Why do i shank my irons


When your hands get further away at impact than they were at address, a shank will likely be the result. If you stand too close to the ball, it will be easier to open the clubface too much leading to a shank. It also increases your chances of hitting the ball with the heel of the club.

Why am I hitting shanks with irons?

What causes the shank to happen? The shank happens because the clubface is closed and the toe of the club hits into the ground producing a long, skinny divot. Again, the shank happens because the club is dramatically shut at impact NOT open.

How do I fix my golf shank?

How do I stop shanking my irons?

How To Stop Shanking Irons

  1. Line up your club’s neck/hosel up with the ball at address.
  2. During your downswing, try and make contact with the toe of the iron club.
  3. At impact keep your hands closer to your body.
  4. If you’re hitting it near the toe, you have no chance of shanking since it is so far away from the hosel.

Why do I only shank short irons?

(@MoggAcademy): Shanks usually happen when you move closer to the ball during your downswing. It’s that simple. By shifting forward, you change the contact point on your iron from the center to the heel. … The easiest fix is to stand farther away from the ball at address.

What causes hosel rockets?

It must mean your set up or swing is different enough between your wedges and your iron swing that you are getting differing results. There are several reasons why you might catch the hosel of your club: 1) You could be standing too close to start with. If you are crowding it it will be difficult to NOT hit the hosel.

Why do I shank the golf ball to the right?

How do I stop slicing my short irons?

How do you deal with a shank?

5 ways to get rid of the shanks, according to Top 100 Teachers

  1. Try to miss the ball on the inside. The shanks are caused by an open club face and a cast pattern during transition and release 95 percent of the time. …
  2. Stand farther from the ball. …
  3. Stay tall through the swing. …
  4. Focus on the inside of the ball. …
  5. Have a drink.

How do you cure a shank when chipping?

Do pros hit shanks?

You don’t ever see Tour Pros having shanks an entire round. In fact, they almost never hit two shanks in a row.

How do you hit irons straight every time?

Why do I keep slicing my long irons?

What causes a slice? The most common cause of a slice is an outside-in swing path. This means that through the initial part of your downswing, your club is outside the line of the ball (or further away from you than it should be).

Why do I shank my short chips?

Why do I shank my pitches?

The inside-out shank: When the swing path is too inside-out, the hand line is moving out away from the body and nearer the golf ball. Think of swinging out to right field — your hands have to move away from you to do it. This path is a common cause of a shank. Try moving the golf ball well forward in your stance.

Why do my iron shots fade right?

According to Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher Hank Haney, it’s mostly because of a bad grip and a steep angle of attack. “Make your grip stronger, so your hands are turned away from the target and your palms are parallel to each other,” says Haney. “Also, gripping it too tight keeps the hands from releasing through impact.

Why do my short irons go right?

The ball position being too far back essentially causes the golf club to hit the ball too soon. When this happens, the club face is usually slightly open, resulting in a push to the right. This is one of the best reasons you could have for pushing your irons because it is a simple and quick fix.

Why do I slice long irons but not short irons?

Long Irons Vs Short Irons The long irons are, in fact, longer than the short irons. When you start with a club like a pitching wedge in your hand, and you move up to the nine iron, there is an increase in the loft of the club. … As these clubs get longer, they also start to lose a bit of their loft.

Why do I slice my 9 iron?

But the only reason you slice the ball is that the clubface is open at impact. … The main reason the club is open at impact is that you come into the ball with an over the top swing motion. Since you are coming over the top it will usually start left and slice back to the right.

Why do I hit the golf ball on the toe?

Hitting the ball off the toe of the club is one of the most common ball-striking problems. It usually occurs when the arms lose their extension as the club moves into the impact zone — often the swing path is pulling in because the golfer is trying to lift the ball off the ground.

Why am I hitting the toe of my irons?

The most common cause of hitting off the toe is releasing the club early, the wrists unhinging and the right arm straightening too soon on the downswing. … The problem is, both moves pull the club toward the body, closer than it was at address, which causes contact off the toe.

How do you call in short irons?

When should I switch from stiff to regular?

Stiff – This range is still considered fast, but you most likely won’t be out on Tour anytime soon. If you’re between 97 and 104 mph with the driver, you need a stiff flex. … If you’re between 84 and 96 mph, regular is going to be best for you.

Can a regular shaft cause a slice?

If your club shafts are too stiff, you’ll have trouble loading them properly during your downswing. When the clubhead gets to the ball, the shaft won’t unload properly and the face will remain slightly open, causing a slice.

