations is not provided in the available data. As of the latest update, details about Colton and McKenna Kyle’s pursuits, professions, or personal lives are not publicly available. Their privacy appears to be respected, and no specific information about their current endeavors is accessible.

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