Who is the nets all time leading scorer


Brook Lopez · 10,444

Nets/NBA all-time/Most points/Player

Who is the Nets franchise leading scorer?


Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez is the career points leader of the Brooklyn Nets with 10,444 points.

Who is the best Nets player of all time?

1. Julius Erving. Erving is a critical piece of the franchise’s only two championships. Despite never winning an NBA championship, Erving led the Nets to a title in 1974 and 1976.

Which current Bucks big man is the all time leading scorer in Nets franchise history?

Lopez played for the Nets for nine seasons and is the franchise’s all-time leading scorer. He was selected to play in his first NBA All-Star Game in 2013. … Brook Lopez.

No. 11 – Milwaukee Bucks
Selected by the New Jersey Nets
Playing career2008–present
Career history
2008–2017New Jersey / Brooklyn Nets

Who was number 1 on the Brooklyn Nets?

Bruce Brown


Bruce Brown SG220 lbs

Who is best player on Brooklyn Nets?

Joe Harris had the highest plus-minus for the Nets in 2020-21, at +350.

Kevin Durant2020-217.1
Kyrie Irving2020-214.8
Nicolas Claxton2020-215.2
James Harden2020-218.5

Who has the most triple doubles in Nets history?

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd has gotten the most career triple-doubles for the New Jersey Nets, with 61 triple-doubles.

How old is Brooks Lopez?


33 years (April 1, 1988)

Brook Lopez / Age

Who is the best Toronto Raptor of all time?

  1. Anthony Parker. SG/SF – 6’6, 215 lbs.
  2. Danny Green. SG – 6’6, 215 lbs. …
  3. Andrea Bargnani. C/PF – 7’0, 245 lbs. …
  4. Tracy McGrady. SF/SG – 6’8, 210 lbs. …
  5. Donyell Marshall. PF/SF – 6’9, 218 lbs. …
  6. Lou Williams. G – 6’1, 175 lbs. …
  7. Patrick Patterson. PF – 6’9, 230 lbs. …
  8. Jerome Williams. SF/PF – 6’9, 206 lbs. Raptor from 2000-01 to 2003-04. …

What player has played the most games in a Nets uniform?

Nets All-Time Leaders: Total Season Games Played – Top 50

PlayerSeason Games
1.Buck Williams635
2.Brook Lopez562
3.Mike Gminski550
4.Jason Collins532

Who is Bucks starter?

Milwaukee Bucks Depth Chart

Grayson AllenWesley MatthewsKhris Middleton
Khris MiddletonGrayson AllenWesley Matthews
Giannis AntetokounmpoBobby PortisSerge Ibaka DD
Brook LopezBobby PortisSerge Ibaka DD

Where is Buck Williams now?


Potomac, Md.

Williams, who lives in Potomac, Md., with his wife of 36 years, Mimi, keeps busy selling real estate, about 80 percent of it residential. “I love what I’m doing,” he says.

How old is Buck Williams?


62 years (March 8, 1960)

Buck Williams / Age

Who wears 25 on the Nets?


Number 25 has been retired by the Nets for Bill Melchionni, who starred for the Nets when they were an ABA franchise, winning two titles and making three All-Star teams. Melchionni played for the Nets from 1969-76.

Is Kyrie going to play?

Irving will be playing in his first game at home of the 2021-22 NBA season. Kyrie Irving is not on the injury report for Sunday’s game between the Charlotte Hornets and Brooklyn Nets. Irving will be playing in his first game at home of the 2021-22 NBA season.

What number is Kevin Durant?



Kevin Durant / Number (Brooklyn Nets / Power forward, Small forward)

How many triple-doubles James Harden have?

The next up on the list is James Harden who currently has 62 career triple doubles in his 900 games in the league.

How many triple-doubles does James Harden have on the Rockets?

He became the fifth player in NBA history with a triple-double and no 2-point baskets, joining Jason Kidd, Delon Wright, Steve Blake and Kirk Hinrich. … Most Triple-Doubles All-Time.

RankPlayerCareer Triple-Doubles*
5LeBron James99
6Wilt Chamberlain78
7James Harden60
8Larry Bird59

Are Robin and Brook twins?