Should you hit down on long irons?

Amateurs watch the pros hit long, high, arcing 2-lrons and then they go out and try to make their own 2-irons do the same thing. But the key is not to make it happen but to let it happen. Don’t try to hit the ball hard or high. In fact, don’t try to hit the ball at all – just make a smooth swing at it.

How do you hit a 4 iron 200 yards?

Can hit wedges but not irons?

How do I stop slicing my short irons?

What is the word for sacred beetle?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SACRED BEETLE [scarab]

What is a good golf shot called?


An ace, commonly known as a hole-in-one, is the best score out there. When you get an ace, that means you get to write a “1” on the scorecard.

How do you hit center of clubface with irons?

Why am I pushing my short irons?

Some players think a push comes from shifting too far toward the target, but this spin-out move is the real cause. When you spin open, your right shoulder tilts down and the club gets stuck to the inside. From there, the ball can only go right. So close your stance, and feel your arms swing past you.

Why do my short irons go right?

The ball position being too far back essentially causes the golf club to hit the ball too soon. When this happens, the club face is usually slightly open, resulting in a push to the right. This is one of the best reasons you could have for pushing your irons because it is a simple and quick fix.

Why do my wedges go so short?

Most likely you are backing up as you hit them. Instinctively we often fall back feeling like we have to help or scoop wedge shots up into the air. Realize that they will go high because of the loft on the face. To hit good crisp wedge shots that spin you need to make sure that you are hitting down through the ball.

How do I hit my short irons further?

How can I improve my short iron play?

What are considered short irons in golf?

The 8 and 9 irons are commonly called the “short irons”. They have the highest-mass clubheads and the shortest shafts of the numbered irons, and are used for shots requiring high loft or moderate to short distance (typically between 130 and 150 yards with a full swing).

Why am I pulling my wedges to the left?

This can be caused by faulty alignments or an over-the-top motion caused from an improper pivot during transition. In order to stop this type of pull, make sure you swing your wedge like you try to every other club — from the inside, never from out-to-in — unless you are hitting a special shot.

Why do I blade my wedges?

Why do I slice my wedges?

How do you hit a consistent golf shot?

How far should a 70 year old hit a 7 iron?

A 70-year-old man should be able to hit a seven iron roughly 135 yards. The 135-yards shot will vary depending on the use of steel or graphite golf equipment. Graphite shafted golf irons tend to go a bit further and make it easier for the senior golfer to launch the ball higher as well.

Do any pro golfers use regular flex?

Kramer’s 2006 “Golf Magazine” article cites a survey showing that just 2 percent of PGA Tour players and 10 percent of PGA Champions Tour players used regular flex shafts in their irons. He also notes that PGA Tour swing speeds average 110 mph, so the players favor a stiffer shaft to better control the club.

Can a too flexible shaft cause a slice?

For some, stiff club shafts are part of the problem. … When the clubhead gets to the ball, the shaft won’t unload properly and the face will remain slightly open, causing a slice. Other swing problems also can cause a slice, of course, but shafts that are too stiff can make the problem worse.

How far do average golfers hit their irons?

Whilst the average driving distance for all golfers using Game Golf is just under 220 yards. The average 3 wood goes just under 190 yards and the average 7 iron flies 133 yards.

What does adding weight to a driver head do?

Placing weight more toward the rear portion of the head will make it higher spinning, higher launching and more forgiving. To simply add weight to the head, place lead tape directly in the center of the sole; this will slightly lower overall CG, as well, which can be beneficial for most golfers.

Where should my 4 iron be in my stance?

Because you want to make ball-first contact and then have the iron bottom out just in front of the ball, you should play it just under your left pectoral muscle. The width of your stance will become second nature once you continue to keep the ball in the same spot.

Why do I slice my short irons?

This visual challenge, called parallax, is caused by your eyes being to the side of the ball at address. Parallax makes slicers try to pull the ball to hit their target. But the more you swing left, the more likely the clubface will be open to that path at impact, which causes a slice.

Where should the ball be in your stance when hitting irons?

Play the short irons in the middle of your stance. For each of the longer clubs, place the ball about a half an inch toward your front foot. Place the ball slightly inside the front foot using a driver.

Should golf iron be flat on ground at address?

The golf club should address the ball with the toe set a few millimetres in the air – the clubhead should never sit flat on the turf. You should be able to fit a small coin under the toe of the club at address, with the heel remaining in contact with the ground.

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