Why isn’t dontaie allen playing

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Why did Dontaie Allen not play tonight?

After the game, Calipari revealed Allen suffered an injury in practice, while Ware simply didn’t feel right and opted to sit this one out. John Calipari on Dontaie Allen, who did not play again tonight: "He hurt himself in practice… I asked Dontaie before the game, ‘How you feeling?’ ‘I’m a little shaky.

Where is Dante Allen?

Why Dontaie Allen decided to return to Kentucky basketball instead of transferring.

Is Dontaie Allen still on Kentucky basketball team?

Kentucky redshirt sophomore guard Dontaie Allen announced on Twitter that he is transferring from the Wildcats on Thursday. “Wow. This journey has been like no other. I can’t thank Big Blue Nation enough for embracing me unconditionally through the highs and lows,“ Allen tweeted.

Where is Dontaie Allen from?


Florence, Kentucky

PERSONAL. Born Nov. 5 in Florence, Kentucky … Parents are April and Tony Thomas …

What number is Dontaie Allen?

Dontaie Allen is a basketball player who plays for the Kentucky Wildcats as a small forward. He is rated #92 by the Recruiting Services Consensus. Since the year 2013, he became 1st in-state to sign for Kentucky. … Dontaie Allen.

NameDontaie Allen

Where is Dontaie Allen transferring?


What Dontaie Allen’s transfer means for Kentucky basketball’s 2022-23 roster. LEXINGTON — The first development in an anticipated wave of Kentucky basketball offseason roster movement is an expected one. Sophomore guard Dontaie Allen announced Thursday he is entering the transfer portal.

How old is Reed Sheppard?

Reed Sheppard’s age seems to be around 15 to 25 years old if looked at his visual appearance. He probably seems to be in his teenage period as he is in high school.

Is Dontaie Allen transferring from Kentucky?


Basketball Dontaie Allen announced on Twitter that he had placed his name in the NCAA’s transfer portal. “Wow. This journey has been like no other,” Allen tweeted. “I can’t thank Big Blue Nation enough for embracing me unconditionally through the highs and lows.

Which players are leaving UK basketball?

Two certainties are the departures of graduate guards Kellan Grady and Davion Mintz, key players on this Wildcats team who are now out of college eligibility. Freshman guard TyTy Washington, who was UK’s leading backcourt scorer, is projected as an NBA lottery pick and also certain to leave this offseason.

Is Keion Brooks leaving Kentucky?

The junior forward says he will be leaving Kentucky and entering his name in the upcoming NBA Draft. Brooks announced the news on Twitter Monday afternoon stating he is declaring, but keeping his college eligibility and not hiring an agent.

How tall is Gabe Cupps?


The 6-foot-2 Cupps is a highly skilled gym rat type who plays with a high IQ and a strong competitive spirit. Cupps chose Indiana over fellow finalists Ohio State and Stanford.

Who is Jeff Sheppard Wife?

Sheppard and his wife, Stacey, née Reed, (herself a former Kentucky basketball player), now live with their two children in London, Kentucky. They are involved with various community activities.

Who is Reed Sheppard mom?


star Stacey Reed Sheppard

Sheppard’s mom, former UK basketball star Stacey Reed Sheppard, surveyed the scene with bright eyes that looked like they might shed a tear or two. Asked if there was a weight off of her shoulders now that her son had made his decision public, she nodded in his direction.

What is Kentucky University mascot?

  1. Scratch
  2. Wildcat

University of Kentucky/Mascot

How many players have transferred from Duke?

Over two-dozen players have transferred away from Duke under Krzyzewski’s tenure, which actually isn’t very many for a 41-year career.

Who will be the next Kentucky basketball coach?


Kyra Elzy

Kentucky Wildcats women’s basketball / Head coach

Kyra Elzy is the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats women’s basketball team. On December 14, 2020, after starting the season 6-0 and having a top-ten AP ranking, AD Mitch Barnhart removed the "interim" tag and made Elzy the head coach.

What rank is Mikey?

Class of 2023 Rankings List

1Omaha Biliew6’7″
2DJ Wagner6’3″
3Mikey Williams6’3″
4Elijah Fisher6’5″

Where is Rodrick Rhodes now?

In 2019, Rhodes was hired by Concordia University-Portland as the head coach for the 2020 season.

How tall is Jeff Sheppard?


6′ 4″

Jeff Sheppard / Height

Where is Stacey Reed Sheppard from?

“Finally being able to have this opportunity, it’s just special,” Sheppard said. “Growing up from Kentucky, it’s been a dream of mine to play here. I’ve been to all kinds of games, been around the campus my whole life, it’s just special to have this opportunity.”

Who is Reed Sheppard dad?

At 6-foot-3, Sheppard, the son of former UK basketball stars Jeff Sheppard and Stacey Reed Sheppard, already has the skills to be one of the nation’s top prospects and many think the junior guard will only get taller and even more physical as he matures.

Why did Rex Chapman retire?

During his time with the Suns, Chapman began having severe nerve pains in his foot, had seven surgeries, and began to regularly take Vicodin. After 53 games during the 1999–2000 season, Chapman’s various injuries and declining performance led him to retire.

Does the UK Wildcat have a name?

Gary Tanner was the original Wildcat, dancing and entertaining thousands of UK fans at Commonwealth Stadium and Rupp Arena during athletics events.

Why is Kentucky called Wildcats?

Commandant Carbusier, then head of the military department at old State University, told a group of students in a chapel service following the game that the Kentucky football team had "fought like Wildcats." Later the name Wildcats became more and more popular among UK followers as well as with members of the media.

Does Kentucky Wildcat have a name?

The Kentucky Wildcats is the student body of the University of Kentucky. …

Kentucky Wildcats
Basketball arenaPaul Brown Stadium (men) Memorial Coliseum (women)
Baseball stadiumKentucky Proud Park
MascotBlue, Scratch, and The Wildcat

Why did Bill McCaffrey leave Duke?

The big reason for me leaving was to enjoy the games more, even if that meant losing more of them.” McCaffrey roomed with Bobby Hurley for two years, and they still are close friends. “He explained it to me after that season,” Hurley said.

Who left Duke basketball this year?


Former Blue Devil Jalen Johnson explains why he left Duke in the middle of the season. Duke Basketball was simply not the same during the 2020-21 season.

Where is Henry Coleman from?

The arrival of Coleman, who’s from Richmond, Va., will help the Aggies make up for the loss of sophomore forward Emanuel Miller, who intends to transfer.

Did Calipari resign?

After six years (2025), Calipari will have the option to step down as the head coach and become special assistant to the athletics director/university representative. He would receive $950,000 in annual compensation for the position.

Is coach Cal overrated?

Seven appearances in the Elite Eight. And more NCAA Tournament wins than Kentucky coaching legend Adolph Rupp. Still, John Calipari is overpaid and overrated according to many national media members who have deemed his tenure at Kentucky underwhelming based on rings.

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