The twin brothers and avid comic book readers launched their first manga called ‘Transition Game. ‘ Robin and Brook Lopez are two distinct figures in NBA history, recognized nearly as well for their playful interests off the court as everything they’ve accomplished over a combined 26 seasons on it.

How many twins are in NBA?


The Morris twins are one of three pairs of twins playing in the NBA right now. The other two are the Lopez and Martin twins. Brook Lopez plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, while Robin is a role player for the Orlando Magic.

Who is the best Magic player?

Updated December 9, 2021

RankFirst NameLast Name
1Paulo VitorDamo da Rosa*

Who is the goat Raptor?

Kyle Lowry is now the Toronto Raptors’ all-time assists leader. And former star Vince Carter also believes Klow is the greatest Toronto Raptor of all time. Vinsanity gave the verdict after his Atlanta Hawks lost 114-130 to Lowry and Co.

Who is the best 2021 Raptors?

Fred VanVleet had the highest plus-minus for the Raptors in 2020-21, at +139.

Fred VanVleet2020-2136.5
Pascal Siakam2020-2135.8
OG Anunoby2020-2133.3
Chris Boucher2020-2124.2

Who was the best basketball player of the Toronto?


Vince Carter While Bosh has outdone Carter in many statistical categories, Carter is the best scorer and the most prolific player to ever grace the Toronto Raptors. Carter is the only Raptor to ever win a Slam Dunk competition, and did in unforgettable fashion.

Who wears 46 on the Nets?

Jason Collins

Collins with the Brooklyn Nets in 2014
Personal information
BornDecember 2, 1978 Los Angeles, California
Listed height7 ft 0 in (2.13 m)

Who is number 12 for the Brooklyn Nets?

Joe Harris (basketball)

No. 12 – Brooklyn Nets
BornSeptember 6, 1991 Chelan, Washington
Listed height6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Listed weight220 lb (100 kg)

Who is the Milwaukee Bucks point guard?

  1. Jrue Holiday
  2. Jevon Carter
  3. Lindell Wigginton
  4. George Hill

Milwaukee Bucks/Point guards

How do you pronounce Giannis Antetokounmpo name?


His first name, Giannis, is a typical Greek name that is pronounced as YAHN-nees, with emphasis on the "n"s, which acquire an elongated sound. His last name is Nigerian, so the "t"s in his name should be pronounced as "d"s. This would make the pronunciation of Antetokounmpo AH-ded-KOOM-poh.

How tall is Buck Williams?


6′ 8″

Buck Williams / Height

What injury did Greg Oden have?

left knee

On December 5, 2009, Oden injured his left knee in the first quarter of a game. He was taken off the court on two connected stretchers. Later, he underwent surgery for a fractured left patella and missed the rest of the season. That injury marked the second time Oden had missed major playing time due to injury.

Is Terry Porter in the Hall of Fame?

Throughout his career, Porter has been active with the Boys & Girls Club and is a member of the organization’s Hall of Fame.

What is KD height?


6′ 10″

Kevin Durant / Height

Can Irving play home games?

Kyrie Irving will reportedly be allowed to play Nets home games again as the playoffs near. New York City is reportedly set to end the vaccine mandate that has kept Kyrie Irving from playing home games. Irving has not received a COVID-19 vaccine and has been unable to play games in Brooklyn.

Is Kyrie Irving allowed to play in New York?

Because he is unvaccinated, Irving can’t play in New York, either at Barclays Center or at Madison Square Garden. Yet unvaccinated players from visiting teams are free to.

How is Kyrie allowed to play?

The Brooklyn Nets received some good news this past week when New York’s mayor, Eric Adams, lifted the vaccine mandate on local athletes and entertainers, allowing the unvaccinated Kyrie Irving to play at home on Sunday against the Hornets.

Who is the most athletic NBA player?

2000s. Other than Michael Jordan, LeBron James is the most athletic player to ever play basketball. His unbelievable combination of size, speed and hops is unmatchable. James is 6’8" and 250 pounds yet he can run the court from baseline to baseline as fast as anyone else playing today.

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