Who is the best 2k player

LeBron James is still listed atop the player rankings even though the title of him being the NBA’s best player is up for debate — especially after this season and the emergence of several young superstars. Kevin Durant, who presented his case to be a 99 overall earlier, is on par with James, which is probably accurate.

Who is the best 2K player in the world?

Top 100 Current Players on NBA 2K22

1.Giannis Antetokounmpo PF / C | 6’11” | MIL97
2.LeBron James SF / PG | 6’9″ | LAL96
3.Kevin Durant PF / SF | 6’10” | BKN96
4.Joel Embiid C | 7’0″ | PHI96

Who is the best player on NBA 2K21?

The two highest rated players on "NBA 2K21" were LeBron James and Curry, who both rated at 97.

Who is 2K Rating 99?


Some Hall of Famers are listed as well, with Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant all getting 99 ratings, and Shaquille O’Neal notably being the only player ever to get a 100 overall. All of these players were certainly deserving of the 99+ rating.

What is the best 2K build?


The 5 best builds in NBA 2K22

  1. 2) Sharpshooting facilitator. This build is primarily made for players that want to have a deadly three-point shot and still give some assists throughout the game. …
  2. 3) Two-way slasher. This build is probably the most all-rounded one on this list. …
  3. 4) Stretch four.

Was Kobe ever a 99?


Kobe Bryant’s first 99 overall rating came in ESPN NBA 2K5 That new title translated to ESPN NBA 2K5, where Bryant joined Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Garnett as a 99 overall.

What’s JA Morant 2K21 Rating?


93 OVR

Ja Morant: 93 OVR (+1) Desmond Bane: 82 OVR (-1) Steven Adams: 82 OVR (+1)

What position is best 2K21?

2-Way finisher Since the Playmaking Shot Creator is such a dominant scoring build this year, most of the best teams have one running at the point guard position. We recommend, if you want to make a pure defender, that you also put it in the PG position.

Is there a 100 overall in 2K?


In all 22 editions of the NBA 2K Games, there has only been one player in league history to have a perfect 100 overall rating – Shaquille O’Neal in the game NBA 2K2.

Who is the best player in 2K22?

NBA 2K22 PF ratings Antetokounmpo scores the honour of being NBA 2K22’s highest-rated international player, just ahead of Philadelphia center Joel Embiid (Cameroon) and Denver’s Nikola Jokic (Serbia).

What is the best build NBA 2K22?

With so many to choose from, here are the top five NBA 2K22 Builds for you! … Sharp Shooting Facilitator – Shooting Guard

  1. Position: Shooting Guard.
  2. Skill Breakdown Pie Chart: Shooting Primary Chart (70% Green)
  3. Main Attributes: MAX Shooting except for Post Fade, MAX Finishing, MAX Defense.
  4. Height: 6’2"

Was LeBron ever a 99?

Since NBA 2K11, LeBron James has been the highest rated player in every edition of the game. He was rated 99 in NBA 2K14 after two years of 97 overall, with his worst rating in the 2010s coming in 2014.

What is the max overall in 2K?

He is currently rated 99 overall in NBA 2K20 for the Chicago Bulls. … Who has the highest overall in 2K21?

1.Giannis Antetokounmpo97
3.Kawhi Leonard96
3.James Harden96
5.Stephen Curry95

What is Zions 2K rating?

Zion Williamson, the cover athlete of the NBA 2K21 game, is the only player from the 2019 Draft Class to have an 89 rating.

What is Westbrook 2K22 Rating?

The update wasn’t kind to everyone, including Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook. The guard dropped two points to 79, continuing a decline while his efficiency remains an issue for his team. James Harden is down to 90 overall following his trade to the Philadelphia 76ers, falling one point.

What is Lonzo ball 2K rating?

Rookies Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz both received an overall rating of 80, which is higher than any rookie in the game since John Wall received an overall rating of 81 ahead of the 2010-11 season, notes Yahoo! Sports.

What Agent Should I go with 2K21?

Fans. Baldwin is also great at marketing Playground players, which means that if you decide to spend the majority of your time on the Playground, then he is the right agent for you. Since this is more popular for the competitive online mode of NBA 2K21, you might want to go for Archie because of this feature.

What is Russell Westbrook 2k21 Rating?

Video game giant 2K drops Russell Westbrook’s ratings from 86 to 84 in NBA 2K22.

What overall is Coby white?


In a recap of the 2019 NBA Draft, The Ringer’s Jonathan Tjarks wrote these two lines about the Bulls No. 7 overall pick Coby White: “White could be the final piece on an interesting young lineup in Chicago. “

What overall is Alex Caruso?

