What killed joe paterno

Former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno passed away on Sunday. His death came just a few months after the 85-year-old was diagnosed with cancer. Mount Nittany Medical Center said he died at 9:25 a.m. of metastatic small cell carcinoma of the lung.

Did Joe Paterno die of a broken heart?

Eleven days after he won his 409th college football game, becoming the winningest coach in NCAA Division I history, Joe Paterno was fired by Penn State. Seventy-four days after that, Paterno died. The cause of death is listed as complications resulting from lung cancer.

What did Paterno know?

It’s obvious Paterno knew that his then defensive coordinator and heir was apparently being investigated for molesting a small boy. Now, Paterno may very well have in his heart believed there was a thorough investigation and Sandusky was cleared. Charges were never filed after all.

When did Joe Paterno die?


Joe Paterno, byname of Joseph Vincent Paterno, also called JoePa, (born December 21, 1926, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.—died January 22, 2012, State College, Pennsylvania), American collegiate gridiron football coach, who, as head coach at Pennsylvania State University (1966–2011), was the winningest major-college coach in …

Did Penn State take down Joe Paterno statue?

The Joe Paterno statue was removed Sunday morning from its pedestal outside Beaver Stadium, and it will be stored in an unnamed "secure location," Penn State president Rodney Erickson announced. Erickson also said the Paterno name will remain on the university’s library.

What age did Paterno die?


85 years (1926–2012)

Joe Paterno / Age at death

How did Sara Ganim find out about Sandusky?

Ganim, a Penn State grad and a football fan herself, knew her way around the university’s online message boards. There she quickly found gossip about Sandusky getting too friendly with young boys.

How did Sandusky get caught?


Sandusky was caught when a young graduate assistant witnessed him sexually abusing a boy in a shower. The young witness then recounted the incident to Joe Paterno and two campus authorities. But they did nothing to alert the authorities.

Who did Sandusky assault?

Feb. 9, 2001. Around 9-9:30 p.m., Michael McQueary, a graduate assistant with the football program, said he observed an incident of “sexual nature” between a prepubescent boy and Sandusky. McQueary says he shut his locker, moved toward the two males and saw them separate from each other.

Where did Joe Paterno die?


State College, PA

Joe Paterno / Place of death

Is Joe Paterno Dead?


Deceased (1926–2012)

Joe Paterno / Living or Deceased

What happened to Jay Paterno?

Also active in politics, Paterno unsuccessfully sought the Democratic Party nomination for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania in 2014. He is currently a member of the Penn State Board of Trustees.

What happened to the Paterno statue?


On July 22, 2012, six months after Paterno’s death, the university announced it had removed the statue and "store[d] it in a secure location", citing that it had become a "source of division and an obstacle to healing".

When was Joe Paterno’s last game?

Oct. 29, 2011

409 in 2011. The weather on Oct. 29, 2011 was brutal.

What did Sandusky do?


In 2011, following a two-year grand jury investigation, Sandusky was arrested and charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse of young boys over a 15-year period from 1994 to 2009. He met his molestation victims through The Second Mile; they were participating in the organization.

How old is Sue Paterno?


82 years (February 14, 1940)

Sue Paterno / Age

How old is Sandusky?


78 years (January 26, 1944)

Jerry Sandusky / Age

Who broke the Sandusky scandal?


Sara Elizabeth Ganim

Sara Elizabeth Ganim (born September 9, 1987) is an American journalist, now a correspondent for CNN. Previously she was a reporter for The Patriot-News, a daily newspaper in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There she broke the story that featured the Sandusky scandal and the Second Mile charity.

Who broke the Joe Paterno story?

David Newhouse

David Newhouse, who as the editor guided The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa., to a Pulitzer Prize for breaking the story that led to the conviction of the Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky for sexually abusing young boys, and to the firing of Joe Paterno, the school’s revered head football coach, died …

Who reported Sandusky?

Mike McQueary: He was the first Penn State employee to report Sandusky. He won $12.3 million as part of a lawsuit against the university, where he alleged he was wrongfully terminated. Bill O’Brien: He led the Nittany Lions in the aftermath of the scandal, one of the tallest tasks in college football history.

Is Jerry Sandusky still married?


