Where does billy horschel live

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Billy Horschel
Personal information
ResidenceJacksonville Beach, Florida
SpouseBrittany Nelson ​ ( m. 2010)​

Where is Billy Horschel from?


Grant-Valkaria, FL

Billy Horschel / Place of birth

Grant-Valkaria is a town in Brevard County, Florida. The town’s population was 3,850 at the 2010 United States Census. Grant-Valkaria is located south of Melbourne, between Palm Bay and Sebastian. It is part of the Palm Bay–Melbourne–Titusville Metropolitan Statistical Area.

How old is horschel?


35 years (December 7, 1986)

Billy Horschel / Age

Who is Billy Horschel coach?


J.C. Deacon

Horschel was announced on Feb. 16 as the new volunteer assistant at the University of Florida, his alma mater, where he joins a staff that includes head coach J.C. Deacon and assistant Dudley Hart, a PGA Tour winner in his own right. Between Horschel and Hart, that’s eight Tour victories.

What is Billy Horschel career earnings?

Billy Horschel


Who is Billy Horschel caddie in 2021?

Everything To Know About Golfer Billy Horschel’s Caddie. Golfer Billy Horschel’s caddie Brian Dilley started caddying for him at the start of 2021.

Who does Billy Foster caddie for?

Billy Foster took up the role of Matt Fitzpatrick’s caddie in 2018 after he split with Lee Westwood. They had worked together for 10 years but both parties recognised they had gone as far as they could go.

What tournaments has Billy Horschel won?

Career Victories

  1. 2013 (1) Zurich Classic of New Orleans.
  2. 2014 (2) BMW Championship, TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola.
  3. 2017 (1) AT&T Byron Nelson.
  4. 2018 (1) Zurich Classic of New Orleans.
  5. 2021 (1) World Golf Championships-Dell Technologies Match Play.

How old is Brittany horschel?


34 years (December 8, 1987)

Brittany Horschel / Age

How long has Brittany horschel been sober?

Billy Horschel says wife Brittany is two years sober: ‘It’s been a long road’

Does Billy Horschel have a family?


We married in 2010 and our dreams came true when we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Skylar Lillian, in 2014. Skylar was born two days after I won the FedEx Cup. I guess my littlest supporter was waiting to let me finish the season. Our second daughter, Colbie Rae, joined our family on April 12, 2017.

How many PGA Tour wins does Billy Horschel have?

2022 PGA Tour Stats

B. Horschel68.90

What does Billy Horschel wear on his arm?

Glass, a lightweight wearable technology, has been worn by a number of players in the last year, including PGA TOUR winners Billy Horschel and Jordan Spieth.

What is Billy Horschel world ranking?


World Golf Ranking4.522
All Around Ranking33413
FedExCup Points49658
FedExCup Season Points49658

Who sponsors Billy Horschel?

BDO USA, a mid-market accounting and consulting firm, has chosen six-time PGA Tour winner Billy Horschel as their first US golf brand ambassador.

What does caddy mean?

cad·​dy | \ ˈka-dē \ plural caddies. Definition of caddy (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a small box, can, or chest used especially to keep tea in. 2 : a container or device for storing or holding objects when they are not in use a caddy for pens.

Why has Justin Rose got a new caddy?

Rose has changed caddies for 2021 – David Clark replacing Gareth Lord – and also employed a physio to work with him at tournaments. “I work hard in the gym at home but sometimes on Tour I’ve not had that regular support to fine-tune the game,” he added. “Your golf swing is sometimes only as good as the body lets it be.

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