Who did dell curry play for

Who did Dell Curry play college ball for?


He went to school at Virginia Tech. He then played in the National Basketball Association from 1986 until 2002. Curry was selected 15th overall by the Utah Jazz in the 1986 NBA Draft. He also played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Hornets, and Toronto Raptors.

What teams has Steph Curry played for?


Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry / Current team (#30 / Point guard, Shooting guard)

The Golden State Warriors are an American professional basketball team based in San Francisco. The Warriors compete in the National Basketball Association, as a member of the league’s Western Conference Pacific Division.

How many NBA teams did Dell Curry play for?

Dell Curry played for the Jazz in 1986-87, the Cavaliers in 1987-88, the Hornets from 1988-89 to 1997-98, the Bucks in 1998-99 and the Raptors from 1999-00 to 2001-02. Not what you’re looking for?

Is Dell Curry a NBA champion?

Dell Curry didn’t win any championships in his career.

Where did Stephen Curry go to college?


Davidson College

Stephen Curry / College (2006–2009)

Davidson College is a private liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina. It enrolls 1,983 students from 48 states and 47 countries. Of those students, 95 percent live on campus, 73 percent study abroad and about 25 percent participate in 21 NCAA Division I sports. The college has graduated 23 Rhodes Scholars.

Is Dell Curry Steph Currys dad?


Stephen Curry’s father, Dell Curry, seemed like the proudest father in the world after he witnessed his son break the NBA record for career 3-pointers on Tuesday night.

How many all NBA teams has Stephen Curry made?

7 times

Stephen Curry has been selected for the All-NBA team 7 times in his career.

How many all NBA does Curry have?

An eight-time NBA All-Star, he has been named the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) twice and has won three NBA championships.

Who is Steph Curry’s wife?


Ayesha Curry

Stephen Curry / Wife (m. 2011)

Ayesha Disa Curry is a Canadian-American actress, entrepreneur, cookbook author, and cooking television personality. After guest roles in several television shows and movies, she began hosting her own show, Ayesha’s Homemade, on Food Network.

How did Stephen Curry get into the NBA?


His junior season did not feature any such postseason heroics, but his average of 28.6 points per game led the country, and he was named a consensus first-team All-American. He then entered the 2009 NBA draft, in which he was selected by the Warriors with the seventh overall pick.

Who is Steph Curry’s brother?


Seth Curry

Stephen Curry / Brother

Seth Adham Curry is an American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association. He played college basketball for one year at Liberty University before transferring to Duke. He is the son of former NBA player Dell Curry and the younger brother of NBA player Stephen Curry.

Who is Stephen Curry’s mom?


Sonya Curry

Stephen Curry / Mother

Sonya Alicia Curry is an American educator. She is the mother of basketball players "Steph" Curry and Seth Curry.

How many brothers does Steph Curry have?

The two brothers have gone up against each other many times in the NBA, and even went head-to-head in the 2019 Western Conference Finals when the Warriors swept the Portland Trail Blazers.

Who are Sonya Curry’s parents?

  1. Candy Adams
  2. Cleive Ester Adams

Sonya Curry/Parents

What did Steph Curry study?

Curry, who is majoring in sociology, according to his Davidson bio, led the mid-major Wildcats to the Elite Eight as the Cinderella of the 2008 NCAA tournament before falling to eventual champion Kansas.

How many years of college did Steph Curry do?


For starters, Curry’s path to the NBA does not look like many other superstars in today’s NBA, who were "one-and-done," spending just a year in college. Stephen Curry with Davidson. Curry played three seasons, between 2006 and 2009, for Davidson.

What is LeBron James real name?


LeBron James, in full LeBron Raymone James, byname King James, (born December 30, 1984, Akron, Ohio, U.S.), American professional basketball player who is widely considered one of the greatest all-around players of all time and who won National Basketball Association (NBA) championships with the Miami Heat (2012 and …

Where did Steph Curry’s dad play?


Dell Curry | Professional Career While at Virginia Tech, Dell played both basketball and baseball. But he put his focus on basketball later in his career. Dell’s NBA career started when he was selected as the 15th overall pick by the Utah Jazz in the NBA Draft for the year 1986.

Where did Steph Curry go to high school?

  1. Davidson College 2006–2009
  2. Charlotte Christian School

Stephen Curry/Education

Who is the best 3pt shooter of all time?

Top 15 Best 3 point shooters in NBA of All Time

  1. Top 1: Stephen Curry.
  2. Top 2: Klay Thompson.
  3. Top 3: Ray Allen.
  4. Top 4: Larry Bird.
  5. Top 5: Reggie Miller.
  6. Top 6: Kevin Durant.
  7. Top 7: Dirk Nowitzki.
  8. Top 8: Steve Kerr.

Who was drafted above Steph Curry?


4.KingsTyreke Evans
5.TimberwolvesRicky Rubio
6.TimberwolvesJonny Flynn
7.WarriorsStephen Curry

Did Steph Curry get rookie of the year?

As an NBA rookie, Curry was a bright spot for a 26-win Golden State team. Curry averaged 17.5 points, 5.4 assists and 4.9 rebounds per game, while shooting 43.7 percent from three. He finished second in the rookie of the year voting behind the Kings’ Tyreke Evans.

Are Steph and Ayesha Curry still married?


The couple, who have been married for 10 years, said their relationship has lasted so long because they know how to keep their spark alive. "For us, it’s just not forgetting to date each other, make the time to get dressed up and go out and do all the things. That’s what keeps it spicy," Ayesha told the outlet.

Did Steph Curry make history?

Steph Curry made the 3,000th three-pointer of his career during Tuesday’s game between the Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors.

What team drafted Seth Curry?



Seth Curry / NBA draft

Who is better Dell Curry or Stephen Curry?


But Stephen Curry has blown past his father Despite shooting better than 40% from three throughout a 16-year career, Dell doesn’t compare to his youngest son. Via LandofBasketball.com, Steph has the advantage in: Field-goal percentage (47.6-45.7) 3-point percentage (43.3-40.2)

Are the Currys brothers?


Seth Curry

Stephen Curry / Brother

Why did Sony Curry divorce Della?

The two sides accused each other of cheating. Dell claims Sonya committed "acts of illicit sexual misconduct while Sonya points out Dell’s marital misconduct as a reason for filing for divorce.

Are the Currys related?


Stephen Curry and Austin Rivers have known each other’s games well for years, but they’ve gotten to know each other on a more personal level. Reason being, their siblings are engaged to be married next year.

What is Dell Curry’s net worth 2021?

Dell Curry played professional basketball until 2001-02 and drew $2.1 million as his final season salary. Papa Curry was a prolific shooter and is still the second highest scorer for the Hornets, behind only Kemba Walker. According to Richest, Dell’s net worth as of August 2021 is $16.6 million.

What is Seth Curry’s real name?


Seth Adham Curry

Seth Curry / Full name

How tall was Dell Curry?


6′ 4″

Dell Curry / Height

Who is the oldest active NBA player?

1. Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem is the oldest current NBA player.

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