What movies did jennifer beals play in

What else has Jennifer Beals been in?

Beals has appeared in several notable films including Devil in a Blue Dress (1995), The Last Days of Disco (1998), Roger Dodger (2002), The Book of Eli (2010), and Before I Fall (2017).

What is Jennifer Beals famous for?


Jennifer Beals is an American actress who launched to stardom with the lead role in the 1983 hit ‘Flashdance. ‘ She also starred on ‘The L Word. ‘

Was Jennifer Beals on Blue Bloods?

Then there is its star, Jennifer Beals — like Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods, a former ’80s icon now playing the top cop of a major American urban centre (see sidebar).

How old was Jennifer Beals in The L Word?

58 years (December 19, 1963)

Jennifer Beals / Age

Is Bette Porter black?

Bette is a biracial, lesbian director of an art museum and is one of the more aggressive characters. Though she is an attractive and very well-to-do mixed Latina (this is the word used on the show) and black, she is also ethnically ambiguous and could pass as white.

Who is Jennifer Beals married to?

  1. Ken Dixon m. 1998
  2. Alexandre Rockwell m. 1986–1996

Jennifer Beals/Spouse

How old is Jennifer Beal?

58 years (December 19, 1963)

Jennifer Beals / Age

How old is Jessica Biel now?

Biel is 38, and has given birth to her second child. She was born on March 3, 1982, in the small city of Ely, Minnesota.

Is Jennifer Beals vegan?

Like many people with perfect complexions, Beals believes that first and foremost, good skin comes from what you put in your body. "I’m not a drinker or a smoker," she says, "And, I’m 99.9% vegan." (She does admit to the rare day when "nothing but a hamburger will do.") However, that’s not the full story.

Where is Jennifer Beals today?

Jennifer Beals, 57, is an actress and producer who appeared in “Flashdance,” “Devil in a Blue Dress” and the TV series “The Last Tycoon.” She currently stars on Showtime’s “The L Word: Generation Q.” She spoke with Marc Myers.

Who is Jessica Beals mother?

Jeanne Anderson

Jennifer Beals / Mother

Can Jennifer Beals dance?

Still, Jennifer was quick to point out that she did do some of her own dancing because she can also cut a rug, OK? "I mean, I probably was a better field hockey player, but I could dance. I was relatively coordinated and I took dance classes, but I never would have thought of myself as a dancer. But I love to dance."

Is Jessica Beals married?

  1. Ken Dixon m. 1998
  2. Alexandre Rockwell m. 1986–1996

Jennifer Beals/Spouse

How did The L Word end?

In the final season of The L Word, Jenny was found dead in the pool at Bette Porter and Tina Kennard’s house. After the discovery, the plot shifted into a whodunnit as police realized each of her friends had a motive in wanting to kill her for her.

Why did Dana leave The L Word?

One of the most heartbreaking story lines throughout The L Word’s 2004-2009 run was during season 3 when Erin Daniels’ Dana developed breast cancer and died.

What is Shane from The L Word doing now?

She played a recurring role on Grown-ish on Freeform as Professor Paige Hewson in season 2 and 3. She reprised her role as Shane McCutcheon in The L Word: Generation Q in 2019. Moennig currently hosts podcast PANTS with close friend and fellow L Word star, Leisha Hailey.

Why did Bette and Tina get divorced?

By the time of Generation Q, set over ten years after Jenny’s death, Bette and Tina have separated again. Dialogue reveals that at some point, Bette and Tina eventually got married, but got divorced after Tina fell in love with another woman, Carrie.

Who is Angie’s father L Word?

Marcus Allenwood: Portrayed by Mark Gibson. Season 1. Tina Kennard’s sperm donor, and the biological father of Angelica Porter-Kennard.

Who did Bette cheat on Tina with?


Bette subsequently begins an affair with Candace to fulfill her sexual desires. When Tina discovers what is going on, she flies into a rage and, in the ensuing fight, Bette violently rapes Tina in an attempt to assert her dominance. Though Tina eventually submits, she leaves Bette and moves out.

Does Jennifer Beals have a child?

Seven years into their married life, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ella Dixon in October 2005. Beals’ spokesperson told People at the time, “The family is very happy and Jennifer and the baby are doing great.” Beals too spoke about her bundle of joy.

Where was Flashdance filmed?

Much of the film was shot in locations in and around Pittsburgh. In the opening sequence, Alex (Beals) begins riding her bicycle on Warren Street at the intersection of Catoma Street.

Is Jennifer Beals pregnant?

JENNIFER BEALS PREGNANT "Flashdance" star Jennifer Beals has announced she’s pregnant with her first child. A representative for the actress has confirmed to People magazine that the 41-year-old actress is expecting her first child in November.

How old is Leisha Hailey?

50 years (July 11, 1971)

Leisha Hailey / Age

How tall is Jennifer Beals?

5′ 8″

Jennifer Beals / Height

How old is Jennifer Connelly?

51 years (December 12, 1970)

Jennifer Connelly / Age

Did Jessica Biel play soccer?

Biel’s family moved frequently during her childhood, living in Texas, Connecticut, and Woodstock, Illinois, before finally settling in Boulder, Colorado. While growing up, Biel played soccer and trained as a level six gymnast. From 2000 to 2002, she attended Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

How much is Jennifer Biel worth?

Jessica Biel Net Worth

Net Worth:$250 Million
Date of Birth:Mar 3, 1982 (40 years old)
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession:Actor, Model, Singer, Film Producer

Does Justin Timberlake have kids?

  1. Silas Randall Timberlake
  2. Phineas Timberlake

Justin Timberlake/Children

How can I contact Jennifer Beals?

Contact SpeakerBookingAgency today at 1-888-752-5831 to book Jennifer Beals for a virtual event, virtual meeting, virtual appearance, virtual keynote speaking engagement, webinar, video conference or Zoom meeting.

How old was Jennifer Beals in the movie Flashdance?


Beals was bookish, not a stage school kid, and it is not obvious how she landed the role of the welder turned dancer Alex in Flashdance when she was 18.

Did Jennifer Beals do all the dancing in Flashdance?

Jennifer Beals didn’t actually do any of the dancing scenes herself. Dancer Marine Jahan was her body double for all the dancing scenes, and even appeared in the video for "Maniac." Alex’s leap through the air in the audition scene was also done by gymnast Sharon Shapiro, and the break-dancing was done by Crazy Legs.

Where did Jennifer Beals go to college?

  1. Yale University
  2. William Esper Studio Inc
  3. Francis W. Parker School

Jennifer Beals/Education

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