Who is the worst basketball player

Who’s the worst NBA basketball player?


From Michael Olowokandi to Cherokee Parks, here are the 20 worst NBA players in history.

  1. Michael Olowokandi.
  2. Keith Closs.
  3. Elliot Williams. Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports. …
  4. Javaris Crittenton.
  5. DeSagana Diop. David Richard-USA TODAY Sports. …
  6. Hamed Haddadi. Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports. …
  7. Mark Madsen. …
  8. Lazar Hayward.

Who is the baddest NBA player of all time?

Rick Mahorn. One of the most intimidating men to ever come out of Connecticut, Rick Mahorn was one of the baddest players on the most physical team in NBA history. Mahorn was the enforcer on the Pistons, and any time one of his teammates got into a scuffle, Mahorn was always there to back him up.

Who is the lowest basketball player?

Muggsy Bogues


5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)136 lb (62 kg)Muggsy Bogues
5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)135 lb (61 kg)Earl Boykins
5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)165 lb (75 kg)Mel Hirsch
5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)133 lb (60 kg)Spud Webb

Is LeBron better than Jordan?


LeBron James: Regular season stats. Jordan is superior in the scoring department, but James grabs rebounds and dishes out assists at a higher rate. While both players are known for tenacious defense on the wing, Jordan finished first in the league in steals three times in his career.

Who was the 1st NBA player?

Oscar Benjamin "Ossie" Schectman (March 30, 1919 – July 30, 2013) was an American professional basketball player. … Ossie Schectman.

Personal information
High schoolSamuel J. Tilden (Brooklyn, New York)
CollegeLIU Brooklyn (1938–1941)
Playing career1941–1948
PositionShooting guard / Small forward

Who is better than Shaq?

Hakeem comfortably beats Shaq in both; Hakeem averages nearly two steals for his career, which is astounding for a center. Shaq is at 0.6 steals per game for his career. Additionally, Hakeem is 9th all time in steals, which is crazy as a center. Hakeem has over 1,400 more steals than Shaq.

Who has the shortest NBA career?

After stints in the NBA Development League and Europe, Curry made his NBA debut in January 2010, playing 3.9 seconds for the Los Angeles Clippers. It was Curry’s only NBA regular-season appearance and set a record for the shortest NBA career of all time per in-game time spent on the court.

How tall is Bill Walton Really?


7′ 0″

Bill Walton / Height

Who was the goat in basketball?

Earl Manigault (September 7, 1944 – May 15, 1998) was an American street basketball player who was nicknamed "the goat". …

Earl Manigault
Manigault photographed by Charlie Samuels
BornSeptember 7, 1944 Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.

Who scored 100 points?

Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game: Most points in a single game in NBA history

1.Wilt Chamberlain100
2.Kobe Bryant81
3.Wilt Chamberlain78
4.David Thompson73

Who scored 100 points in a single-game?


Wilt Chamberlain

On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain set the NBA single-game scoring record by tallying 100 points for the Philadelphia Warriors in a 169-147 victory over the New York Knicks.

Who owned NBA?

List of NBA team owners

FranchisePrincipal Owner(s)Owned Since
Golden State WarriorsJoe Lacob (majority), Peter Guber2010
Houston RocketsTilman Fertitta2017
Indiana PacersHerbert Simon1983
Los Angeles ClippersSteve Ballmer2014

Who was better Olajuwon or Shaq?

In 20 regular season matchups, Shaq has gotten the better of Hakeem, leading his teams to 14 wins and six losses. Shaq’s numbers against Hakeem are also more impressive—he averaged 22.1 points on 54.4 percent shooting, 12.4 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 0.9 steals and 1.8 blocks.

Was David Robinson better than Shaq?

They faced each other a total of 40 times in NBA games. Overall, they are tied 20-20, but Shaquille O’Neal won more matchups in the Playoffs for a 9-8 postseason record.

Who is better Wilt or Shaq?

Wilt was definitely stronger than Shaq (although Shaq is a LOT heavier because he has a lot more fat than Wilt did). Shaq’s excess fat has a negative affect on his stamina. Wilt averaged 46 minutes per game over the course of his career, and in 1962, Wilt only sat out EIGHT MINUTES of the ENTIRE SEASON.

Who’s better Kobe or Jordan?


Kobe Bryant has more career points than Michael Jordan, but Jordan was the better scorer between the two. Highlighted by his NBA record 10 scoring titles, Jordan also averaged 30.1 points per game. Let me also mention that Jordan’s scoring average is 5.1 points more than Bryant.

Who is the legend in basketball?

Many people consider Michael Jordan to be the greatest of all time and continues to be an inspiration to all who love the sport.

Who is the fastest NBA player ever?

Russell Westbrook is the fastest player in NBA history. He can travel from baseline to baseline in 3.36 seconds.

Can NBA players wear #1?

The league’s rules behind jersey number selection are pretty straightforward: players can wear any number combination between 00 and 99—almost. The one number not allowed is 69 for . . .

What’s the longest basketball game?

The longest NBA basketball game is 78 minutes and was played between the Indianapolis Olympians and Rochester Royals (both USA), at Edgerton Park Arena, in Rochester, New York, USA, on 6 January 1951. The game was won by the Olympians 75 to 73 in what turned out to be a six-overtime game.

How old is Dominique?


62 years (January 12, 1960)

Dominique Wilkins / Age

Who won the most NBA titles?


Milwaukee Bucks

The NBA Finals / Latest champion

The Milwaukee Bucks are an American professional basketball team based in Milwaukee. The Bucks compete in the National Basketball Association as a member of the league’s Eastern Conference Central Division. The team was founded in 1968 as an expansion team, and play at Fiserv Forum.

Which NBA player has the most wins?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has the most career wins, with 1,074 wins.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar15601,074
Robert Parish16111,014
Tim Duncan13921,001
John Stockton1504953

Is Michael Jordan a 58?

Michael Jordan was born on 17 February 1963. Michael Jordan is 59 years old.

Is Juanita Jordan married?


Michael Jordan

Juanita Vanoy / Spouse (m. 1989–2006)

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