What is wedge flex

One of the most commonly used phrases but rather unknown to a large majority of less experienced golfers is the term “wedge flex”. All wedge flex means is the type of shaft on the wedge will be generally heavier and slightly stiffer than a regular flex club such as an iron. Therefore it has a “wedge flex shaft”.

What shaft is SM8 Wedge flex?

The stock shaft for the new Slate Blue SM8 is the True Temper Wedge Flex shaft and is fitted with an eye-catching Blue/White/Black Golf Pride grip with the BV (Bob Vokey) wings on display down the front. A new premium finish for the number 1 wedge on Tour.

What Flex is a dynamic gold wedge flex?


FlexWeight (g)Tip Dia.

Does Flex matter for irons?

A softer flex gives you more “kick” and ballspeed. A stronger flex makes the ball fly straighter. whippy shafts make you slice the ball. You should play the softest shaft you can control OR You should play the stiffest shaft you can get airborne.

Should my wedges have the same shaft as my irons?

If you are thinking about getting new wedges, make sure you have the right shafts. What shafts should you play in your wedges? The very short answer is play the same shaft in your wedges as you do in your irons. But, boy do we see a lot of variation of what is in our players bags.

What is the standard shaft in a Vokey wedge?

SM7 stock shaft

Is the standard Vokey SM7 shaft the Dynamic Gold S200?

What is the difference between wedge flex and stiff flex?

Wedge flex is actually the same as stiff flex. Wedge flexes are stiff. Some wedges come in lighter with less stiff flexes and some come in heavier. Usually the range between stiffness levels is about 5 grams in weight per shaft.

Should wedge shafts be heavier than irons?

Especially if you’re hitting those pitch and chip shots. A little bit more weight in the wedge will keep the club stable on those less-than-full-swing shots.”

What is wedge flex s200?

What happens if your golf shaft is too flexible?

Having a shaft that is too flexible can also cause the ball to hook uncontrollably, because the shaft bends incorrectly, it will come through with a closed clubface causing the ball to go left, this is because the shaft can’t handle your swing speed, and the head is rotating too much.

What weight of shaft should I use?

In general, golfers with slower swing speed and tempo can and should play a lighter shaft. Golfers with very fast speeds and tempo should play heavier shafts. Driver shafts typically weigh 55-60 grams for men and 45-50 grams for ladies.

What shafts do pros use in wedges?

True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 is by far the most popular wedge shaft with 37% of the top 100 PGA Tour players using it. The Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 is the next most popular and True Temper shafts account for over 70% of the wedge shafts used by this elite group.

Will a stiffer shaft increase distance?

If the shaft flex is too stiff, your average distance will remain low.

What is True Temper shaft?

True Temper Sports is the leader in golf shaft technology and has been the number one shaft on the PGA Tour for more than 70 years. … The wall is thinner towards the butt section of the shaft for improved feel and then thickens towards the tip of the shaft for better control and accuracy.

What is the length of a pitching wedge?


1. Since my pitching wedge is 35.50″, which is the same length as the 52° vokey gap wedge I like it to be 1/4″ shorter than standard.

What is pitching wedge loft?

A pitching wedge loft is usually between 44-47 degrees, with most golfers using one that comes with their iron set. However, better players often prefer to use a specialist wedge instead of the one that comes with the set to help with control and spin.

How do you tell what flex shaft you need?

Some General Guidelines About Shaft Flex

  1. Take a look at the distance you hit your driver. …
  2. If you have a very smooth swing, you might benefit from a softer flex even if you swing fast. …
  3. If your drives go left, you might benefit from a stiffer flex; if your drives go right, you might benefit from a softer flex.

How do I know if my golf shaft is too stiff?

If your driver’s shaft is too stiff, the clubhead may not square with the ball at the point of impact, causing slices and fades. If you can’t feel the weight of the clubhead loading through the shaft, it’s probably too stiff, and can cause errors and issues associated with accuracy such as these.

Can too much flex cause a slice?

For some, stiff club shafts are part of the problem. If your club shafts are too stiff, you’ll have trouble loading them properly during your downswing. When the clubhead gets to the ball, the shaft won’t unload properly and the face will remain slightly open, causing a slice.

Who should use regular flex shafts?

The amount of flex in a player’s shafts should be proportional to his swing tempo and speed, according to Kramer. Thomas suggests golfers with a swing speed of 80 to 95 mph typically are the best candidates for regular flex shafts.

Who should use stiff flex shafts?

Who should use stiff flex irons? The starting point for this is swing speed, if you swing your driver between 90-105 mph then you will probably need a stiff shaft. This will benefit you by delivering great control of your club during your swing and stop you spraying it everywhere.

How many grams should my shaft be?

The shafts in most drivers typically weigh between 40 grams and 85 grams. Shaft manufacturers will offer stiff and regular flex in nearly all weight classes while most light and ladies flex clubs will weigh no more than 55 or 60 grams, but could be as light as 40 grams.

What happens if golf shaft is too heavy?

Nippon suggested that a player should be able to tell largely by feel. A shaft that’s too heavy will cause a “labored golf swing.” A shaft that’s too light will hurt your ability to make solid contact. When you find the right shaft weight, you’ll experience a “high energy swing” with uniform contact.

What club do most pro golfers chip with?

If you want to be a better player, copy what better players do. When tour pros need to hit a greenside shot that stops quickly, they almost always grab a club with a lot of loft. They make the ball stop by hitting it high more than trying to spin it.

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