What you talking bout willis

Where does the phrase What you talkin bout Willis come from?

As Arnold Jackson, Gary Coleman popularized the catchphrase "Wha’choo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?" in the show Diff’rent Strokes.

What are you talkin about Willis?

What does it mean to call someone Willis?

American Baby Names Meaning: In American Baby Names the meaning of the name Willis is: Resolute protector; will.

Who is Snoop Dogg playing on diff’rent strokes?

The biggest shocker was hip hop icon Snoop Dogg starring as Willis’ friend Vernon They re-created Season 1, Episode 17, "Willis’ Privacy." The episode explores Willis’ desire for privacy and a fight between him and Arnold (Kevin Hart).

Was Kevin Hart in diff’rent strokes?

Hart played Arnold in the Diff’rent Strokes episode, taking over the role made famous by the late Gary Coleman. In Diff’rent Strokes, Arnold is the youngest child in the family, and Coleman originated the role when he was just 10 years old.

Is Dana Plato still alive?

May 8, 1999

Dana Plato / Date of death

How old is Arnold on diff’rent strokes?


But then, they got to the Diff’rent Strokes episode, with a height-challenged, fortysomething Kevin Hart playing 8-year-old Arnold – a role immortalized by the late Gary Coleman.

Is Willis a German name?

Willis is a surname of English, Norman French, and Scottish origin.

Where does the name Willis come from?

Willis is a name of ancient Norman origin. It arrived in England with the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Willis family lived in Berkshire. Their name is derived from the Old English word welle, meaning well, and indicates the original bearer’s residence near such a facility.

Is Willis a first name?

Willis Origin and Meaning The name Willis is a boy’s name. A common surname almost never used in recent times.

Who played Willis on live?

Who’s playing Willis in Diff’rent Strokes Live? Damon Wayans is taking on the role of Arnold’s older brother—and no offense to Wayans, but when we say older, uh, we mean it! While the two characters were not quite yet teenagers during Diff’rent Strokes’ first season in 1978, Wayans is 61 years old.

Was Kim Fields on Different Strokes?

Kim Fields – As the character Tootie Ramsey, Kim Fields made five appearances on Diff’rent Stokes. Following her nearly decade-run on the popular comedy The Facts of Life, Fields went on to star as Regine Hunter on Living Single.

How old was Gary Coleman when he started diff’rent strokes?


The exceptionally bright, talented and self-confident Coleman was 10 when “Diff’rent Strokes” debuted on NBC in 1978.

Is Conrad Bain still alive?

January 14, 2013

Conrad Bain / Date of death

How old is Todd Bridges today?

56 years (May 27, 1965)

Todd Bridges / Age

Where did the saying what you talkin bout Willis come from?

As Arnold Jackson, Gary Coleman popularized the catchphrase "Wha’choo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?" in the show Diff’rent Strokes.

Did the cast of diff’rent strokes get along?

When Diff’rent Strokes first kicked off, the actors got along like family. Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges really treated each other as brothers and would often prank their producers.

What happened to Adelaide on diff’rent strokes?

Nedra Volz, a character actress remembered for her early 1980s’ roles as housekeeper Adelaide Brubaker on the popular television comedy "Diff’rent Strokes" and postmistress Miz Emma Tisdale on "The Dukes of Hazzard," has died. She was 94. Volz died Jan. 20 in Mesa, Ariz., of complications of Alzheimer’s disease.

Why is there no Postal 3?

On August 25, 2012 developer and Postal franchise owner Running with Scissors removed Postal III from their store, stating that it was "in the best interest of the Postal Community" and encouraged gamers to instead purchase their earlier titles, stating that they are "a far superior product for a lot less money".

Is Postal Dude a villain?

Postal Dude Jr. is the villainous main protagonist and playable character of the controversial Postal video game franchise. He is voiced by Vince Desi in Postal, Rick Hunter in Postal 2 and it’s expansions, Corey Cruise in Postal III and Postal: Brain Damaged, and Jon St. John in Postal 4: No Regerts.

How do you get Krotchy?

The Krotchy Doll is first sold at Toyz ‘n tha Hood. One of the errands the Postal Dude must complete on Thursday is to get one of these dolls. When the Dude arrives at Paradise Mall, Krotchy tells him there are no more dolls left, but that he can get instead a Larry the Crab doll.

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