Where is erin hills golf course in wisconsin

What city is Erin Hills Golf Course in?

Erin Hills is a golf course in the north central United States, located in Erin, Wisconsin, in Washington County, 35 miles (55 km) northwest of Milwaukee. The course officially opened in 2006. … Erin Hills.

Club information
Length7,731 yards (7,069 m)
Course rating77.9
Slope rating145

What does it cost to play Erin Hills?

Click here for more details on Caddie gratuity and fees. * As a general rule, Erin Hills is a walking-only facility. All requests for limited use of a designated golf cart must be made at least two weeks prior to play and comply with the ADA Guest Cart Policy. … 2022 Green Fees & Rates.

18 Holes2022
Juniors (pre-high school graduation)$165

How hard is it to walk Erin Hills Golf Course?

The website for Erin Hills says to plan on a 4 hour, 55 minute round, and when the wind is blowing—and it often is—the walk can feel even more exhausting.

Do you need a Caddie at Erin Hills?

Erin Hills is a walking-only course, and push carts aren’t allowed. While using a caddie isn’t required, it’s highly recommended. Caddies cost $55 per player, with a suggested tip of $65.

What county is Erin WI in?

Washington County

The town of Erin is nestled in the beautiful Kettle Moraine area of Washington County in far southeastern Wisconsin.

How long is the walk at Erin Hills?

4 ERIN HILLS – Wisconsin, USA The rugged walking-only layout measures 7,845 yards (7,173 metres) from the tips, making it the second longest course used in US Open history.

How much do you tip a caddy at Erin Hills?

Recommended gratuity: $75 and up per player, based on level of service. Premium, Single-Bag Caddie (By request 72 hours before round): Service fee: $55. Recommended gratuity: $125 per player, based on level of service. Forecaddie Fee: $55 per group (can be split per player in golf shop).

Where is mammoth dunes?

Sand Valley Golf Resort – Mammoth Dunes Course in Nekoosa, Wisconsin, USA | GolfPass.

How much is a tee time at Whistling Straits?

Tee times can be made online by visiting Whistling Straits’ website, or by calling the reservation team at (855) 444-2838. In the high season (roughly June through mid-October) you can expect to spend $485 on green fees alone at the Straits course.

Is Whistling Straits walkable?

Distinguishing features: The Straits The Straits is a walking course only; walking distance for 18 holes on The Straits is approximately 5 miles, Caddies required (prior to twilight).

What does it cost to golf at Whistling Straits?

Green fee at Whistling Straits is $410 with caddie fee of $65 and recommended tip of $50. Did you know it costs $550 to play at Pebble Beach if you are staying at the resort? over a year ago.

Can you wear shorts at Erin Hills?

Acceptable golf shirts at Erin Hills must have a collar, either a traditional fold-down, a raised crew neck, or mock turtleneck collar that clearly differentiates it from a tee shirt. No denim of any kind is allowed. Shorts must be Bermuda length. No gym shorts are allowed.

What tees should I play at Erin Hills?

“Favor the right side off the tee as the fairway slopes left. There is more room than appears between the front bunker and the green.” The back tees of this hole make it play more as a cape hole, with the forward tees making it more straight-away.

Can I play at Erin Hills?

Experience all Erin Hills has to offer in golf, dining, and hospitality when you stay and play.

Is Whistling Straits a difficult golf course?

Whistling Straits in Kohler — the site of the 2015 PGA Championship — is the most difficult golf course in America, according to Golf.com, which called it “golf’s version of a slaughterhouse.” Whistling Straits topped the list of “The 9 Most Difficult Courses in America — and What You Would Shoot There.”

Is Pebble Beach walkable?

Can you walk around Pebble Beach golf course? – Quora. , I play a lot of golf! Certainly if you make a tee time and pay the $575 green fee, you can walk around the course. It’s better if you have golf clubs.

Why is Whistling Straits so hard?

From the tips, Whistling Straits is one of the most difficult courses I’ve ever stepped on. With strong winds, seemingly more sand than grass, plenty of length, and penalizing fescue lining the fairways, you better bring your ‘A’ game to contend with the mighty Straits.

What do you tip a golf caddy?

According to Whidden, a caddie should be tipped about 40 to 50 percent of the green fee. And the group should split the forecaddie tip evenly, usually between $50 and $100 in total.

Which is better Sand Valley or Mammoth Dunes?

While Mammoth Dunes may be more visually stunning, the better course over time might be Sand Valley because of its subtle design features. If you only had one round to play you would pick Mammoth Dunes, but if you had 10 rounds to play you would play Sand Valley 6 out of 10 rounds.

How much does it cost to play Mammoth Dunes?

What’s your budget? How long can you stay? High-season green fees at Sand Valley are $225 for Sand Valley and Mammoth Dunes and $65 for the Sandbox, compared with $345 for the five regulation courses at Bandon Dunes and $100 for Bandon Preserve. None of these prices include a caddie or taxes.

How long does it take to play the sandbox at Sand Valley?

Average pace of play on the Sandbox is 2 hours.

Can you wear shorts at Whistling Straits?

Whistling Straits Golf Course dress code includes proper golf attire and must be adhered to at all times throughout the day. No jeans, t-shirts, or cargo shorts or pants are permitted.

What is the grass at Whistling Straits?


Mike Lee doesn’t have that luxury when he has a problem with the fairways at Whistling Straits, the site of next month’s PGA Championship. The fairways’ primary grass is fescue, which is a rarity on golf courses. Most fairways on new courses are Bentgrass. “It’s tricky,” said Lee, the manager for all four Kohler Co.

What kind of grass does Whistling Straits golf course use?


The fairways and primary rough at both Whistling Straits courses are a blend of three fescue cultivars, according to the resort website, while the deep rough is a blend of four. A cultivar is a variety of plant, in this case fescue, created by selective breeding.

Is Spyglass Hill easier than Pebble Beach?

In my opinion, Spyglass Hill is a much tougher course than Pebble Beach. It is definitely a target rich barkie environment. The wind is not as much of a factor as Pebble, but the fairways are very tight and you can find yourself blocked out if you are on the wrong side of the fairway.

Which is harder Spyglass or Pebble Beach?

When it comes to difficulty, even pros fear the uphill climbs and elevated greens at Spyglass Hill, one of the toughest courses annually on the PGA Tour. Pebble Beach ultimately wins the debate, though. The ocean is actually in play on its most famous holes, 7-8 and 17-18.

Do you need a caddie at Whistling Straits?

Walking caddies are highly recommended on the Straits and Irish but are not required.

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