What’s miranda sings real name

In the realm of YouTube stardom, "Miranda Sings" has captured the hearts of millions with her unique, comically untalented persona. But beneath the red lipstick and exaggerated vocal quirks lies a real name – that of Colleen Ballinger. Let’s delve into the world of Miranda Sings, discovering her true identity and the fascinating details that surround her.

Colleen Ballinger: The Woman Behind Miranda Sings

Colleen Ballinger, Miranda Sings and the unraveling of an online fandom

Colleen Mae Ballinger, born on November 21, 1986, in Santa Barbara, California, is the creative genius who brought Miranda Sings to life. Raised in Santa Barbara and homeschooled during her middle school years, Colleen’s upbringing reflects her unconventional comedic style.

Miranda Sings: A YouTube Phenomenon

Colleen Ballinger Bio: Meet the Woman Behind

In 2008, Colleen Ballinger introduced the world to the character of Miranda Sings on her YouTube channel aptly named "Miranda Sings." Miranda is portrayed as an aspiring star who hilariously believes she’s destined for fame, despite a lack of evident talent.

Miranda Sings’ Real Age

As of 2019, Colleen Ballinger is 33 years old. Her creation, Miranda Sings, has been a part of the YouTube landscape for over a decade, making her character 12 years old.

Miranda Sings’ Gender Reveal

In a surprising twist, Colleen Ballinger, the 34-year-old YouTube personality behind Miranda Sings, shared her excitement about expecting a baby boy and girl.

Colleen Ballinger’s Personal Life


Colleen Ballinger and her husband, Erik Stocklin, have made headlines with their expanding family. They already have a 2-year-old son, Flynn Timothy Stocklin, and are now expecting twins – a girl and a boy.

The Ballinger Family’s Net Worth

The Ballinger family, with their combined online presence, has built a substantial net worth. Their estimated worth stands at $4.5 million USD. Their YouTube channel generates significant revenue through ads.

Miranda’s Book and Netflix Series

Colleen Ballinger, in Miranda’s comical voice, authored two best-selling books, "Selp-Helf" in 2015 and "My Diarrhe" in 2018. Her husband, Erik Stocklin, is an actor who has shared her journey.

Colleen’s Extended Family

Colleen Ballinger’s sister-in-law, Jessica Ballinger, is a well-known comedian and actress. She and her husband, Christopher Ballinger, have six children, including their latest addition, Theodore "Teddy" Ballinger.

Colleen’s Twins’ Arrival

In a recent YouTube video, Colleen revealed that she and Erik Stocklin had twins, a boy, and a girl. The babies arrived seven weeks early via an emergency cesarean section, marking a remarkable chapter in the Ballinger family’s story.


"Miranda Sings" may be a fictional character, but her creator, Colleen Ballinger, is a real person with a fascinating life and growing family. The Ballinger family’s influence on YouTube and their net worth highlight the impact of internet stardom. Despite Miranda’s humorous antics, the story of Colleen Ballinger and her family is a testament to the diverse and dynamic world of online entertainment.

Discover the woman behind the character, Colleen Mae Ballinger, who has crafted a comedic empire with the iconic Miranda Sings at its helm. Now, the next time someone asks, "What’s Miranda Sings’ real name?" you’ll have all the answers.

The Online Persona of Colleen Ballinger

Is Miranda Sings a Real Name?

  • A: No, Miranda Sings is not a real name. It’s the stage persona of Colleen Ballinger, a multi-talented American comedian, actor, singer, and YouTube sensation. Developed in 2008 for the Internet, Miranda Sings is a fictional character and not the actual name of the person behind this iconic character.

The Final Words: Miranda Sings is a renowned persona brought to life by Colleen Ballinger, making her a notable figure in the world of comedy and online entertainment.

Does Miranda Have a YouTube Channel?

Miranda once had a secondary YouTube channel known as "mirandavlogz," but she eventually discontinued its use. Colleen Ballinger, the talent behind Miranda, has her own YouTube channel under her real name, Colleen Ballinger (formerly known as PsychoSoprano).

Who is Miranda Sings & Colleen Ballinger?

  • Miranda Sings, also known as Colleen Ballinger on YouTube, is a multifaceted American talent. She’s an accomplished YouTuber, actress, comedian, writer, and singer. Miranda is celebrated for her exceptional comedy skills and captivating acting abilities. Her online presence, characterized by a unique and eccentric personality, has made her an internet sensation, known for her side-splitting talent.

Who Plays Miranda Sings in ‘Mirfandas’?

  • Ballinger has portrayed Miranda Sings live for over a decade. Her live shows are typically one-woman productions that have toured extensively within the United States and abroad. Ballinger notes that her character’s fanbase, referred to as Mirfandas, primarily consists of teenagers and children, but it also includes adults.

Is Miranda Sings Based on a Real Person?

  • The genesis of the character Miranda Sings traces back to Colleen Ballinger, the character’s creator. Colleen drew inspiration from young women she encountered during her college years at Azusa Pacific University, particularly those in the performance department.

What is Miranda’s Last Name in Haters Back Off?

  • In the series "Haters Back Off," the main character, portrayed by Colleen Ballinger, is named Miranda Sings. However, her last name is not explicitly mentioned within the show.

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