Jerry Sandusky is a happily married man. He married in 1966 to Dottie Sandusky. The couple has six children together. The children are Jeff Sandusky, Kara Sandusky, Jon Sandusky, Matt Davidson, Ray Sandusky, and E. J. Sandusky.

Who is Joe Paterno’s wife?

  1. Suzanne Pohland m. 1962–2012
  2. Sue Paterno m. 1962–2012

Joe Paterno/Wife

Where is Joe Paterno buried?


January 25, 2012

Joe Paterno / Date of burial

What happened to Joe Paterno wife?

Years after Paterno’s firing and his death, Sue Paterno in 2018 is still fighting to maintain her late husband’s legacy. Sue may not have been a coach, but she had a big role in the team. She tutored players, counseled parents, and often offered advice to her husband.

Why was coach Paterno fired?

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Joe Paterno, who has the most victories of any coach in major college football history, was fired by Penn State on Wednesday night in the wake of a sexual abuse scandal involving a prominent former assistant coach and the university’s failure to act to halt further harm.

How old is Joe Paterno’s wife?

He often doesn’t deliver over-the-top praise about his Nittany Lions, but he glows about his 69-year-old wife. “I think people don’t realize how much she’s done for this place,” the 82-year-old Paterno said in a separate interview at his office.

Is Joe Paterno statue back up?


The university also removed a statue of Paterno outside its football stadium. Penn State spokesman Lawrence Lokman said there are no plans to reinstall it, something Joe Paterno’s supporters have sought.

What is Joe Paterno’s legacy?

He built the football team into a powerhouse, leading the Nittany Lions to undefeated seasons in 1968, 1969 and 1973. In 1982, he won his first national championship. In 1986 he won another. He was named National Coach of the Year five times, and he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

Did Joe Paterno get his wins back?

A settlement on Jan. 16, 2015, between college athletics’ governing body and the university, restored 111 Paterno wins and one win by Tom Bradley that were erased from the record books during the fallout from the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal.

Who was Joe Paterno’s last win against?

Illinois kicker Derek Dimke, who hadn’t missed a field goal attempt all year, knocked his kick off the right upright, giving Paterno his 409th win to break Robinson’s record. Little did the world know, the win would be JoePa’s last.

Who was Joe Paterno’s final win against?

19 Penn State scored the game-winning touchdown with 1:08 left to defeat Illinois 10-7 and give Joe Paterno his record-setting 409th career win. It would also be the last and final game for the longtime coach as he was fired on Nov. 9, 2011, in wake of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case.

How old is Nick Saben?


70 years (October 31, 1951)

Nick Saban / Age

Is author Heather Paterno related to Joe Paterno?

Heather Paterno is a family law practitioner, advocate for children, a professor, and an author. She is an attorney who focuses on families and children’s issues and a court-appointed guardian ad litem. … Heather Paterno Wiki.

Full Name / Real NameHeather Lynn Paterno
Height in Feet5 ft 6 in
Height in Meter1.68 meters

How tall is Sandusky?


6′ 3″

Jerry Sandusky / Height

Why did Jerry Sandusky retire?

When asked his reasons for retiring, Sandusky noted that he wanted to spend more time with his charity, The Second Mile, a nonprofit organization that he founded in 1977 for the purpose of providing early intervention to vulnerable children.

What happened at Penn State University?


The Penn State child sex abuse scandal concerned allegations and subsequent convictions of child sexual abuse committed by Jerry Sandusky, an assistant coach for the Penn State Nittany Lions football team, over a period of at least fifteen years.

Where is Mike McQueary today?

Having won a significant monetary settlement from the university after winning a wrongful discharge case in 2016, McQueary is living in northern Virginia and has equity stakes in several business ventures.

What happened to Jerry Sandusky’s son?

Jerry Sandusky’s son was sentenced to 3 1/2 to 7 years of state prison time after pleading guilty to underage sex abuse charges. Jeffrey S. Sandusky, 42, was arrested in February amid allegations that he requested nude photos from two underage females in March 2013.

What happened to Jeffrey Sandusky?

Jeffrey Sandusky, the son of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, was sentenced to three-and-a-half to six years in Pennsylvania state prison after pleading guilty to sex abuse charges after he requested naked photos from two underage girls in March 2013.

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