Why did the lakers trade zubac

Zubac didn’t want to disrespect the franchise that selected him with the 32nd overall pick in the 2016 draft but he also wanted to remind Lakers fans they can still watch him play at Staples Center if they want to. “I always make sure to tell them, ‘If you want to watch playoff basketball, we’re at Staples,’” he said.

Why did the Lakers trade the Lonzo ball?


Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers desperately wanted to partner up when he was a collegiate prospect four years ago. … The Lakers traded Ball to the New Orleans Pelicans in a package for Anthony Davis and went on to win the 2020 championship as a result.

Why did the Lakers trade cp3 vetoed?

Jackson: “David made some comment that the reason he vetoed the trade was because it wasn’t an attractive enough package for a player of Chris Paul’s caliber. That was only a half-truth. The other part was that he also felt that he wanted the Hornets to be an attractive property to a prospective owner.”

Why did Lakers trade green?

Although Green still had a year left on his contract in Los Angeles, the Lakers wanted to go younger. Therefore, Danny Green found himself traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder as soon as the NBA lifted the moratorium and opened up the trade market. … Sure enough, the former Laker landed in Philly weeks later.

How did the Clippers get zubac?

He was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round in the 2016 NBA draft. He played for the Lakers until the 2019 trade deadline when he was traded to the Clippers. … Ivica Zubac.

No. 40 – Los Angeles Clippers
Selected by the Los Angeles Lakers
Playing career2013–present
Career history

Why did Ball leave the Lakers?

As an NBA rookie with the Lakers, his playing time was limited by shoulder and knee injuries, and he was sidelined for much of his second season after an ankle injury. He was traded at the end of the season to the New Orleans Pelicans in a trade package for Anthony Davis.

What did Lonzo get traded?

The Chicago Bulls have acquired guard Lonzo Ball from the New Orleans Pelicans in a sign-and-trade agreement. Chicago traded Garrett Temple (also via sign-and-trade), Tomas Satoransky, a 2024 second-round Draft pick and cash considerations to New Orleans as part of the deal.

Why did the NBA own the Hornets?

New Orleans Hornets to Be the First Franchise Owned and Operated by the NBA? Longtime Hornets owner George Shinn was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, and says that he now wants to move on from NBA ownership to focus on his faith, along with spreading the awareness of cancer to help fight the disease.

What if Chris Paul was traded to the Lakers?

Things moved a bit differently back then, but as details trickled in, Wojnarowski clarified the package, sharing that it would be a three-team deal that sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, Pau Gasol to the Rockets and the trio of Lamar Odom, Kevin Martin and Luis Scola to the New Orleans Hornets.

What did the Lakers trade for Dwight Howard?

The Los Angeles Lakers receive Dwight Howard, Earl Clark and Chris Duhon. The Orlando Magic receive Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic, Mo Harkless, Josh McRoberts, Christian Eyenga, three first-round draft picks (protected)—Nuggets (2014), 76ers (2015), Lakers (2017)—and two second round picks.

Who did the Lakers get for Danny Green?


guard Dennis Schroder

Green, who is regarded as one of the league’s top three-point shooters, was traded twice this offseason. The Thunder acquired Green and the No. 28 pick in the draft from the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for point guard Dennis Schroder on draft night.

What team did Danny Green get traded to?


The three-time NBA champion is returning to Philly for the 2021-22 season. Free-agent Danny Green is re-signing with the 76ers. Danny Green is officially staying in Philadelphia, the team announced Saturday.

What did the Thunder get for Dennis Schroder?

Regardless, Los Angeles was willing to pay up for Schroder, who would immediately become their third-best player and starting point guard. In return for him, they sent OKC Danny Green and the No. 28 overall pick in 2020 NBA Draft.

Who did the Clippers trade for zubac?

Michael Beasley

The LA Clippers traded center Mike Muscala to the Los Angeles Lakers for forward Michael Beasley and center Ivica Zubac, it was announced Thursday.

Who drafted Mike muscala?

the Dallas Mavericks

Mike Muscala

No. 33 – Oklahoma City Thunder
NBA draft2013 / Round: 2 / Pick: 44th overall
Selected by the Dallas Mavericks
Playing career2013–present
Career history

Did Ball get traded?

Ball, the No. 2 pick in the 2017 draft, was traded by the Lakers to the Pelicans after the 2018-19 season and is coming off his fourth year on an uptick, shooting career highs from the field (41.4%) and three-point range (37.8%). But it’s not his shooting that’s the main attraction.

When did Lonzo Ball get traded to the Bulls?


The Bulls acquired Ball (on a four-year, $80 million contract) from the Pelicans in exchange for Tomáš Satoranský, Garrett Temple and a second-round pick in a transaction that was first reported minutes after the start of the free-agent negotiation window on Aug. 2.