Weight:186 lbs. / 84.4 kg. … Salary: $8,600,000.

2019/20Los Angeles Lakers73
2018/19Los Angeles Lakers68

Who has the lowest 2K rating?


Brian Scalabrine Had The Lowest Rating In NBA 2K History With 40.

Who has 99 overall in NBA?


Zion Williamson says Lakers’ LeBron James is a 99 overall on NBA 2K22.

Who was the first 99 overall in 2K?


Kevin Garnett

NBA 2K cover star Allen Iverson was a 97 in 1999, but the game was soon taken over by Kevin Garnett, the first-ever NBA 2K 99 overall, Shaq and Kobe Bryant.

Who is the best player in 2K15?

LeBron James

NBA 2K15 Player Ratings

1.LeBron James98
2.Kevin Durant95
3.Chris Paul91
4.Tim Duncan90

Is there a 99 overall in 2K22?

Once all of the attributes are maxed out, players will notice that their player is still only 95 overall. In the current-gen version of NBA 2K22, 95-99 overall players will receive a +4 to their attributes, but like previous years, they will have to perform well each game to maintain the overall.

Who has the lowest overall in 2K 22?

NBA 2K22: 5 Players Rated Too High (& 5 Rated Too Low)

  1. 3 Too Low: Russell Westbrook (86)
  2. 4 Too High: Kyle Anderson (78) …
  3. 5 Too Low: Anthony Edwards (81) …
  4. 6 Too High: Michael Porter Jr. …
  5. 7 Too Low: Andre Drummond (79) …
  6. 8 Too High: Kristaps Porzingis (84) …
  7. 9 Too Low: Dwyane Wade (97) …
  8. 10 Too High: Donte DiVincenzo (78) …

Is Reggie Miller in 2K?


Reggie Miller is among the very best players who ever played for the Pacers franchise and had been selected as a member of the All-Time Indiana Pacers NBA team by 2K. He plays at the Shooting Guard position in this All-Time team.

Who is the best 2K YouTuber?


HankDaTank is one of the most popular NBA 2K YouTubers out there, with more than 785K subscribers and tons of awesome gameplay guides and tips. Chris Smoove is another popular 2K20 YouTuber, with dedicated My Career tutorials to help you seriously up your game. Be sure to vote up the best NBA 2K20 channels on YouTube.

How do you dunk in 2K21 dunk Contest?

How do you do crazy dunks in 2K21?

Why can’t my player dunk 2K21?

A reason you may not be dunking is that you are not pressing the right buttons. Just pressing the shoot button as you are running at the basket can result in a dunk but you can tell NBA 2K21 which dunk you would like to do instead of it choosing for you.

Should I go with Archie or Harper 2K21?

Archie is the right choice if you want to spend your time in the Park, as you will earn fans quicker and keep a lot of your VC. Harper makes more sense if you want to focus on the NBA though.

Who is Hendrix Cobb 2K21?

Hendrix Cobb is a friendly rival of the main character in the MyCareer mode of NBA 2K21, the basketball simulator game that incorporates the likenesses of nearly the entire 2019-2020 NBA, WNBA, and G League rosters.

How do you green in 2K21?

When you begin holding either square or X, depending on your platform, you will notice a shot meter bar that pops up right next to your slyer. What you want to do is fill it up until it begins to flash green. Then, you can let go. This way, you will hit perfect green shots in NBA 2k21.

How much VC do you need to get 85 2K22?

Besides, How much VC does it cost to get to 85 2K21? Just bear in mind if you don’t purchase VC separately, it’ll take about 170,000 VC to get your rating from roughly 60 to 85 – and that can be a grind.

What is rebirth 2K22?


Rebirth will give your MyPlayer builds a headstart. It boosts a MyPlayer to a higher overall rating and/or skips past MyPOINTS levels, depending on the console. For 2K22 on current-gen consoles, it allows the MyPlayer to skip 10 pre-completed MyPOINTS levels.

What was LeBron’s first 2K?


One player who has always ranked highly in the game is, of course, LeBron James, who was rated 78 as a rookie by NBA 2K, 88 as a sophomore and then never fell back below 94.

What overall is Zion in 2K22?



On NBA 2K22, the Current Version of Zion Williamson has an Overall 2K Rating of 89 with a Build of a Slashing Four.

What is Carmelo 2K rating?

Salary: $2,641,691

2017/18Oklahoma City Thunder84
2016/17New York Knicks88
2015/16New York Knicks88
2014/15New York Knicks89

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