Where was the movie just wright filmed


"This is like a New York production. So basically, the Jersey locations, we cheated." Latifah, who also serves as one of the producers, says the production was originally set in Chicago, then moved to Miami before it finally settled in New York (because of the tax incentives the state offered).

Is the movie Just Wright based on a true story?

"Just Wright" is obviously a fantasy and not based on any sort of reality. After all, there’s no way a player the size and stature of Lonnie Rashid Lynn — better known as Common — could be a dominant star in the National Basketball Association.

Who played Morgan in the movie Just Wright?

Paula Patton

JUST WRIGHT???), a physical therapist who’s constantly being put in the Friend Zone by the guys she dates. Her best friend, Morgan (Paula Patton) — the slender, beautiful girl who would usually be the main character here — is a vapid gold-digger intent on marrying an NBA star.

How old was common in Just Wright?


The role marks a significantly lighter turn for Common, 38, who has taken on smaller, muscular action roles in such films as “American Gangster,” “Wanted” and “Terminator Salvation.” It’s also the first time he’s been a leading man.

What is the movie Just Wright about?


Physical therapist Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) lands the dream job of working with basketball superstar Scott McKnight (Common). All goes well until Leslie finds that she is falling in love with him. Scott, however, is oblivious to Leslie’s romantic overtures and focuses his attention on Morgan (Paula Patton), Leslie’s gorgeous friend, who would love to be the basketball player’s trophy wife.

Just Wright / Film synopsis

Did Common play in the NBA?

Common, born Lonnie Lynn Jr., has been playing pickup basketball all his life. He’s the son of a former ABA player, and worked as a ballboy for the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls.

Did Common play basketball in the movie Just Wright?


“As much as you are competing—obviously it’s a competition and a game and a sport—but you’re still entertaining, too.” “Just Wright” stars Academy Award nominee Queen Latifah as a physical therapist (Leslie Wright) who gets the dream job of working with NBA All-Star Scott McKnight, played by Common.

How old is Leslie Wright in Just Wright?


In the film, Queen Latifah plays diehard New Jersey Nets fan Leslie Wright, a 35-year-old inner-city physical therapist who is passionate about her job, equally as passionate about finding the right man yet steadfast in her refusal to compromise her values along the way while her far more willing to compromise sister, …

Where does Leslie Meet Scott McKnight?

gas station

Leslie accidentally meets her prince, the basketball super-whiz Scott McKnight (the hip-hop star Common) at a gas station after a game in which he ostentatiously slam-dunks every shot. When Scott can’t find the gas cap on his new car, and Leslie shows it to him, he invites her to his birthday celebration.

How old is Queen Latifah now?


52 years (March 18, 1970)

Queen Latifah / Age

Who played Queen Latifah in Just Wright?


A Queen with a Common touch. Paula Patton, Queen Latifah and Common in "Just Wright." One reason people like Queen Latifah is that she likes herself. In most of her roles, she radiates cheer.

Why does Common call himself Common?

Following the popularity of Resurrection, Common Sense was sued by an Orange County-based reggae band with the same name, and was forced to shorten his moniker to simply Common.

Can Common the rapper play the piano?

After the release of One Day it Will All make Sense, Common decided to learn to play the piano and drums, and he took a music theory class and a course in the business of music in order to better appreciate his calling.

How tall is Common?


6′ 0″

Common / Height

What year did the movie Just Wright come out?


May 14, 2010 (USA)

Just Wright / Release date

What kind of car was in Just Wright?

Both movies feature Ford Mustang Mach 1 cars named Eleanor.

Is Just Wright on Disney plus?


Sparks fly in a surprising way for endearing physical therapist Queen Latifah in this romantic comedy. Get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. Get all three.

How old is Lonnie Lynn?


50 years (March 13, 1972)

Common / Age

How old is Common?


50 years (March 13, 1972)

Common / Age

Who produced the movie Just Wright?

  1. Queen Latifah
  2. Debra Martin Chase
  3. Shakim Compere

Just Wright/Producers

What is Just Wright rated?


Just Wright / MPAA rating

Who does Leslie end up with in Just Wright?


Scott McKnight

Just Wright is a 2010 American romantic comedy film directed by Sanaa Hamri, starring Queen Latifah and Common. The film tells the story of a physical therapist, Leslie Wright, who falls in love with a professional basketball player, Scott McKnight.

Who is Scott McKnight married to?



Personal life. McKnight and his wife, Kristen, a psychologist, live in Libertyville, Illinois and have two grown children.

Who is Queen Latifah biological daughter?


Meet Laya DeLeon Hayes, Queen Latifah’s On-Screen ‘Equalizer’ Daughter [Photos]

How much does Queen Latifa weight?

She has done in Many Television Series and Films. Queen Latifah has Received Several Awards and Nominations For her Films and Television Series Acting Performance. Queen Latifah Height 5′ 10″ Approx. to 178 cm and Weight 91 Kg Approx. to 200 Pounds.

What height is Queen Latifah?


5′ 10″

Queen Latifah / Height

How did Queen Latifah get her name?


When she was 8 years old, a Muslim cousin gave her the nickname Latifah, meaning "delicate and sensitive" in Arabic.

What rapper starred in Just Wright?

Rapper Common

Rapper Common becomes a leading man in ‘Just Wright’ Like many rappers, Common began his acting career playing thugs and sidekicks in action flicks like "Smokin’ Aces" and "Wanted." Now he’s making the jump to romantic lead in "Just Wright," which opens Friday.

What is the actor Common’s real name?


Common, byname of Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., (born March 13, 1972, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.), American hip-hop artist, actor, and activist who became a mainstream success in the early 21st century, known for intelligent and positive lyrics that were performed in a spoken-word style.

Where did rapper Common go to college?

  1. Florida A&M University
  2. Southern University and A&M College


Do any rappers play instruments?

When it comes to guitar-playing rappers, Post Malone is easily one of the best. Coming from the world of rock and metal, Posty has spent his career in hip-hop repping the instrument and the long line of players that influenced him.

Does Drake play guitar?

Actor-musician announces on Twitter that he is no longer able to play guitar. Drake Bell has revealed that a wrist injury will prevent him from ever playing guitar again.

What is Commons net worth?

Common Net Worth: Common is an American musician and actor who has a net worth of $45 million. … Common Net Worth.

Net Worth:$45 Million
Date of Birth:Mar 13, 1972 (49 years old)
Height:6 ft (1.84 m)
Profession:Actor, Rapper, Author, Model, Poet, Musician, Writer, Voice Actor

What is the height of Alicia Keys?


5′ 6″

Alicia Keys / Height

What is John Legend’s height?


5′ 9″

John Legend / Height

What does Just Wright Stream on?

Just Wright, a romantic comedy movie starring Queen Latifah, Common, and Paula Patton is available to stream now. Watch it on ROW8, Prime Video, Apple TV, VUDU or Vudu Movie & TV Store on your Roku device.

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