Why Clippers Coach Tyronn Lue Sees Russell Westbrook as the Perfect Fit

In a season filled with highs and lows, the Los Angeles Clippers found themselves in a surprising situation, with point guard Russell Westbrook emerging as a key figure. Clippers coach Tyronn Lue’s confidence in Westbrook’s fit within the team became evident, and it’s a story worth exploring.

Westbrook’s Impact on the Clippers

Clippers coach Tyronn Lue thinks Russell Westbrook is a fit - Los Angeles Times

During the regular season, Westbrook’s performance underwent a significant transformation from his earlier stint with the Lakers. Notably, his turnover rate remained stable, while his shooting statistics experienced a remarkable uptick. His midrange game, in particular, showed tremendous improvement:

  • Shooting efficiency between three to 10 feet increased by 17 percentage points.
  • Shooting between 10 to 16 feet improved by 15 percentage points.

These numbers indicate Westbrook’s commitment to elevating his game and making a difference on the court.

The Unprecedented Practice Intensity

One of the most intriguing aspects of Westbrook’s impact was his role in pushing the Clippers to practice with an intensity that surprised Coach Tyronn Lue. This was unexpected, especially considering the team’s veteran roster. Westbrook’s influence played a pivotal role in motivating the team:

> "I credit Russ for a lot of that because you wouldn’t get a veteran team like this to practice as hard as we did in March but for those six, seven practices we had," Lue acknowledged. "He led that charge as far as just getting everybody going, doing it full speed."

This newfound intensity breathed fresh life into the Clippers’ season, ultimately saving their playoff hopes.

Westbrook’s Valuable Contribution

Russell Westbrook’s arrival in February raised numerous questions, but his effort and availability were never in doubt. As the playoffs unfolded, Westbrook’s value became even more evident:

> "He really saved us. Hats off to Russ for bringing it every single night," Lue stated after the season-ending loss.

His two-month tenure with the Clippers left both parties convinced that the pairing was a success, fueling optimism for the future.

The Path Forward

Looking ahead, the Clippers face the challenge of deciding how to proceed with Westbrook’s future. While he expressed his love for the team and its fans, financial constraints may require Westbrook to accept a reduced salary:

> "This has opened eyes for a lot of the teams, give him an opportunity if he can go out there and really get paid," Lue noted. "But I want him back, for sure."

Paul George, a strong advocate for Westbrook’s addition, echoed the sentiment:

> "I just think he’s the leader that we need at the point guard position going forward."

Westbrook’s willingness to adapt and his ability to thrive in challenging situations make his return a tantalizing prospect.

A Positive Environment

Westbrook’s experience with the Clippers extended beyond the court. He emphasized the contrast between the team’s atmosphere and his previous stint with the Lakers:

> "A happy and enjoyable environment is something that you don’t see everywhere," Westbrook observed. "Happy to come to work, being around people that actually enjoy their job, enjoy what they’re doing."

This sense of camaraderie and positivity could be a decisive factor in Westbrook’s decision regarding his future.


The Clippers’ unexpected partnership with Russell Westbrook yielded promising results. Clippers coach Tyronn Lue’s belief in Westbrook’s fit within the team was validated throughout the season. As the offseason approaches, the Clippers face the challenge of securing Westbrook’s return and building on the foundation they’ve established.

Westbrook’s transformative impact, both on and off the court, makes him a player worth investing in for the Clippers. His future with the team remains uncertain, but the possibilities are intriguing. Clippers fans eagerly await July to see if the dynamic point guard will continue to be part of their exciting journey.

Financial Considerations: Russell Westbrook’s Future with the Clippers

Is Russell Westbrook a good fit for the Clippers?

Is Russell Westbrook a good fit for the Clippers?

Russell Westbrook’s impending free agency has sparked discussions about his potential fit with the Clippers. Following his trade to Utah, where a contract buyout is expected, there’s growing speculation that Westbrook could find a new home in Los Angeles. At least two prominent Clippers players firmly believe in his compatibility with the team’s dynamic. With his explosive athleticism and experience, Westbrook’s arrival could offer a unique dimension to the Clippers’ roster. Stay tuned for insights into this intriguing possibility.

Why did the Clippers promote Mike Lue in 2020?

In 2020, the Clippers faced a pivotal decision when it came to selecting their head coach. The choice to promote Mike Lue over other notable candidates like Darvin Ham, who would go on to coach the Lakers, and Mike Brown, later leading the Sacramento Kings, was based on a firm belief. The organization saw Lue as the ideal candidate to lead a team boasting two superstars with championship aspirations. Today, their conviction in his leadership abilities remains unwavering, and the decision continues to shape the Clippers’ pursuit of success.

Will Tyronn Lue return?

Coach Tyronn Lue has expressed his anticipation of returning for a fourth season with the Clippers. Lawrence Frank, the team’s president of basketball operations, has been effusive in his praise for Lue and has unequivocally affirmed his return, stating on April 27, "Of course he’s back." Frank’s unwavering confidence in Lue’s coaching abilities signals an exciting future for the Clippers under his leadership.

Are the Clippers still without a head coach?

Amidst the NBA’s gathering in Chicago for the scouting combine, it’s notable that five teams arrived without a head coach. However, the Clippers do not belong to this group, in contrast to teams like Milwaukee, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Detroit. The assertion made following the Clippers’ first-round exit in April still holds true: they have a head coach in place.

What can Clippers offer Russell Westbrook?

NBA executives from various teams are considering annual offers for Russell Westbrook in the range of $10-15 million, as reported by Mark Medina of The Sporting Tribune. Despite Westbrook’s openness to staying with the Los Angeles Clippers, there is a financial limitation. The Clippers’ potential offer for the upcoming season is restricted to approximately $3.8 million, as indicated by Medina’s sources.

Who is the coach of the Clippers 2023?

In 2023, the head coach of the Clippers remains Tyronne Lue, who recently expressed optimism and enthusiasm for the team’s fresh start and his summer coaching experience with Team USA basketball. Lue’s positive outlook suggests he believes that the Clippers will benefit from spending time together at the beginning of the season, fostering team cohesion for the upcoming challenges.

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