Who did the Bulls trade for DeMar DeRozan?


The Chicago Bulls have acquired DeMar DeRozan from the San Antonio Spurs in a sign-and-trade agreement. Chicago traded Thaddeus Young, Al-Farouq Aminu, a protected first-round Draft pick and two second-round draft picks to San Antonio as part of the deal.

How did Bulls get DeMar DeRozan?


Instead, DeRozan agreed to a sign-and-trade with the Bulls. Chicago traded Thaddeus Young, Al-Farouq Aminu, a protected first-round draft pick and two second-round draft picks to San Antonio as part of the deal, and DeRozan was headed to the Windy City.

Who did the Pelicans trade for Devonte Graham?


The best part of the Devonte’ Graham trade for the Pelicans “New Orleans’ 2022 1st round pick to Charlotte protected for selections 1-14; if this pick falls within its protected range and is therefore not conveyed, then New Orleans will instead convey its 2022 2nd round pick and 2024 2nd round pick to Charlotte.”

How much did LaMelo Ball signed for?

LaMelo Ball contract Per reports, Ball has signed a contract worth approximately $35.6 million with the Charlotte Hornets for four years.

Why did the Hornets move to New Orleans?

Due to the devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina upon the communities of southeastern Louisiana, the Hornets franchise temporarily relocated their operations to Oklahoma City in 2005–06 and 2006–07. During this time, the franchise was known as the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets.

Why did Hornets change to Bobcats?

Given Charlotte was already home to a cat-named team, the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League, designer Chris Weiller made sure to create a logo that would not be similar to the Panthers logo. It has also been speculated that Johnson chose the name "Bobcats" in reference to his own name.

Who vetoed the Chris Paul trade?

On Dec. 8 in 2011, then NBA Commissioner David Stern vetoed a three-team trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers.

How did the Lakers get Dwight Howard in 2012?


Howard was one of the NBA’s best players when the Magic shipped him to the Lakers in 2012 in a four-team trade that included the Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets. Howard’s one-year stint on the Lakers was a disaster, as he battled injury and chemistry issues on the star-studded squad.

What did the Lakers trade for Steve Nash?

Phoenix received a handful of draft picks in return for Nash, including a 2013 1st round draft pick (Nemanja Nedovic), a 2013 2nd round draft pick (Alex Oriakhi), a 2014 2nd round draft pick (Johnny O’Bryant) and a 2018 1st round draft pick (Mikal Bridges).

Did the Magic trade Dwight Howard?


Looking back at the crazy 4-team trade that sent Dwight Howard from the Magic to the Lakers. In 2012, the Orlando Magic sent their star center Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers in one of the craziest trades in NBA history, one that still has ramifications in the league today.

What did the Lakers give up for Dennis Schröder?

During the season, the Los Angeles Lakers reportedly offered Schroder a four-year contract extension worth up to $84 million, the most they could legally pay him. Schroder rejected that offer hoping that a strong playoff run on a championship contender could help make him even more on the open market.

How did Danny Green end up on OKC?

Earlier this week, Green was traded from the Lakers to Oklahoma City Thunder. The Sixers will pay him $15 million for the lone season remaining on his contract, and will pass on the significant money remaining on Horford’s contract to Oklahoma City.

Who did Lakers trade for Schroder?

He once again declined. Over the summer, Schröder’s camp let it be known that he was looking for a four-year deal in the $100 to $120 million range. But after Schröder’s playoff flameout, the Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook and eliminated most of the leverage Schröder and his camp held over them.

Who did Dennis Schroder trade?

Boston Celtics deal Dennis Schroder, Enes Freedom to Houston Rockets for Daniel Theis. As part of a busy trade deadline day for the Boston Celtics, they sent Dennis Schroder, Bruno Fernando and Enes Freedom to the Houston Rockets for Daniel Theis, the team announced Thursday.

How rich is Danny Green?

Danny Green net worth: Danny Green is an Australian professional boxer who has a net worth of $5 million. Danny Green was born in Perth, Western Australia, Australia in March 1973. … Danny Green Net Worth.

Net Worth:$5 Million
Height:6 ft (1.85 m)

How did the Lakers get Schroder?

Lakers: Meet The Newest Laker Boston ended up shipping Schröder to the Houston Rockets in a package that included Daniel Theis. It’s hard to make trades when you have little to offer. Pelinka and the Lakers essentially had three assets: Talen Horton-Tucker, Malik Monk, and their 2027 first-round pick.

How did Lakers get Schroeder?

The Los Angeles Lakers have acquired guard Dennis Schröder from the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Danny Green and the draft rights to Jaden McDaniels, it was announced by Vice President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Rob Pelinka.

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